Pas backs Anwar for PM: Hatta


Pas treasurer Hatta Ramli has stressed that his party is firmly behind Anwar’s bid for the premiership.

Speaking in front of a multi-racial crowd of about 3,000 last night near low-rise low-cost flats in Seberang Jaya, he declared that the party has never wavered from its stand all these years that it would support Anwar as prime minister. (Photo credit:

I had never heard Hatta speaking in public until last night. I must say he came across as one of the more level-headed and sober Pas leaders, and immediately struck a rapport with the crowd.

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25 Aug 2008 12.51pm

Anwar is poised to take over the government, God willing.

Barisan Nasional too long in power feels that it is their
fundamental right to government.

The rakyat with God’s help will determine the future government of this country. I hope Raja Petra will be offerred a porfolio.

Mahathir can spend his retirement overseas.Enough is enough.

God’s justice will prevail.

24 Aug 2008 5.52pm

PAS supporters are doing a fantastic job here. they are championing victory for anwar and openly declaring that,’DSAI is our next PM of malaysia.’ interesting to see indians and chinese mingling with PAS groups and together shouting, ‘DSAI for PM!’. a scene of muhibbah indeed. a senior PAS leader surmised, ‘this victory is going to see anwar become the next PM.’ he spoke with confidence and gave some good reasons why he believed so. looks like PAS and DAP are all out for anwar to be the next PM. umno’s strategy backfired heavily. in the first place, saiful’s drama should… Read more »

Ismandy Hamza
Ismandy Hamza
24 Aug 2008 5.44pm

Hello to one and all, At last, we heard more senses being said by some political figures, at the moment, albeit the barrage of attacks by BN leaders on DSAI in Pulau Pinang, of who should best RUN the country. Hope the feelings and thinking in bridging the gap among all Malaysians of all races to see a new GOVT is form is as genuine as where our hearts and mind go to rid this country of all the scumbags, corrupt and dirty politicians. BIG WELCOME TOO TO TUNKU ABDUL AZIZ. Wow! BIG blow to BN. He, he, he. I… Read more »

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
24 Aug 2008 4.38pm

May the best person be chosen for the best job
Regardless of sex, race, colour or creed
Afterall we all want the right person to fit the need
Let rational wise people make the choice and not just any emotional mob

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 240808
Sun. 24th Aug. 2008.

24 Aug 2008 3.20pm

Dr Hatta is an Anwar loyalist and a PKR/PAS mould like many PAS leaders such as PAS Sec. General K. Jaafar, Dr Dzulkifly Ahmad, Dr Lo’lo Ghazali, Saari Sungib. Many of them were KeADILan stalwarts.

24 Aug 2008 3.04pm

With LGE announcement i think the noose just got tighter for bee end as this could be the end.

24 Aug 2008 1.30pm

Sounds good to me. PAS needs to know what it wants.

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher
Muhammad Firdaus Christopher
24 Aug 2008 1.16pm

CM Lim Guan Eng just announced a statewide speacial holiday declared for Penang on 26th August.

Fantastic news !!