60 years of Malaysia! What is your dream for the nation?

Fishermen at work in the morning with Penang Island in the background - ANIL NETTO/ALIRAN

Today, we celebrate the diamond jubilee of the formation of Malaysia.

Former ambassador M Santhananaban tells us in an article on the Aliran website that we have much to learn from Sarawak and Sabah. Putrajaya must strengthen its bond of solidarity with these two territories, especially the lives of marginalised or vulnerable communities.

On this auspicious occasion, I would just like you to imagine what kind of Malaysia you would like to live in.

For me, I would like it to be a land where we celebrate our diversity and interconnectedness. Where we cherish and protect the treasures of nature. A land where no one is left behind – and everyone gets a fair share of this nation’s bounty. A land where the vulnerable and marginalised are uplifted.

What about you? Share your dream of the Malaysia you would like to see in the comments section below.

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Selamat Hari Malaysia
Tekad Perpaduan Penuhi Harapan


Good cartoon a reflection of today reality. Please post more such cartoon.


Mahathir is now an “unofficial advisor” to an official grouping of the four Perikatan Nasional controlled state governments. His role will be to connect the four states with investors from countries like Japan and South Korea that have good ties with him.

Banks n Policies

“FD renewals: Seniors are put at a disadvantage” by DR. Pola Singh  dd September 18, 2023 @ 12:04am https://www.nst.com.my/opinion/letters/2023/09/956506/fd-renewals-seniors-are-put-disadvantage ======== All these banks, their annual balance shows them making Billions of Ringgit in profits. And these banks have this one sided type of policies. Stone hearted Bankers have no feeling for the senior Rakyat. It is not just offered as promotional rates, The banks want you to bring in fresh funds in order to enjoy the miserable promotional rates. If you don’t have fresh funds, that will mean your current matured existing fund will get a lower rate, slightly higher… Read more »


Your dream or nightmare for malaysia. banks making billions

Banks n Policies

Or you will have to take your matured FD funds out from the bank and bring it back a couple of days later to consider it as fresh fund to enjoy the so called promotional rates in which case you would have lost the interest earning for those few days or have to transfer it to another bank and that will bank considers it as fresh fund. All these are simply hassle for the account holders. Up till the nineties we Rakyat did not have this issue. Not sure when the Banks introduced the unethical, morally wrong banking practice and… Read more »

Banks n Policies

When questioned on this fresh fund policy which simply makes no sense, their bank staffs will give us account holders a dumb blank look. 

It is true, Dr. Pola Singh, all of what you have said in your article above. 

The worst experience we seniors and am sure our younger Rakyat themselves had to go through was just before, during and after the Covid-19 period. The residue effects are still there. 

But the banks meantime made billions in profit and still do.


“Malaysia, China to keep communication channels open over South China Sea issue” dd Sunday, 17 Sep 2023 8:44 PM MYT https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2023/09/17/malaysia-china-to-keep-communication-channels-open-over-south-china-sea-issue ======= China have already established their whatever called nine dash mile maritime border, claiming almost the entirety of the Natural Resource filled South China Sea. Further, China has already build military installations on the Spratly islands. Their navy ships are all over SCS, intimidating neighboring Asean countries especially when fishing or sourcing natural minerals in this waters. On top of this, China has very very recently, released their new official national map that lays claim to most of the… Read more »


you saw china marked the white line in South China Sea. You keep quiet when Uncle Sam carry nuclear war heads through Straits of Malacca.


A lone ship in the ocean depicts Malaysia’s struggle in the wilderness without assistance now ?


A perfect storming is looming to sweep away the line boat in the ocean?


Sampan under wave threat from Right Wing and Monolinguistic extremists

A Jumper

“Guan Eng: Penang SFZ proposal needs support from all including Opposition to boost Penang’s economy” By Zarrah Morden dd Sunday, 17 Sep 2023 12:00 PM 



>>> Should not this proposal be coming from CM Chow of the Penang State Government first. Why is an MP of the Penang state raising it up in Parliament without the knowing of the Chief Minister of Penang or anyone else from the Penang State Government? 

What is going on? Why did he,” Jump the Gun “?


SAME PERSON with different nicky names. Only ask questions. JFK – not ask but what YOU CAN DO.


PAS will bring progress to Kedah, starting with a MRT from Alor Setar to Kuah, Langkawi?

Future Forward

“Kit Siang: Dr Mahathir ‘eating his own words’ about PAS, Hadi after being appointed unofficial advisor to PN states” By Zarrah Morde
dd Sunday, 17 Sep 2023 11:42 AM MYT



He already ate his own words in 2017 when he became the coalition leader of Pakatan Harapan, after for years saying so many negative and nasty things about the Opposition in which DAP was part of. Back then in 2017, the Opposition lead by DAP still embraced him like heaven sent.

An Old Senior

I have a dream… to sit and lay back on a clean white sandy beach…. looking at the open wavy sea…. with clear blue sky….and green tree hills in the background.

