Umno suspends Ahmad Ismail for three years


The Umno Supreme Council has suspended its Bukit Bendera chief Ahmad Ismail for three years over his alleged racist remarks, the Star Online has reported. The meeting chaired by Abdullah Badawi has also stripped him of all party posts.

I know a few people would have liked the ISA to be used against Ahmad. But if we are consistent about our position that the ISA is an immoral law, then to call for its use against Ahmad Ismail is not right.

Still, the party could have sacked Ahmad, but did not. (Remember Penang is Abdullah Badawi’s home-state.) Which raises the question: has the top Umno leadership lost control of its divisions – paving the way for, gulp, Mahathir and his allies to make their move? And you thought he would be contented passing his time with his carpentry hobby and looking after grandchildren, eh? He probably feels he has to save the country from Anwar!

Kadir Jasin has suggested that if Umno members are unhappy with the party leadership, they should change the leadership. He is also suggesting a unity council, with the return of Umno veterans, to save the party:

Apa yang diperlukan sekarang adalah mengembleng dan menggabungkan kuasa dan pemikiran akar umbi dengan kepemimpinan veteran Umno. Sudah pun wujud tanda-tanda yang hal ini sedang berlaku.

Inilah satu-satunya jalan keluar yang paling berdaya maju (viable) bagi Umno buat masa ini iaitu dengan pemimpin-pemimpin veteran Umno kembali memainkan peranan membina semula kepemimpinan dan perpaduan parti.

Untuk tujuan itu Umno memerlukan sebuah “majlis perpaduan” (unity council) atau badan penasihat yang terdiri daripada veteran parti (council of elders).

Can the party be saved? Should it be saved? Let’s see who the party’s “saviours” are going to be. I thought this remark by Anwar in Malaysiakini was cute:

On the reported move by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad to return to Umno, Anwar quipped: “Is he trying to help the ship sink faster?”

Meanwhile, let’s hope we get some peace – and space to focus on more pressing issues.

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Guys guys !!!! My grandfather live under similar situations when Malaysia had Tunku Abdul Rahman, My father lived under the same situation and now we live as the earlier generations did.
Do you think all our complains will change anything?? Faces change but nothing else does.
Biggest number will dominate, in any country. (thus procreate!!!)


…. We malays try hard to think malaysian, but under GERAKAN PENANG for 38years GERAKAN marginalised Malays… Now GERAKAN MUST be innocent in the eyes of many who do not know the mess they cooked in Penang since Lim Chong Eu moreso now GERAKAN is on the process of rebranding the party in the hope to garner non-chinese memberships BUT records 38years must be deleted. … Gerakan has not helped us Malays more so koh tsu koon. Malays and Indians in Penang are now so minority in all sectors. … We Malays we the poor ones want to live in… Read more »


To : MCA Secretary-General – Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan.

Dear Sir

I refer to the above subject.

Being a Malaysian, my utmost appreciation that you could assist & advise me into where to obtain the historical record & reference with regards to your statement in the Star Online “Chinese died defending country”, dated 07September2008.

Thank you & Regards


Yet again the component parties of the BN have sold the Rakyat out! They are trying to convince the rest of us that UMON’s suspension of Ahmad Ismail is adequate punishment for the crime. They continue to be lame-duck partners in the coalition. The bottom line is they cannot even demand an apology from Ahmad Ismail – who todate has refused to apologise – failing which he ought to have been sacked outright. And what about all those supporters? What action against them? The component parties have yet again demonstrated that there is just too much at stake personally for… Read more »

Lim Sang Seong

Wait a minute and just think and reflect the whole scenario…. Ahamd’s remarks were made and reiterated a couple of times in the face of AAB and Najib in defiance of their advice even at the point of wrecking UMNO. Then came Tun M who supported AI. Could this be something fishy ?. Is Tun M working in cohort with AI to destablise UMNO at this critical time to dislodge AAB from office ? Tun M had since his stepping down mentioned that he made a big blunder appointing AAB as the PM and is trying to get the momentum… Read more »

Justin Choo

Koh gets a lolipop, and MCA gets a mini choc bar. Hehehehehe.

What about police action against this fellow and that one who tore the picture?

Boycott the correct Petrol Station. NOT the one next to Mac.

Go to Jeff Ooi’s blog.

Ah Singh

Now time for us to move on. I think the message sent out to any racist from any party is very clear. Malaysia’s minority is staying here for the long haul and is ready to rumble. There will be no repeat of may 13 1969. This time the stakes are much higher. …


Mahathir has to save the country from Anwar.
truth is – we need to be saved from him.

22 years of little progress but plenty of racial polarisation, corruption, injustices, judiciary interference, abuse of power.

Oh, why can’t we bring him to justice for any of these evils!!!

