Sobering lesson for Pas’ pro-Hadi faction at Pengkalan Kubor by-election


Unofficial result: BN won the Pengkalan Kubor state by-election seat  with a majority of 2635, up from the 1736 votes it won in GE13. Voter turnout was 73 per cent. 

Thus the Pas candidate performed worse than the PKR candidate in GE13.

In recent weeks, many observers got the impression that the pro-Hadi faction in Pas had not been acting in the best interest of the 51 per cent who had voted for change. And especially in Selangor, the Hadi faction appeared to be getting too big for its boots. Many observers didn’t like it when the pro-Hadi faction appeared to undermine its Pakatan partners in Selangor in the process of replacing Khalid Ibrahim as Menteri Besar.

In a sense, Pas has not learned any lessons from the aftermath of the reformasi era 1999 general election when the party began to interpret its gains in that election as support for its own conservative ideology rather than the people’s desire for democratic change and reforms via Barisan Alternatif. (On the back for support for reformasi, Pas won in Pengkalan Kubor in 1999 by 2432 votes.)

It was only after the BN’s overwhelming win in the 2004 general election (Pas lost in Pengkalan Kubor by 714 votes in 2004) that Pas began to modify its conservative Islamic state goal to a more inclusive “welfare state”; it also conjured up a new, more inclusive slogan “Pas for all”.

But once again after the 2008 and 2013 general elections, following Pas’ inroads into places like Selangor, actually achieved via Pakatan, Pas, especially its pro-Hadi faction, began to fancy itself as a ‘national party’. It perhaps attributed its credible showing in the general elections to a groundswell of support for its conservative ideology rather than a continuing expression of the people’s desire for change that was unleashed during the reformasi era.

Now, once again, as in the 2004 general election, Pas should learn a sobering lesson, this time in its Kelantan stronghold, if it thinks its conservative, exclusivist ideology will go down well with many Malaysians or if it thinks it can go it alone without its Pakatan partners. As one analyst based in KL observed. “Humility not arrogance will win you the support of the people.”

In a sense, PKR made a wise decision in giving way to Pas at Pengkalan Kubor, perhaps sensing that a candidate from PKR might not have received the full cooperation from the Pas machinery in this by-election campaign.

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Ed G

During the GE13, the vote for PAS probably came from their own hardcore supporters as well as the pro-PR supporters. The by-election results suggested that a certain proportion of the pro-PR have deserted PAS due to the lack of committal of PAS top leadership in the PR spirit and vision. PAS would probably suffer a more serious erosion of their support outside Kelantan, and especially in the more urban constituencies, due to the existence of greater proportion of pro-PR voters.


In BN, MCA, MIC and Gerakan can kow tow to Ketuanan Umno.
But in Pakatan, DAP and PKR will never kow tow to PAS.
So Hadi please accept the reality.


In politics, all the same. Kowtow & … polishing depending on who is not running the show.
The difference of ethics & common sense lies in whether it is AOK to ‘go to hell’ together.
See who exactly was reprimanded …
Of course, dirty tactics has no exact words for kowtow.
Karma has a wonderful way to teach those arrogance who demands kow tow.


One thing is for sure, DAP LKS & son sure like to kowtow to PKR Anwar.
Anwar say Azizah and DAP say Yes. Anwar say no that and they say No.
They are just dancinf to Anwar tune


It shows that you have a very little understanding of ABU.


Do it the right way & … (Kajang) Move would not have been snubbed… And ABU or Bersih or what’s believable to come next may not suffer the blemishes of one man’s greed for power.
This Selangor MB Debacle shows the same impatience of 1997 failed Move to topple Dr M.


Lets hope that PAS will learn take that as a warning what will happen to them when they are out of the coalition and without the support of the partners and soon before the next GE otherwise they will not be around after that !


