Pas EGM to weed out “problematic” leaders?


Nik Aziz now wants an EGM so that “problematic” Pas leaders, who have been largely blamed for the party’s Bagan Pinang setback, can be ousted.

It’s not a moment too soon. These problematic leaders have certainly damaged the party’s image.

Nik Aziz could have read Farish Noor’s timely article here.

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Gerakan K

News update for that temple by Dr. Xavier Jayakumar:

This means that is a real temple. The commentators that said otherwise must repent or face karma action


How to define power struggle? Is a boss sacking his men for insubordination a power struggle? This term is all cooked up by umno and msm to split the party and PR. Weaken the enemy from within, read Sun Tzu’s art of war.
There is no unity in PR? BNs concept of unity is when umno have all the other component parties’ hands and feet are tied, mouth gagged and blind-folded In that respect yes, PR is not united.


PAS wants EGM….
Let them do it. And do it with dignity….

Don’t be like “Mana Cina Ada”….
Got “all” the delegates to vote for their so-called agendas & then make them like “… fools” yah…!!!


Oh S**t Up Gerakan. You are talking rubbish again. What temple????

Morning Dew

Such an EGM cuts both ways. They only had their election recently and from the mandate of the delegates the hadi group became emboldened.


It is a joke to think that Nik Aziz is a force of good and stand for democracy. Those people who are under such delusion please re-read his past comments until he was asked to clam up by Pakatan and PAS leaders. He’s a relic from the 15th century and better of stay there. When MCA calls for EGM, people calls it as the party in power struggle but when PAS does that it is claimed that this is for cleansing. Frankly, PAS is the most destructive force in Malaysian politics, a cancerous lump that must be removed from Malaysian… Read more »

Morning Dew

When MCA calls for EGM, people calls it as the party in power struggle but when PAS does that it is claimed that this is for cleansing.

There is no power struggle in PAS. Nik is not gunning for any post.

Frankly, PAS is the most destructive force in Malaysian politics, a cancerous lump that must be removed from Malaysian society.

That is only a (paid?) opinion while umno fit this bill to the T and evidences are aplenty to support this view.

Gerakan K

There is power struggle in PAS, ie Erdogan team vs Conservative team. PAS is seen as destructive because of its islamic agenda, eg attempt to ban beer, concert, and also temple in malay majority area.


Morning Dew There’s no power struggle ? How would you then term Nik Aziz’s unconstituitional attempt to remove a person who was elected in the party election ? Gerakan K was right in saying that there is a power struggle between Erdogan vs Conservative team. Nik Aziz wants to consolidate his power by removing all those opposed to him. Whatever you say about UMNO, their 52 year rule did not turn the country into another Iran, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe or Sudan. However, PAS’ administration of Kelantan is for all to see, despite the alternative media’s romantic picture of the state.… Read more »

Gerakan K

There are 2 types of temples. The first one is of some type of grand building or at least within a premise like a terrace house or bungalow. The second type of temple is of this case. The exact picture of this second type of temple can be viewed at This second type of temple is just like the budget-temple without the monetary support of government/religious organization. But full deities invitation/installation procedure to that temple are fully done by the professional and that place is regarded as temple. As malaysian living in malaysian for many years, I actually can’t… Read more »


It was a temple that never was and it was built on land illegally and without approval. So what the hue about ???. Well it only shows true colours of Samy Vello and Gerakan. When UMNO tears down such structure, they are … wagging and now when PKR do that they are instigating for their political master UMNO for more mileage. Samy & Gerakan still hasn`t got an inkling that their mileage claims will so be given to someone else. So bark for all you can and see what Najib can do for you…


Come on non-muslims think rationally,dont be put off by 1 or 2 bad incidence in PR.PR is very young compared to BN.Well for your information there are many extremist like Hassan,Kulim MP in UMNO.They will show their true color once UMNO regain its strength.To refresh your memory 1.Ammending 121(1A)-result civil court lost its superiorty over syariah court. 2.Special court to rehabliate apostacy(including non-muslims) who wanted back to revert to their orignal religion. 3.Introducing religion in mykad. 4. Islamic civilzation compulsory for non-muslims 5.Sabah and Sarawak lost their status as a secular state.ETC. The irony is this very people are now… Read more »


My heart sank when i read Steve and kmkn’s comments. I agree with them. I pity Tok Guru, he tried so hard and we saw such unity between the Malays and the Indians and the Chinese. And looks like now, these few people mentioned above are readily to ruin the trust that the non Malays put in them (PAS). Steve, how many voters are like you? The majority of non Malay voters are blind ones la. That is why it took us 50 years to have this 308 tsunami… I hope those good ones will help Pakatan to win votes… Read more »


Although it is difficult to challenge Hadi but Nik Aziz wisdom should be highly praised. (Maybe) Hadi and the gangs are fed up with staying in the Kg house they want Bunglow like Toyo one?

It is natural for human being with greed, hatred and delusion regardless of what religion you believe in.

I wonder what type of … deal (if any) between Hadi and the Umnoputras.


