Selamat Hari Raya


Raya greetings to all readers and maaf zahir dan batin, i.e. forgive my wrongdoings. Hope you all have a lovely break with family and friends. And let’s hope that the coming year will see our land and its people blessed with more justice, peace, compassion, wisdom and enlightenment.

BFM Radio features Ahmad Fuat Rahmat of the Islamic Renaissance Front explaining the cultural and historical context of Hari Raya, and Nora Ebaid, a Palestinian student studying in Malaysia sharing her experience of celebrating Eid in Libya, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

And here’s a song dedicated to you all.

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12 Aug 2013 5.41am

I could not thank u enough for playing MNasir, my family’s favourite evergreen artiste. Hope you had a nice Raya with friends.

9 Aug 2013 11.37pm

as usual…the way its being potrayed in the all the media…as with all other festivities in malaysia…very much a disneyland affair or to put it more in context, a “di-sini-land” affair…next up…merdeka day

9 Aug 2013 9.45am

What wrongdoing have you done, Mr Anil. I cannot recall any.
Anyway, semoga Anugerah Syawal dari Media Prima can bless you.

It is becoming a cliché to say Maaf Zahir Batin on this day as many political liars continue to seek forgiveness while repeating the same mistake to con rakya.

9 Aug 2013 12.06am

Lets hope so but will it really be !!!!