Kevin Gan

Really pity the Gerakan’s KST & MCA’s OKT, (Money blinded your eyes)? How many more years to continue (fooling) the Chinese Ah Pek…..Ah Hua….Ah Beng and Ah Lian. Ask youself what can you do in this broken house of BN? Will Umno listen and be good? Don’t lies to yourself, face the true or get irrelavant Do you need to vote according to BN’s instruction? Where is your brain? Can you tell what is right and what is wrong? or money had blind your eyes…. Feel sorry to see Chua Tee Yong’s photos on his way to Taiwan…can a young… Read more »


Oooh…just wait for spineless Ah Koon to warmly welcome the umno supreme council’s slap in the wrist for this goon. Ah Koon and Gerakan is surely predictable.

Former BN voter

I am saddened that this man remarked this

“The decision was made by UMNO, so I accept it. If it is by BN, I will not”

No wonder Malays like myself are feeling disgusted that this man continues to hide behind the veil of “racialism” and shoot from his hips. So – is he a BN man or a racialistic bigot?


Hey people , don’t pay too much attention to A Mad low life ******, is not worth it.


It continues to baffle me as to why the very same people who profess freedom of speech and of expression for Malaysia suddenly cannot stomach Ahmad Ismail’s right to free speech.


Dear Anil,




Anak Pulau Pinang

Juat a bloody tap on the knuckles. Contrary to what you say Anil, as far as I am concerned, the BN/UMNO still weilds the big stick called ISA, Sedition act etc, So long as the acts are still active, the patsy, Badawi should use that on Ahmad… Obviously UMNo has rules for UMNo members and even more lax rules for war lords and a different set of rules for us… If Tsu Khoon accepts the so-called punishment handed out as acceptable, it just proves that he is nothing more than a grovelling eunuch in Badawi’s court… In which case, members… Read more »


and Mahathir coming back???
May the devils be freed.
and the Malay Dilemma revisited
and the usual rhetoric

in the name of Malay rights
as it goes to outsiders.out of Malay hands
like the large hectares of land
and the oil money …
and free education until university
and improved hospital services without sleeping on the corridors
and public transport getting completely unbearable
..and the exploitation of the Malays will continue…
it will continue until the Malays themselves have to say
enough is enough…

malaysian niah

nani … what ahmad said is inappropriate and certainly KTK has been a pathetic CM to every penangite not just the malays.

the general thing is this being a lousy leader is one thing, being a racist lousy leader is even worse….


the rakyat must realise that the current ‘sensitive’uproar is done by POLITICIANS not the rakyat. The rakayt should not be the victims.
Every Malaysian is entitled to go on with life in this nation Peacefully. The gomen has the responsibility to guarantee this peace to the nation. If a law if broken to disturb this peace then the law should take its natural course to reinstate this peace and bring the offender before the law.


has koh tsu koon been such a good CM to us Malays low end poor Malays?


Jui Meng makes a second bid for MCA presidency Giam Say Khoon KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 10, 2008): Former MCA vice-president Datuk Chua Jui Meng today expectedly announced his second bid for the MCA presidency, immediately setting the tone for his campaign by speaking out against the continued use of the “Ketuanan Melayu” slogan. Chua Jui Meng announce his candidacy in MCA Presidential Election at Le Meridian Hotel, K.L. “I am nobody’s ‘Tuan’, neither is anyone my ‘Tuan’. Everyone is born equal on this earth,” he said in a two-hour media conference at a hotel here. “Article 8 of the Federal… Read more »


If a person has no political affiliation andutter the same stupid racial slurs as Ahmad Ismail, would he be subjected to UMNO rules and punishment? If that is thecase, RPK should ask that he be tried base on UMNO rules.
Looks like UMNO members are not subjected to our common law. They are exclusively under UMNO rules and regulation.


Come on guys. Get off your high horses. Whatever you can say about Umno, they’ve dealt with this idiot Ahmad Ismail which is more than you can say about PKR’s Zulkifli Noordin. This is a guy who didn’t just utter mere words but condoned violence as well by storming the Bar Council forum. What action has PKR taken until now? And this is the Justice Party? Justice for whom?


Just a slap on the wrist!!


hello hostage 88,
our home minister syed albar (maybe) dont know to even on a computer,how send email to him?


I feel sad for my Malay brethren. This light rap on the knuckles, which may not have come to pass if not for March 8th in my opinion, may only serve to reinforce the under-currents that Ahmad Ismail’s racist “for Malay audience only” taunts which he claims are in defense of the race and party, are not that bad after all. And the racist chap just said (on NTV7 as I type this) the PM and DPM only took the disciplinary action for the sake of keselamatan of the nation. Has Ahmad learnt his lesson? Not the slightest chance. Still… Read more »