A visitor’s favourite Malaysian experiences


What draws people to Malaysia? Little to do with boutique hotels, Petronas Twin Towers, theme parks, glitzy malls or any other property development..

Just the experience of connecting with unique cultures and natural treasures. We have these but we don’t seem to recognise or appreciate them enough. And so we create all sorts of artificial concrete monsters.

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If one reads Travelpod, the world’s top travel bog site, the often-cited top favourite experience of Malaysia from westerners is its DIVERSITY – the people, the colourful worshipped sites and the best part is its street foods (or cuisine). The ability of Malaysians to speak decent English compared to other South East Asians and its British colonial past are other plus points! The beautiful beaches and rain forests are another draw, however, many prefer beaches in Thailands with more vibrant party scenes, eg. they have ‘Full Moon Party’ in certain islands where ppl can drink themselves nuts with much cheaper… Read more »


We have exotic food, Nature and culture in diversity.
Yet Yenny, Yen Yen can’t prioritize the obvious but feed the Fed’s fancies.
In competitive marketing of nations, we should differentiate from the competitors.
Why can’t we sell Malaysia as the destination for unique cultural experience and mind, body & spirit rejuvenation thro’ street food, Nature and diverse authentic Asian cultures? We don’t have to sell Moonlight Beach Booze or Shopping Craze like the others.
Just Differentiate.
Yenny Yen Yen should read: Differentiate Or Die by Jack Trout.

semuanya OK kot

Important cultural places to visit:
– where Altantuya was blown up
– where TBH was thrown out of the window
– where Aminulrasyhid was gunned down
– any police station where (detainees) died in custody
– any of the old estate labour “lines”
– any landing jetty for illegal immigrants – visit at night.
– sites of the 1969 “riots”
– places where Mat Rempit and Pekida gather


there was a radio interview with Samantha Brown in conjunction with her asia series on astro. she was amazed by the mall culture in Msia. she mentioned typical us’s mall is one size with 2 storeys; and noted in KL the malls are many many storeys high !
They love the nature of Malaysia. Americans n Europeans don’t fancy shop shop shop mentality. They shop at Petaling St for sheer experience not for the products.
tunglang can guide her to Belum next time she’s in Malaysia.

her favorite dish in Msia is Wan Tan Mee he tasted in Penang.


What’s her favorite drink?
Kopi-O, English Tea or Coconut Juice?
How about Kopi-O kau kau with added chili powder!
Now Belum Rainforest is going to be a hot rendezvous, rain or no rain!


apparently u don’t watch Astro TLC channel.
Samantha was guided by Theresa (of Penang Heritage, PHT) during her tour of Penang Little India.
Get Anil to link you up with Theresa, who then can contact Samantha for you for her nature trip at Belum or even Sg Sedim.

can you do tunglang a favour ? When tunglang is on world TV, he’ll credit anilnetto.com 🙂


One of the most expensive drainage of our Ah Kong’s monies is the Petronas Twin Tower. A self-aggrandizement of twin phallic symbols of narcissistic, excessive ego without intelligence but foolishness, foolhardy wastage of scarce national resources, it will remind us Malaysians who truly care for its future and not wanton displays of false symbolism to be #1 at things which don’t reflect our true capabilities.
Except for one false ego of himself.
So do we still want to think, behave & cause the nation to fall like him?

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

😆 This is the good part about MALAYSIA without no.1 tainted politician contamination!!!!….we all call our beloved country BEAUTIFUL MALAYSIA ….. 😆

semuanya OK kot

The political parasites pressure cultural institutions to “invite” them for their nauseous speeches. Also, some office bearers who misappropriate money invite these parasites because they hope to be protected from the anger of members.

Pala Richie

Treasure the sunshine, be thankfull, don’t ask The God to give 4 seasons.

But first, let us kill the pet of 1 malaysia, Lynasorous of Gebeng…

How to kill the Lynasour? learn from the Bukit Meraj ARE cronology compilled by PCA .. (a must read piece)


See for yourself, how M’sian used their powers, means to harm and potentialy kill other m’sian. At the end, it is the foreigners felt too much to continue… yet we learn nothing.


Confirm none of the 5 are heritage buildings. In fact the only important building we see in the video is the twin towers.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😥 Ho 😥 Ho 😥

😥 All those lovely visitor’s out there must make sure their passport data (not DELETED like Altantuya Sharibuu) c4 case n all their Family members must know they are here…..in case if they bump into those 👿 hidden hand!!!! 😥

James Tan

Pandikar should be told to ‘fly kite’. And Hishamudin stop acting. …