A great day for Michelle Yeoh and Asia at the Oscars … and for a refugee too


Let’s forget the kerfuffle over the Mentega Terbang movie for the time being and celebrate Michelle Yeoh’s win at the Oscars for best actress in the sci-fi movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, making her the first Malaysian and first Asian woman to win the award.

Presumably much of Malaysia is thrilled to land on the world map. No one can deny that Michelle deserves the award after a long and illustrious career, and she will surely be a standard bearer now for women from minority groups in the arts.

Never mind that her career only took off from the Hong Kong arts and movie scene. Perhaps our own film industry can learn some lessons from that. It is worth reflecting: would she have been able to get this far had she stayed on in Malaysia with all the censorship on creative endeavours that push the boundaries? Full article on Aliran website

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Malaysian actresses Michelle Yeoh and Yeo Yan Yan have to be ‘American Born Chinese’ to cari makan in Hollywood?


Everybody rejoice but Finas cannot take any credit. Finas should wake up despite its unrealistic ambition to have a Malaysian-made movie winning at the academy awards.


Michelle’s sleeveless attire at the Oscar would be deemed inappropriate for entry into Malaysian governmental offices or hospitals.



Highlights of Michelle’s movies in her own words (in English):


2001 Malaysia tourism commercial with Michelle Yeoh


Interesting to note the Malaysian dress code 22 years ago as depicted in the video.


Malaysian screenwriter Adele Lim makes her directorial debut in Hollywood film ‘Joy Ride’


Lim is an established writer who’s worked on TV shows such as One Tree Hill and Private Practice and the blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians.

With the commercial success of Crazy Rich Asians and the recent victory of Everything Everywhere All At Once in the awards circuit, Lim is hopeful for Asian representation in Hollywood.


Pure monarch programming ánd MK Ultra
Full on the deep state.


The most extreme combo in Malaysia: H & M


Good point raised!

Hope to see more such videos!

Uttaradit Liang Prabang

But we have a PAS preacher not happy with that achievement .


He also not happy with Blackpink concert in Malaysia! Very sensitive, maybe next time cannot watch Marvel movies too!



New Ferries from Vietnam on the way.

Can paint ths ferries with Muhibbah theme eg Michelle Yeo, P Ramlee etc.


Perhaps he could not stand any achievement from a woman, especially a Chinese woman?

Another Yeoh, YB Hannah also being attacked by PAS and Bersatu for the same reason?



Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh said she has been made a target for criticism because of her ethnicity, her political association, and her religion.



They like to ban movies like Pulau. Even Lightyear and Thor also not spared. We are becoming like Taliban.


Actually many Disney shows including those for kids have LGBT elements because of representation issue. Check out Florida government against Disney in ‘Don’t Say Gay’ matter.