Alas, all I see is concrete, brick and mortar, chicken coop like tall buildings with some Penang folks calling this as glamorous. 


LKY orso has a dream. From fishing village and Kampong, reclaim tiny islands and form into a big island and turn the island into a Garden City and lack of catchment area, turn Singapore river into a water storage and recycle water into industrial and newater.


And he is no more, is he? But our PM7 has outlived him and still continues to enjoy his political life. Hip Hip, hooray x 3.

You can go ahead and enjoy their recycled newater.


He no more. See long is the queue to pay respect to him. See he left behind a garden city with tree lined streets and no smelling drains. You think our water is clean? Dead animals and factory by products and all the wear from tyres are washed into the catchment. Treatment plant has to treat muddy and polluted water. You think you live forever unless you follow PAS !

A Senior

” Budget 2024 should focus on helping M40, economist tells govt Says Geoffrey Williams” by Shahrul Shahabudin dd 23 Sep 2023, 7:30am https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2023/09/23/budget-2024-should-focus-on-helping-m40-economist-tells-govt/ ======== “For middle-income earners, allowing flexible working arrangements to reduce working hours and freeing up some time for them to earn secondary incomes will help a great deal.” Yes, its all work, work, work and work. Can see a lot of seniors out there, who can’t walk proper, who can’t stand or sit proper etc, some who don’t have a home or a bed to sleep on, who when young must have made many sacrifices, for family,… Read more »


PSM deputy chairperson S Arutchelvan recalled the formation of the reformasi movement on the anniversary of Anwar Ibrahim’s arrest.


Perhaps time has change the circumstances and priority, need to focus on bigger evil due to low Malay support?


PSM will be concerned now that a new Indian party will be formed. Indian votes will be further fragmented.


PSM is full of idealism but not practical as a political party. They have good intention but fail to implement good works. Very sad to see them complain this and protest that.

Nuclear Spaceman

“Govt targets 40pct nuclear tech usage, RM2.4b investment value by 2030”
by Isabelle Leong dd Sep 20, 2023 1:04 PM

“Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Chang Lih Kang said the target is in line with the new National Nuclear Technology Policy 2030.”


… And …

“Final frontier: Govt looking into developing space launch site, says Minister” dd Thursday, 14 Sep 20236:18 PM MYT

“Science, Technology and Innovation Minister said “Malaysia is preparing feasibility study guidelines, believes Malaysia has great potential to be involved in the development of a space launch facility.”


Nuclear Spaceman

While back in 2019 they tried doing the “Flying Car”.

“‘Seriously’? Khairy Gobsmacked as flying car makes national auto agenda”
dd March 27, 2019


The last paragraph said was most amusing. Yaaah, go PH go!


“Tekak teringin nak makan kentang sejuk beku, tapi terbantut tengok harga… Wanita sedih kena ‘downgrade’ hidup, tahan nafsu”
Oleh: MSTAR dd Khamis, 21 September 2023 7:00 AM



Uncooked potato fries use to be sold at around RM6.00 per pack during DSNR time. Now sold at anywhere from RM12.00 to RM16.00 per pack at most if not all supermarkets. Should we blame the previous administration for this? Hello current economic ministry under Unity, what say you?


Price went up everywhere in the world, not just here in Malaysia.

The key question is why most of our rakyat could not have good salary. Poor education, irrelevant skillsets and poor attitudes are the key reasons not competitive to command good salary.

Mature in Youth

“Pakatan should not burn bridges with Muda, says Pasir Gudang MP” By Mohd Farhaan Shah dd Thursday, 21 Sep 2023 10:35 AM MYT https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2023/09/20/shouting-match-over-pms-review ======== Well said, Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Abdul Karim. But do the Pakatan Harapan people and their clueless blind supporters have what it takes to understand this? All we see is froth coming out of their mouth, out of fear, whenever they touch on issues involving Young MUDA political party. Saw on Youtube, Young MUDA chief looking on amused at the old guards throwing abuse at each other, in regards to the DNAA issue in Parliament… Read more »

A Conspiracy?

“PH reps back call for special financial zone in Penang”  by FMT Reporters dd 20 Sep 2023, 1:11pm https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2023/09/20/ph-reps-back-call-for-special-financial-zone-in-penang/ ======== Is a crack and a split taking place with DAP Penang. Is what the Professor said earlier before the August 2023 state election coming true?  Why are these MPs talking about support to a proposal of another ordinary MP outside the State government and Chief Minister office. Is there not a standard ‘protocol’ for making proposals on this type of matters. Their excuse lack of industrial land in Penang is said to be limiting the inflow of foreign investments followed… Read more »

A Conspiracy?

The business chamber of commerce, both the Chinese and Indian came up with their own reasons which was different from these politician MPs. The Malay chamber of commerce don’t seem to want to be involve in this. Why?

Why is the Chief Minister of Penang and the SG of DAP quiet on this matter. Is there some kind of a move to displace the current CM?


This is for you to make your opinion and is questions asking questions here and there. Go and ask your PAS. They give truth based on the holy understand and enlightenment.

