Jais raids Ahmadiyya Friday prayer session


Some 30 personnel from the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) raided a solat (prayer) centre in Jalan Batu Caves used by a group calling itself the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Muslim Malaysia.

The raid took place just after the group had finished its Friday congregational prayer.

The leader of the enforcement personnel produced a warrant to ransack the centre on the second floor of a budget hotel building.

Thirty seven people were loaded onto a lorry and a van and brought to the Jais headquarters in Shah Alam where they were given appointment dates for their statements to be recorded.

It is believed that the leader of the group who delivered the sermon will have to appear in court in October.

See a Harian Metro report here.

Harian Metro quotes a member of the Ahmadiyya group as saying “Now I want to ask if Jais says we are not Muslims, then we should not come under Jais’ jurisdiction. Where we want to pray is up to us.”

A Jais spokesperson said the raid was carried out under Section 97(1)(2) of the Islamic Legal Aministration Enactment 2003 – conducting a ceremony which may be conducted in a mosque without the permission of the Islamic Religious Council.

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Yuk Lo

Al Jazeera: Malaysia’s ‘Allah’ controversy

Al Jazeer’s “The Stream” discusses what the seizure of 321 Bibles containing the word ‘Allah’ means for minority rights in Malaysia.


Sideshow of “I am holier than thou” From their guardian of pretentious moral superiority. But that’s their religion. Say no more , or we’ll ends up like Raja Petra’s fate. Jail time or flee elsewhere. And as for Hudud , it is already in enforcement since decades ago. Many still failed to see or even notices as to why there are Syarie courts all over the country. I won’t blame PAS continuous calls to increase Syarie jurisdiction. They ( Pas) didn’t start it first. Or , did they? Anwar Ibrahim played a major role as well. I am supportive of… Read more »


53 years BN with UMNO, Gerakan, MCA, MIC and 18 parties have no issue with hudud even when PAS was in BN. After Pakatan was formed we have Allah and Hudud issue all created by them. Now they want BN help to stop this issue when it is their own partner that start the issue. Is it not that they already have a consensus which we now know are … to deceive us into voting them at the last GE. Only 3 parties and they cannot agreed. What more if they have 18, it will become a sham. Now DAP… Read more »


Just like Selangor govt incompetent Jais Bible confiscation


For 50 years until 308 when PR won 5 states we have no issue of Syariah law and non muslim. A Muslim woman will be charged for khalwat if caught in close proximity with a non muslim while the non muslim man will not be charged. Now because of the emotion created by DAP PR we are all caught in between. For 53 years do we have any issue with Allah. Only after PR and DAP won win that the Allah issue cropped up emotionalized by DAP to gain more support from the non muslim. Before 308 do you see… Read more »


Jais is under the Selangor govt and to put the blame on the Federal govt is ridiculous. It seem that the opposition DAP and PR are just good at putting the blame on everyhing to BN Gerakan and MCA when they themselves are the culprit. The recent fatwa enactment prohibiting the use of Allah by non muslim passed by the Penang State govt headed by DAP and LGE is one good example of how DAP will kowtow to PAS. Hudud, remember how Kepal said over my dead body and DAP will leave PR. Now we are waiting to see who… Read more »


What this issue has got to do with anil netto anyway? Championing something ?

Yuk Lo

Syariah laws may overrule Civil laws soon?

najib manaukau

These are the results of legislations introduced and passed by Umno just to gain votes and staying in power without taking into consideration of what these legislations will bring. Also as I said yesterday’s morning Malaysia, as soon as they become aware that the black box of MH370 can be found they suddenly shown interest to their people represented in Perth Why did Malaysia show interest only after the Australian PM was confident that they have found the black box of MH370 ? They now have the AG at London to determine who is the real owner of the black… Read more »