Perkasa supporters disrupt Anwar’s talk at mosque


Perkasa supporters tried to stop Anwar from giving what they felt was a political talk at a mosque in Seberang Pumpong in Alor Setar last night.

Anwar is on a four-day whistle-stop tour of the northern region.

On Saturday, unidentified vandals splashed red paint on a PKR campaign bus bearing a large photo of Anwar and its windscreen was also shattered.

Berita Harian today reported that Prime Minister Najib handed over RM100000 to the management of the Masjid Al-Hussain, Seberang Pumpong in Alor Star “bagi memastikan keselesaan jemaahnya“.

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Phua Kai Lit

Neofascist Blackshirts (note the black T-shirts) in Malaysia.

Their sponsors and funders are making a big mistake as such actions only repel the middle class and the fence-sitters.

(Nazi brownshirts in Germany got support mainly because the middle classes were afraid of a Communist takeover by the KPD)


Stepping on pictures of Najib and wife were considered offences under sections 290 and 504 of the Penal Code for being public nuisances and intentionally causing insult with an intent to provoke break the public peace respectively.

Is not … creating disturbance (at a mosque) considered offence under 290 & 504 of the Penal Code for being ““`public nuisances and intentionally causing insult with an intent to provoke break the public peace respectively.

Why the biase by the Najib govt? …

This is a very biased govt under Najib and we must CHANGE. Yes CHANGE.


We should ask ourselves why PDRM can tolerate the following antics when it is against BN’s nilai-nilai murni?

– Burning of effigies and burning of photographs of opposition leaders

– Butt exercise by ex-servicemen at Ambiga’s house

– Funeral ceremony outside LGE’s house

– Tearing of KTK’s portraits


When does a speech at a mosque becomes a political speech? Mosques have been used for all kind of gathering and speeches due to the nature of its use.

It is a venue for folks to gather other than for praying. Making speeches that exposes the wrong doings of the government is a civic duty and should not be considered political.


These kinds of battle in the heartland is part and parcel of traditional Malay politics. Its not the end all and be-all, but it all very necessary and unavoidable. It can make all the difference at critical junctures even if the gains are marginal.. Its really leadership and Anwar, no matter what you think of him, gets that part right..


Some minor corrections:

We want to stop corruption !!! Now we want to persecute !!! No, no, we actually just want to stop corruption !!!

That is very good patterns….

Andrew I

“What computer wise are you talking about ??? If posting comment is considered computer-wise then Yes, I’m. However I still dunno how to post youtube movie in anil blog and pigs can fly. Hmmm that prove a lot. By the way, I feel better with this new ‘rating’ system. At least it will slow down thumbs manipulator like the retired HM Andrew I and yours truly. But I believe only matter of time that HM will crack open the new rating system. Old habit die hard” This display of withdrawal symptoms can only be treated by a comeback. My first… Read more »

Gerakan K

We want Negara Kebajikan !!! Now we want hudud !!! No, we will stick to Negara Kebajikan !!! No, no, we actually want hudud !!!

That is pakatan and pakatan supporters patterns….

Andrew I

Anwar is gay. No, he’s straight. No he’s gay. No, he’s “trioly” straight.

Vote MCA and Gerakan because they support hudud.

That is heads I win, tails you lose by you know who.


And finally UMNO does it and say it all.
Mahathir finally confirmed it all
Malaysia is an Islamic country and we will implement Hudud for all (Muslim & Non Muslim) if you join us.
Yes we want hudud for All (Muslim & Non Muslim)

Supporters of MCA, MIC and Gerakan are dumb
Silence and dumb means agreeable.
Scary isn’t it Non Muslim will be subjected to hudud law
PAS say fellow non Muslim. we respect your rights


Listening to the speech, I think it is not political in nature as Anwar has been repeating talking of Allah. Some one shouting Jangan ajar which means teaching and that show Anwar giving some points on the religion and not about his party or election. It certainly show that these ‘Gerak Khas’ are being (asked) to move around to cause trouble.


When Anwar ceramah was attacked and disrupted someone in this blog supported the attack (Violence) as legitimate because it is not election time. Now Anwar was giving a religious talk, he supported the thugs thuggery as legitimate because political activities are ban in mosque.

I believe and believe that every morally right person would believe they would not support VIOLENCE especially on HOLY GROUND even if that person did wrong.


These thugs have violated the sanctity of the mosque.


Well this talk wasn’t in Selangor. It was in Alor Setar, Kedah. Religion and it’s regulations are under state laws and the respective state rulers.


Anwar was so desperate to complete his sermon he continued anyway. Respect!


Totally agree. They should not have disrupted a religious sermon. Thugs.


When you don`t follow the rules, you get the balasan and don`t blame Anwar for it. What about Najib and AMMO using Merdeka celebration for political speech and propaganda. The speech at Bukit Jalil is not a National Celebration speech but a speech for political purpose. I have heard it very loud and clear. Just like the Merdeka logo which is also politically motivated. Najib has shown contempt for the National dya. This is not a leader that we want.


From the south, east, west and now to the north and right into this blog, we have seen the deceits,lies, violence and thuggery use to threaten the very essence of democracy and free speech. Do you still want such a govt to run the country for another 5 years. 55 years is enough and we have had enough. To them its still not enough to continue plundering. Knowing full well they will be rejected, they have (allegedly) resorted to intimidation, thuggery and violence. We cannot afford another 5 years of such people and govt that are now strife with corruption,… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

What is the Government doing with such a disruptive group like Perkasa? This is not the first time, it had been disrupting opposition activities and threatening the peace over and over again, but, sadly, there is no action by the authority against this sick group. It only goes to show or prove that Perkasa is but the works of UMNO! Malaysians, we must never allow such groups to disrupt the peace of the nation. We must not be provoked to retaliate, we must persevere. The good people of the country can see the goodness of perseverance against oppressive people out… Read more »


As usual the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP and a host of BN friendly frogs are quiet, extremely quiet when grave issues of importance to the rakyat are proposed by some lunatic politicians. The jokers in MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP and others have nothing to say when HUDUD is proposed for ALL notwithstanding the fact that NOT ALL Malaysians are Muslims. When fundamental freedom of religion is enshrined in the CONSTITUTION of the country and which cannot be changed unless by an overwhelming majority in Parliament, why are these nincompoops talking about HUDUD or Islamic Malaysia. Nobody argues the fact that… Read more »


Meanwhile in Johor, posters showing Muhyiddin with Malaysian flag in the background and the wording ‘Kami Mahu Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Sebagai PM Sebelum PRU 13′ as well as ‘Selamatkan Barisan Nasional’ are being distributed to residents of JB.


it is always a compliment to have ones comments hidden out of fear of exposure of a truth which may be inconvenient.


But in most cases the reason is rather straight forward. Like or dislike for the layman.


Some quotes from Anwar’s ceramah: “Malaysia mengamalkan konsep ’1 Malaysia 2 undang-undang’. saya tidak setuju tindakan anak muda yang memijak gambar Najib. Tapi kalau orang lain kencing gambar Menteri Besar Kelantan, Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, tak apa? Tunjuk punggung kepada Pengerusi Bersih, Dato’ S Ambiga tak apa?” “Baling batu di ceramah saya dan Nurul Izzah di Lembah Pantai. Pecah cermin kereta saya….pasal apa? …Apa jenis manusia macam ini? Kamu ingat kamu orang besar hukum lain?” “Satu undang-undang untuk menteri Umno, rasuah pun tidak apa, tutup semua. Satu undang-undang untuk orang dibawah. Polis ambil 100 ringgit, ‘charge’”… Read more »