Economic angle to government’s retreat on Hadi’s bill


It was a spectacular U-turn, after all the hype about the government planning to take over Hadi’s bill. When it came to the crunch, the moment of truth, Najib, Umno and the government blinked.

Some have suggested that BN component parties especially in East Malaysia – and other opposition parties – may have played a part in the retreat. Perhaps, like Mujahid Yusof Rawa suggested, Najib and Umno were never serious about the bill, which served as a convenient distraction from the 1MBD scandal and international investigations.

For me (and I suspect, many within the ruling parties), equally important is the economic angle. The country is in the midst of an economic slowdown, facing stiff competition for foreign investment in our nation, which is heavily reliant on such investments.

Would foreign investors be rushing to invest in a country that was paving the way for harsh religious laws? What would the many Chinese state-owned companies and private firms from that country make of such laws?

And what of the property overhang? It is no secret that there is a glut in commercial and retail space in many parts of the country, which makes the major developers even more focused on securing foreign buyers. With China already trying to restrict capital outflow for purchases of foreign property by their nationals.. what would be the impact of Hadi’s bill on such potential buyers if Parliament passes the bill?

Massive land reclamation projects around the country seem largely aimed at overseas buyers. This sector would be the hardest hit by any move to introduce harsher religious laws. New MM2H buyers of expensive property too would slow to a trickle.

Don’t forget, the substantial shareholders of some of the major developers include state-run investment or savings funds and government-linked companies and agencies.

Already, a few of the major banks are finding conditions tough. What more if the bill is passed…

And then there are the universities and private colleges that are now admitting thousands of foreign students. Would these students still want to come?

So let’s not ignore the economic angle and impact of Hadi’s bill. After all, the Malaysian economy is still a very open one reliant on foreign investors – and increasingly foreign property buyers.

That is why I was never convinced that Hadi’s bill would go through even if Pas and Umno had the numbers. Don’t underestimate the corporate, business and investors lobby – and the corporate shareholders with connections to Umno.

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Chendol Wall Mural Boy

Jibbie flies to Chennai to meet Superstar Rajinikanth, and Hadi’s 355 is plain propaganda tool only ! hahaha


I thought Sivaji the boss went after the untouchable crooks, money-launderers, black-marketeers, politicians etc. Does he know he is being used to fool his own Indian folks? Or is Rajinikanth is now assuming the Kabali gangster persona? This must have disappointed many Indians in Malaysia, except those from MIC and PPP. Wonder what do Indian readers of Anil blog think of this.

Siang Yee

Ha ha, Hadi played out by Najib.
Perhaps Najib wants more trade off from PAS?

The Hardy Boys Love Nancy Drew

No wonder ringgit still cannot recover as M spells out in between his latest words?

Also a RM90m question why 355 Uturn?

Ronald Ong

SINGAPORE — The imam who made controversial remarks against Christians and Jews after his sermon earlier this year was fined S$4,000 on Monday (April 3), and will be repatriated to India.

In what is believed to be the first case here of a religious leader being prosecuted for delivering an inappropriate sermon, Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel Abdul Malik, 46, pleaded guilty to one count of committing an act which he knew was prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious groups and was likely to disturb the public tranquillity.

This should be practised in Malaysia.

SL Tay

Reported on The Tribune of India:

The incident happened on January 6, when Nalla, during the Friday prayers chanted a phrase in Arabic which was not from Quran. It was translated as “Grant us help against the Jews and the Christians.”


It is reported on The Sun today.

SL Tay

Foreign preachers can make sensational and controversial remarks in the name of religion, and this could possibly have influenced our local MP on the same subject:

We must emulate Singapore’s way of monitoring and deporting those errant ones.


In a statement and farewell message on Wednesday, Nalla said: “Singaporeans treasure the diversity and the harmony of her people, and I have no right nor justification to even attempt to shake or agitate them. That was the very reason why I fully understood and accepted the decision to prosecute me so as to maintain law and order.
This is a priceless lesson to me.”

Ronald Ong

Najib realised he could jeopardize his fixed deposits in Sabah and Sarawak if he would continue to tango with Hadi to the tune of RUU355.


Najib screwed Hadi as he triumphantly claimed that 1MEN is now debt free.


Anil as an accountant please explain how Najib can clear all the 1MDB debt if not by selling off the national assets like Bandar Malaysia to foreign hands?


Will Hadi crawl back to Pakatan after played out by Najib?
Will DAP will accept the wounded HADI back to his arm.
rajraman.Never trust Hadi again.


Do Hadi learn the lesson or do PAS hardcore supporters will “ADUH” HADI ?
rajraman.Never trust HADI who still in stone age.Power crazy but don’t care the current life suffering of his followers in economy but promised after life is better than current life.


Hadi could possibly be ousted by disgruntled PAS members in the party election coming up in the middle of the year? Or more members could PAS to join Amanah?

Hadi still think PAS can be a kingmaker in the GE?