‘Welfare state’ not an accurate translation of Pas’ ‘negara kebajikan’


A couple of Pas central working committee members have clarified what the party means by its ‘negara kebajikan’ goal.

Party ideologues don’t fancy the literal translation of ‘negara kebajikan’ often used in the media i.e. ‘welfare state’, which they feel implies handouts dished out to the public.

Pas central committee member Mujahid Yusuf Rawa prefers the term ‘benevolent state’, which he says is quite different from ‘welfare state’ (the literal but less accurate translation of ‘negara kebajikan’, the term used by party leader Hadi Awang in a speech to signal a shift from the party’s Islamic state goal).

A benevolent state, he points out, “implies putting people first in everything that we do and that the leaders are at the service of the people. Whereas if we use the term ‘welfare’, people would think it is something like the welfare department which just dishes out aid.”

Another Pas central committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad also dislikes the term ‘welfare state’. Instead, he defines ‘negara kebajikan’ as “a nation of care and opportunity – premised on a state based on the Quranic imperatives of Justice (Al-‘Adli) and Care (Al-Ihsan), which will provide opportunity to all to realise their potential to serve the raison d’etre of creation”.

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MCA, Cs…L, (political) eunuch KTK Gerakan and GK will soon be history. Soon to be gone into oblivion no more issues except except to mutter the same old issue hudud. Its already stale…

Andrew I

Haha, it’s because Gherkin wants his bakut teh, like Dire Straits wants their MTV.

Andrew I

Actually, to be fair to Gherkin, we should ask him to take a trip to Kelantan and savor all the pork dishes available in Chinese restaurants there. The Chinese patrons there are rich and all the good chefs are drawn by the good business.


Just in case you dont know, actually Gherkin can’t eat bakut teh because he (could be) a muslim.

Andrew I

Through his own admission.:-) I always refer to his self promotion.


GK can get Ikhlas to prepare halal bak kut teh.

Iklas burgers; free of charge; will be a strong competitor for Ramlee Burgers.

Gerakan K

I see SMOKE on my computer SCREEN. So I yell SMOKE SCREEN !!! Can you hear me ???

Jangan tipu, it is hudud by PAS 24 hours / 365 days ~

By the way, putting people first = Rakyat Didahulukan ??? Hey, don’t copy my 1Malaysia PM Najib slogan !!!


GK Who tipu, Altatunya dan Scorpene. Our leader (might) soon be a wanted man. PR consensus is no hudud. Why still in denial and keep lying. N.., M… kutty Pak lah AMMo declared Malaysia an Islamic country. Is it not hudud part of an Islamic country. But you have no … to admit it. PR don’t copy a (dubious character). Face the court please…

PAS welfare started long before the … Nacheap become PM

Andrew I

Aiyah, you say this, I say that. The proof is in the pudding. Control your stroke candidate, you know, the fat, ugly and forever stressed out lump, then we might believe you.


I feel safer living in Kelantan than in Johor!
In Kota Bharu, I feel assured walking the streets in the dead of night & I enjoy handicrafts hunting in the quaint antique shops knowing the Kelantanese don’t simply cheat.
But if I ever near a Gerkhin sundry shop with a gravy train stop, I will think twice before stepping inside to buy anything. My conscience is clear.

Penang Voter

Just like BN sounds like corruption, sex, slanders, misuse of funds, deceits…I am just lost for words

Andrew I

Sounds sensible, don’t you think Gherks?