I think it is hard for Nik Aziz to fight Hadi Awang. Look who is at his(Hadi) side, Nasharuddin, Hassan Ali, Mustapa Ali, Harun Din, all are heavyweight with top position in PAS. The only chance for Nik Aziz is if Azizan side with him, if Pas Kedah join the Kelantan then their might be hope. That is why Nik Aziz is proposing Azizan as president. Yet Azizan has never been seen interested to side with pakatan or UMNO. His decision sometime reflected both, like offering a position to Mahathir, or opposing the liquar ban(in Selangor). But I think he… Read more »


LBJ – great to know that there is now bogus temples ? I guess politicians are now using temples as their pawns. I pray the gods will (punish them) – especially the ones who ordered TBH’s investigation as well as Kugan’s killing


I mean Tiong (BNBC)chairman of sarawak.

Just look how the natives of Sarawak and Sabah are rob of their rights by this type of leaders. A sarawakian in the 60’s could easily marry any race/religion and religion is not a promblem.Today the situation is different when BN rule.



This is serious action by Nik Aziz. He could have known something very wrong was going on behind his back, like a ‘secret unity talk’ with UMNO(?) and is trying to stop those ‘turncoats’ and nip it in the bud. It’s disgraceful!


Hey. Gerakan K. Are you nuts. The so called Indian Temple is (a) bogus temple. You crazy …


You non muslims should be smart.I think calling the PAS and PKR leadership to remove HASSAN ALI and ZULKIFLI NORDIN is not a wise move.This will be exploited by UMNO through UTUSAN MALAYSIA and TV3 telling the malay masses that PAS&PKR has become secular and the result.Malays will all vote for UMNO- BN in the next GE.You want this thing to happen.The best thing is to use your vote wisely in the next GE to remove this leaders ONLY.I believe extremist leaders in UMNO are lying low now hoping UMNO will become the dorminant force once again in BN….YOU HAVE… Read more »


EGM waste of time ….. more than half of the PAS guys are same … like Umno … no principle….


Spot on Tok Guru, i jump for joy when i read this !!! Yes, before these people, Hadi Awang, Youth Chief of PAS and that Hassan fellow need to be axed before the people, in particular, the non Malay voters turn their back on PAS. Ya, Hadi Awang and that Youth Chief fellow (cant spell his name) wanted so much to talk with UMNO. Why? Because they think a (high-level) post would be offered to them…? Dreaming to be Menteri Besar at the expense of the voters? Actually, i argued and convinced my Chinese friends to vote for PAS, and… Read more »


Let the people choose the leaders they want. Let it be the way PAS members want. There are leaders who want to highlight ‘beer’, ‘condoms’ and ‘khalwat’ more than the economy and jobs for the people. They are putting the horse before the cart. There are members who want economic progress than comes ‘moral issues. It all depends on what the people decide. Remember that: without a sound economy the country will collapse and there will be chaos everywhere. See what is happening in Somalia, Afghanistan and other poor countries. Common sense should prevail among politicians before the country is… Read more »


Whenever mere mortals take it upon themselves to speak in the name of God, more misery is the only result. This is a malady common to all religions where specific individuals/groups will hijack it for selfish control, power, glory and wealth. Since time immemorial, the only “solution” appears to be the persistent, sincere and forthright efforts of the “minority good” who will at the very least express to the world that they will be no part of the evil. In the final analysis, each of us actually walk a solitary path on earth, which if we do happen to walk… Read more »

Fatimah Zuhri

Anil, 1. I have written about this in my blog. 2. I believe the Muktamar as they called it in PAS is for the pro-Erdogan group to advance their agenda. 3. I dont think they will do a vote of no confidence on Hadi and his merry pro-Ulamak band. 4.The pro-Erdogan objective is something else..their strategy is a more well-planned this time around. 5. Whatever it is, it just shows the RAKYAT one thing…that PAS-PKR-DAP are all sleeping on the same bed but having different dreams/nightmares…lol Pakatan Rakyat in Chaos : Outsiders Interference in PAS Part 1: Pasrt 2:… Read more »

Morning Dew

“5. Whatever it is, it just shows the RAKYAT one thing…that PAS-PKR-DAP are all sleeping on the same bed but having different dreams/nightmares…lol”

Fatimah, this is really the incessant nuisant screachy broken record sound from an equally broken record player.

What of BN ? They shared the same house, invited by the rakyat, but instead of taking care of it they started looting from it… bringing the whole house down.

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)

Brilliant comment as usual by Mr. Farish Noor. PAS is twisted-tongue; they are only interested in gaining power at all cost – after all, that’s what Islamists and the Islamism ideology is all about, (in the perception of some). Such ideology is (perceived to be) based on blind imitation of Dark Age Arabic culture! But Islam, but most important, God, does not belong to the Arabs nor Arabic culture. It might originate from there but God is universal, for all humanity. Just like Christ, although ‘born’ in a Jewish family and started out from Jewish culture (due to continous oppression… Read more »


between the devil and the deep blue sea…the devil can be angel..the deep blue sea will always be tsunami ..we are not voting pas…


it better now or never,for pas to break up those hassan ali and gang,,,and those like good aziz…it clear cut once and for all….i hope this be done soon.

1 pakatan

I totally agree with Nik Aziz. Cleansing is very important. 13 GE is not very far. Not many have guts to carry out such a exercise. BN is heading for trouble with the latest devlopments like, Lingam case,Tian, Teoh….the list can go on.
Bagan Pinang poll, i was a voter , and the estate indian workers were bribed.Estate workers do not have much knowledge on the Country’s poor management activities like corruption, Judiciary etc.
Pakatan need not be confused and disturbed.Carry on with with your good work.On the Rakyat is wide awake