Vast majority of Pas members not in favour of Umno-Pas cooperation: Abdul Rahman Kasim


Bridge-builder Abdul Rahman Kasim says most Pas members will not look favourably on any move by the party to cooperate with Umno.

Abdul Rahman Kasim
Abdul Rahman Kasim

The Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief said the problem is that a few conservative voices in the party have given the impression that Pas was ready to ditch its allies in Pakatan.

These sensational voices are given prominence in the traditional media and social media. They are further amplified by Umno supporters in the social media and traditional media they control, giving the impression that Pas is on the verge of breaking its pact with Pakatan.

At this stage, it may be useful to recall that during the massive Bersih and anti-ISA rallies over the last half a dozen years, large sections of the protesters comprised Pas members including Pas Unit Amal frontliners, who faced the brunt of an often heavy-handed police response.

Certain DAP and PKR politicians may be unhappy with the conflicting signals over whether Pas backs Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim. That is fair enough. But leaders of all three parties should also consider the grassroots Pas members’ antipathy towards Umno as well.

The conservative voices within Pas may not necessarily represent the views of these rank-and-file Pas members. For example, the ustaz of Alagappa curry powder ‘fame’, Shahul Hamid M P H Seeni, is only an inactive Pas member, who is believed to be sympathetic to former Penang Pas youth leader Hafiz Nordin, a controversial figure in Penang, laments Rahman.

But now the ustaz’s insensitive words have gone viral on social media with the MIC quick to jump into the fray to deliver a rebuke (in a bid to prove that the party is still relevant as the ‘defender’ of the Indian Malaysian community?). Shahul has since apologised:

“According to my estimation, only about 15 per cent of Pas members, at the maximum, would favour cooperation with Umno,” said Rahman, who however cautioned that this was just his impression and not the result of any professional survey.

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Don Anamalai

ISMA accused Datuk Mujahid Yusof Rawa of PAS and Umno’s Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah of selling their religion, after the two announced they would form a new movement to fight racism.

Mujahid and Saifuddin, who are both members of the Putrajaya-backed National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC), have decided to join hands to form a new NGO, along with PAS’s Tamrin Ghafar.


Moderate Malays should support such initiative.


The success of Pakatan Rakyat has not been built upon the promotion of democratic politics, economic development and social harmony. Instead, it is engrossed with the hudud law, tackling the mass media, and playing tricks that are geared towards public favor.


How did he know? Another syiok sendiri statement.


Does not reinforce anything. Just a “postponement”
Sooner or later , PR will have to cross the same old bridge again.
PAS insist on Hudud and everything Islamic is one thing.
We know that it is quite impossible as this involves the Constitution .
But working with umno in order to “steal” and to bully. That is too much

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit

Always remember that UMNO Baru-BN continuously engages in black ops to destabilise Pakatan Rakyat and promote infighting amongst its PR component political parties.


Try asking Nasaruddin instead of Kasim and see what is the answer


Certain PAS members could not resist the ‘malay solidarity’ card put forward by Umno?

Anyway, the recent episode must have elevated the brand name of Alagappa curry powder, as it is the secret ingredient in Penang nasi kandar?


PAS cannot be trusted so is DAP LGE or PKR Anwar


But working with Umno, in particular, will at least allow those in favour will get them into the cabinet. What have they got right now working with opposition, well at least that is what these scums are thinking of as a Malaysian’s politician. LKS got his son to become the CM in Penang when both his son and LKS are from Malacca. Penang’s CM was traditionally from Penang right ?

Awang Selamat Ori

Never knew PAS is party made up of leaders who are as greedy as UMNObaru. Is Hadi using his position as PAS president for the betterment of the Rakyat? Or is he jealously protecting his interests and that of his family in Selangor? Think about it, PAS or UMNObaru is no different. These old leaders must go! Without non Malays support, do you think PAS can win an additional 8 State seats in Selangor during the last GE? Actually, we should only blame Hadi for this fiasco, because he is protecting Khalid – because he needs Khalid to protect his… Read more »


Awang ; I think you are real bodoh. PAS has never been greedy of money. They are greedy for their religious belief. How many jump ship compared to PKR and DAP members. The real one that are greedy are PKR and DAP. Remember Anwar is the son of UMNO. Bapa bontek anak rintek. Anwar is (eyeing) the money in the Selangor reserve…. Yes PAS may never win the extra seats without the the Chinese support but then PKR and DAP may also never win that extra seats without the Malays and Chinese support. Its either way and a 2 way… Read more »

Awang Selamat Ori

I really hate to debate with political science students, because their views are so silly and Yang tak pandailah.