PAS took decades to build and win trust of friends and supporters within the Pakatan coalition, now only needs its crude uncouth claimed to be ‘religious’ leader, to bring it down! What a hypocrite!


padan muke dgn pascartoon.perasan diri tu bagus sgt agaknya.jike bagus sgt pascartoon boleh berambus keluar dari pr rujuklah dgn umngoktoon tu balik dgn propaganda kerajaan perpaduan mereka tu.biar semua umngoktoon dgn kemelayuannya serta pascartoon dgn hududnya main wayang bangsa dan agame utk terus relevean di mate semua pengundi2.harap semua pengundi buke mate telinge awas dgn 2 parti ini.wayang mereka hanya merugikan negeri dan negara.nasib baik azmin masih ade belas ihsan bagi 3 kerusi jike sayelah jgn kate 3 1 kerusi pun aku tak bagi pade pengkianat mcm pascartoon tu,GO GO MU


This is the consequence when PAS tried to project its big brother image in Pakatan, adopting the arrogance of Umno. Bitter pill for Hadi for him to learn to be humble as equal partner in Pakatan.


One thing for sure is pas will never learn while bn does not have to learn comes every general election throw the people the lollies wrappers for them to lick, voters will be satisfied…

Wonder these people nak bodoh sampai bila ???

There is no cure for the 2 groups of people, one is lazy and one is bodoh. The latter describes the malaysian’s voters perfectly !!!


Simply a stupid statement. PAS loss has nothing to do with the MB issue or benefits whatsoever. Its a foregone conclusion that PKR will lose which is why they so graciously gave it to PAS. And sure there is no cure for failure who keep whining.

Phua Kai Lit

Very hard for people who think they have “God” on their side (always!) to change.

Proof: They lost control of the Terengganu state govt. But the top PAS guy in the serban who uses undiplomatic language to condemn the two courageous PAS politicians who stuck with PR (and thus prevented an UMNO Baru-BN takeover of Selangor state) still refuses to learn.


Many here also believed God is on their side. You are belittling the many who believed in God. Anyway I don`t believed in one. I believed in my fate and my resoluteness to persevere not whining and grumbling that others are bodoh and they are the smart. But sometime the smart are not that smart. Maybe this Chinese will enlighten you. Gong Gong Chiat Ti Kong. (The Stupid may benefit from the above heaven or God)

KT Wong

Yes, there were the usual doses of BN candy – RM200K to schools serving the crucial Siamese community and RM1.2 million in aid to mosques and surau for instance. But that was not the decider in my opinion. Far more significantly, Hadi and his faction dug their own graves. In Selangor, all the U-turns, broken promises and outright lies on top of very sombong take-it-or-leave-it swaggering posturing served up on the back of what was claimed to be a “defend Islam” platform… I don’t know how many can accept the “reasoning”. Then there are the serious allegations related to Hadi’s… Read more »

Peter Lim Swee Aik

Siamese phathom voters must be stopped. … hehehehe

Victor Liew

Hadi must b toppled.


In a sense, PKR made a wide decision to give way to Pas at Pengkalan Kubor, perhaps sensing that a candidate from PKR might not have received full cooperation from the Pas machinery in the by-election campaign.

Pakatan DAP and PKR will always be blaming others for their incompetency and defeats. PKR knew very well it will be thrashed. If they had entered the by election, I believed that PKR will be hentam with an even bigger majorities by BN


It is not just a lesson for PAS but for DAP & PKR as well they are all the bones of Pakatan.
This bodes well for BN. Even with a smaller turnout, BN still get a bigger majorities. This and Teluk Intan has proven that the people will reject Pakatan DAP, PKR and PAS next GE which is why they are so afraid of a snap election in Selangor.


People have eyes & ears to see & discern from a distance the sandiwaras & Cao Cao plots in Penang & Selangor.
But I don’t think so for a snob soul who has to travel back to home town Sg Petani just to see in self-denial a wonderful kucing view from a distance.

Care to weep 3 days & 3 nights (Batu Lancang style) for Pakatan?
Bak Moi & Kopi-O please.