Voting underway in Pas elections



Face to face: Mat Sabu (left) with Nasharudin – Photo courtesy of Harakah Daily

Husam Musa - Photo courtesy of
Husam Musa - Photo courtesy of

Polling for the Pas party elections is now underway as 1,044 delegates cast their ballots. The party elections committee is expected to announce all the official results tomorrow morning.

[poll id=”38″]Hadi’s presidential address in English here, in Malay here.

Meanwhile, check out Farish Noor’s latest article here.

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A true Malaysian
A true Malaysian
6 Jun 2009 10.28am


Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I should say 100% Muslim instead. In the long run, how a Muslim party rule the country of multiracial and multi-religions by its own?

PAS needs technocrats to project itself as more inclusive to all Malaysians.

6 Jun 2009 3.05am

dear a true malaysian,
PAS is not 100% muslim malays…. even to of it’s ADUNs are chinese ie lim chuan hing (titi serong, perak) and anuar tan (kota lama, kelantan). other non malays in PAS include ann wan seng, kamal koh etc etc

A true Malaysian
A true Malaysian
5 Jun 2009 9.59pm

My gut feeling tell me Husam will be elected Deputy President of PAS. Whatever propaganda played in Utusan will back-fire on Umno themselves. Just watch further. If Husam is elected Deputy President of PAS, this will mean there is a ’significant shift’ in mindset of their members, who are 100% Muslim Malays. This will greatly influence ex-Umno PKR members on their direction to one of more inclusive Malaysian Malaysia concept. If Husam is not elected, then Malaysian politics toward multiracial ideology still have relatively long way to go, even if Pakatan Rakyat manage to take over Federal government in near… Read more »

5 Jun 2009 6.52pm

I think Nasa may win…