Trusting ‘the Other’


A friend of mine, Philip, a Chinese Malaysian, phoned earlier this week and shared with me a few anecdotes of his encounters with his fellow Malaysians, who happened to be Malay, during life-threatening situations.

When he was stricken with a severe bout of dengue fever some time ago, it was a Malay doctor, Dr Salleh, at a private hospital who went out of his way – beyond the call of duty – and stayed back after office hours to care for him. It was only after Dr Salleh was sure that Philip was out of danger that he returned home.

Philip also recalled the occasion when his son was suffering from an acute bout of meningitis. It was a female Malay doctor at Hospital UKM who recommended and performed a lumbar puncture procedure. “I entrusted my son, the joy of my life, to her professional care, and she did not let me down.”

Years earlier, in the 1980s, Philip recounted how he stumbled on an accident scene, when a Chinese Malaysian boy was seriously hurt. It was an unlikely group of young Malay ‘punks’ (then the fad) who first came to his aid, wiping the injured lad’s face and dabbing the blood streaming down.

These experiences are indelibly etched in Philip’s memory and have left him without a trace of racism. Today, he just hopes politicians will focus on a continuous programme of upgrading ‘kemahiran Melayu‘ (and that of other Malaysians as well) instead of going to town with all those ketuanan slogans.

Now, wouldn’t that be more meaningful and empowering?

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Angela Ooi

Daily, we interact well with one another regardless the race. I have good friends from all races. If only we could ‘shoo’ (away) our dUMNO leaders who are
constantly beating the war drums and pitting Malays against the Nons, this would be a very livable place to be and collectively, we can contribute towards the prosperity of the nation.


Beautiful story about the beautiful ordinary malays…


It’s touching stories but pathetic at the same time.Looks like Malaysia has to come down to this.When we help we help a human being. We don’t have to specify the race or the colour of the person we help.And to feel prouder especially if it were of another race is sad.Why are we so colour minded? To God we are one people, one race just different shape, colour and size.

Anildeep S

ai yo yo…

betul ke ni ? Saya masih ingat bagaimana cikgu-cikgu melayu pilih kasih semasa di sekolah.

sudahlah… saya tidak percaya


In any society, there will be the good, the neutral & the bad. Your teachers were most probably UMNO brain washed bigoted racist morons who went into teaching because it was the only option avail. to their grade 3 SPM results. My mum is a retired teacher & she went into the profession in 1965 as a national service. She never saw the color of her student’s skin. To her, they were all her students. She was also pass over many times for promotion to guru besar due to her skin color but that didnt matter. She prefer to teach… Read more »


Saudara Anil,
Thank you for highlighting what we Malaysians are, i.e. we are a peace loving lot and generous to the hilt. We have been living in peace and harmony for the past, oh so many years, and we have been very tolerant and accepting of each others quirks and differences. It is a very small group of ultra-orthodox imbeciles, with their selfish agenda, out to create trouble and disharmony. We should focus and build on our similarities rather than exaggerate our differences. That’s the right way forward, don’t you think?


I like that term “Kemahiran Melayu”… Sounds so much more superior to “Ketuanan Melayu”
Penang, Selangor and Kedah and Kelantan MBs/CM should use this term extensively, to show greatness, and not otherwise.

Fire melts Iron

If not for UMNO Baru, Malaysia is truly the melting pot of all cultures! Malaysians as a whole are generally friendly and trust each other, only the racists UMNO, MIC, MCA and Gerakan are out to divide them and cause mistrusts amongst them!

Malaysians, let us dictate our own lives not racist politicians. Say no, to UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all those BN mosquito parties!!

Jom sertai PAS! PAS for all!

Vote Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia. Jom Gerakan K.

Hard Facts

This is the difference between the ordinary decent Malays / non-Malays, in short Malaysians and the Umnoputras and their non-Malay cronies who have been helping themselves to the state coffers for the past few decades.


Some umno neighbours looked after my son for a few years – without pay! Some pas neighbours bought lunch and dinner for me when I was stuck at home with chicken pox. They are so generous they would give us a whole bag of sugar when we asked for a spoonful. So, believe it or not, we Chinese do remember these things – with gratitude!


Hi Anil

Thanks for the link. Will take some time to digest it.