Reforms n Policies

“Rafizi: Malaysians addicted to eating out because of past administration’s failed policies” By Zarrah Morden dd Monday, 18 Sep 2023 11:23 AM MYT https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2023/09/18/rafizi-malaysians-addicted-to-eating-out-because-of-past-administrations-failed-policies/91457 ========   Sorry but seriously, a very confusing statement, especially coming from a economic minister. Where are you going with this?  What is Unity going to do about the, ” past administration’s failed policies”?  What kind of reforms, Unity going is going to do and what kind of policies it is going to replace the old ones with, for the well being of our Rakyat? What has been achieved by Unity in the past 10 and… Read more »


Targeted fuel subsidy programme will be implemented early next year, based on the scheduled launch of the Pangkalan Data Utama (PADU) socio-economic database in November. The database will be opened to the public for verification of their socio-economic status in January next year.

The PADU database will incorporate household net disposable income metrics that have been collected, using them as a structuring measure to ensure that targeted subsidies are more accurately distributed.


Sorry Luca but targeted fuel subsidy or Rahmah programmes are not Reforms. Don’t think Unity has done any reforms yet.


Expect higher fuel price in 2024. Cannot expect low rice forever!


Reducing the consumption of white rice will help to keep your blood sugar levels in the track because the high glycemic index in white rice can increase your sugar levels. Thus, it is better to consume less white rice, especially for those with type 2 diabetes.


this is for comments – not questions and answers. PN only good in questions and blur as to what to do and solve the problem


China is telling that, China’s stance on the South China Sea is consistent and clear. China is signaling that it has no intention of backing down on any of its claims.  China is also making sure that its positions are fresh in the minds of Asean and other countries in the region.  Get it into your combine heads, Asean leaders, China is expanding their territory very cleverly. Asean countries only want to talk, open communication channels, while China carries on and does what it wants to do, while patting Asean leaders on their back for being very neighborly, CHATTING and… Read more »


“Nearly RM20bil deals inked in China” By Tarrence Tan dd Monday, 18 Sep 2023



On this 2nd trip, MOUs worth RM20 billion worth of deals was signed. In the previous 1st trip, an estimated RM170+ billions worth of deals was said to have been signed.

Economic minister, please tell us Rakyat, how many of those 1st MOU deals have materialized and is now active, up and running?


Maggie mee? 1in 2 kopi or 1in 3 Teh? You think transfer millions or billions like instant Maggie mee? How fast can you transfer hundreds of thousands ringgit? One he or she show like pressing a nuclear button?


Please do not talk nonsense or whatever it is your are trying to say in your silly broken English.

China is known to complete a job in weeks what would take others months or years to complete. So, if the interest is really there, what has China done so far from their 1st MOU signing with Malaysia?

Or is it all just for show, no action talk only and maybe for clueless PH supporters to gloat. After signing MOU, nothing further, back to business as usual.


You talk non sense and think of tau fool. See how long they build high speed rail from Jakarta to Bandung. See how long they build the ecrl. You want them to make tau fool.

A Jumper

“CM Chow: No details on SFZ proposal” dd Friday, 15 Sep 2023

” The Penang government has no details on the proposal to create a special financial zone (SFZ) in the state, says Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow.
He said the state government has no information on the proposal which focused on the northern region, just like the one in Forest City, Johor.”


Future Forward

That time you did not say anything about TMM eating his own words.

Now that he has joined up with Opposition PN and PAS as an unofficial sort of leader, you seem unhappy about it and now saying that TMM is eating his own words.

Don’t you think that is kind of hypocritical, TSLKS? 

TMM is now more like a rolling stone that gathers no moss. That would be a better description, don’t you think?


Losing the race to a discarded state

For all the resources at its disposal, Malaysia still trails tiny Singapore in every area almost 60 years after their separation.



What were the values, philosophies and ideas that defined Lee Kuan Yew’s leadership? From defending hard choices to inspiring citizens, the late founding PM of Singapore had spent decades laying the foundation for the country’s success.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth on Sep 16, this documentary that follows him through the different stages of his political career.


Lee Kuan Yew: In His Own Words
The ideas, values and career of Singapore’s first Prime Minister


LKY born on 16 Sept? He is more Malaysia Day than all of us. But we kick little dot out and expect it to become smaller and fade away.


Working in Singapore but living in JB. 3.5x for working the same 8 hours a day is a LOT of money, but the question is.. is it worth the trouble shuttling daily across the causeway?


no free lunch. everything is hard travel. work is same but travel is different. ask rakyat and penang kias – why why cant be the other way round? malai not ketuan with resources and plenty of water – sui but not $$$?


The mess at the Causeway may be a way to slow down the brain/brawn drain. But every Malaysian crossing daily are bringing in foreign exchange.


From natural beauty to culinary delights, cost of living to quality of life, an in-depth look at the factors that matter most. Whether you’re planning your next vacation or considering a move, this video will provide valuable insights to help you decide between these two incredible destinations.