PAS don’t need non Malays support? I think they have the same number of Parliamentary seats as Gerakan?

Yang tak berapa pandai, think before you comment next time. Parit Buntar, can Dr. Mujahid Rawa win without non Malays support? Or did he win with non Malay support?
Can Khalid Samad win without non Malays support? Can he? PKR and DAP need more Malay support and PAS does not need non Malays support?

Tak masuk akal dari Yang tak pandai!


When Anwar go to Sungai Buloh, PKR will be gone unless he let his wife as STAND IN for the MB post. or is it more than that.

If it was Anwar why is he making deals with an Umno Minister to torpedo the Pakatan Rakyat State Government of Selangor? If it was not Anwar who arranged that meeting then who was it? Wahid has to reveal this person’s name so that we will know who is this person who is collaborating with Umno and is working against the state’s interest.


I am talking of the majority of PAS seats while Awang is talking of a few PAS seat in particular. Anyway whatsoever, BN with the 18 coalition parties is here to stay. DAP honey moon taste of power will soon be over while PKR will go into oblivion after Anwar go to Sg Buloh. His STAND IN wife will not be able to last any more longer so is Anwar who will touch 70 after his jail term.


We are quick to condemn PAS when some of their members do wrong and we forget whenever those in DAP/PKR do things which are worse. When DAP and PKR members crossed over to BN and caused the downfall of a PR govt, we blamed others including the BN for dragging out the speaker etc. But nobody stopped to think that it was DAP and PKRs fault. After all they accepted them as members and put them in a seat. In contrary, to this date, not a single PAS member has crossed to BN or caused the fall of any PR… Read more »


… Now you see who is the ungrateful one. Even if Anwar say the Chinese who vote BN are stupid, DAP and LGE will say hehe. DAP .. only interested in themselves and power.

Don Anamalai

Ananars Have you ever asked why motorists must pay toll at the JB-Singapore causeway when the causeway was built by the British long before Merdeka? Now the 2-way toll hike of 480% (RM16.50) at the causeway (announced and implemented in less than 2 weeks) have been imposed from 1 Aug. Why? Because BN could not pay the EDL concessionaire about RM11mil per month to Malaysian Resources Corporation Bhd (MCRB)? PM Najib has pledged at the 10,000-People 1Malaysia dinner in Johor Baru (March 9, 2012) that people who do not use the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) will not be required to… Read more »


The Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) concessionaire MRCB Lingkaran Selatan Sdn Bhd, which proposed the method of charging toll for motorists entering and leaving Malaysia only, but no charge for those who do not leave and enter Malaysia is equivalent to robbing the rich to give to the poor.The method of collecting the toll demonstrates clearly that the authority is imposing a kind of surtax on those who are working in Singapore and earning Singapore dollars.There are about 60,000 vehicles travelling in and out of the Johor Bahru CIQ daily and the toll is unfairly targeting only them. PLUS should not… Read more »


The fact is the government is in cohort with some 3rd parties to have reason to raise the toll fee, knowingly that there is a difference between Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) and toll fee but decide to bull doze anyway. Rakyat must resist relentlessly.

Don Anamalai

PM Najib has yet to explain or justify whatsoever for his (alleged) breaches of his two pledges on the EDL to the people of Johor in 2012, and is his motto and slogan just an empty and hollow one? As PM of a government whose motto and slogan is ‘People’s First, Performance Now’, Najib cannot take his public pledges lightly and must go out of his way to explain and justify the (alleged) breaches of his public pledges.


According to the lazest report on The Edge, MRCB would be collecting RM13 million per month from the CIQ toll at the JB-Singapore causeway. This is RM1 million more than what the government has to pay monthly to MRCB for the EDL.

Why punish CIQ users at the causeway with the ‘EDL toll’ when Prime Minister Najib promised that there would not be toll collection on EDL and there would not be toll hike on CIQ?