These two Zunar cartoons sum up the situation in Malaysia today


As usual, cartoonist Zunar has captured succinctly in a picture (above) what might otherwise take a thousand words to describe. It is a battle between the new more inclusive Malaysia and the old Malaysia, where the politics of race and religion reigned supreme. Pests (the toxic old communal politics) are now trying to devour the young shoots of a vibrant new nation.

This second cartoon (below), drawn a couple of months ago at an Aliran dinner in Penang, shows us that the roots of race and religion run deep. While the crowds celebrated the fall of the rotting BN tree on 9 May 2018, uprooting the poisonous roots hidden beneath the ground will take a lot more hard work and awareness-raising.

But it can be done. Each of us must rise above the barriers that (artificially?) divide us and together ensure that the young shoots survive and grow unhindered.

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Black Mage

Too many Golongan and Gabungan that are distubing peace.


ROS must monitor such groups.


Teach them Anger Management. Including Knee Jerk@slightest sensitivities.


The 1MDB scandal and kleptocracy will be included as part of the History syllabus, said Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik.

“I will make sure that 1MDB and how some leaders robbed the nation will be included in the history books so that future generations will not make the same mistake,” said Dr Maszlee.

He said this when answering a supplementary question by Ahmad Maslan (BN – Pontian) in Parliament today (Dec 3).


It will be a tough time for the children of these 1MDB thieves to live in Malaysia due to the bad legacy left behind & stigmatised in their family names. While Malaysians abroad will come back to a Malaysia Baru, these 1MDB thieves may have to emigrate to kleptocratic countries … or once sponsoring Saudi Arabia. Timbuktu?

Chee Sek Thim

Very difficult to take back what is given. Give a kid a candy and try to take it back. The rot created by BN will take a long time or maybe even never ever recover. In the olden days, school canteen are operated by Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc and we buy our own food and sit down to eat together. Now canteen cannot be operated by non Muslims, and even cannot sit together. Lee Kuan Yew has warned us that race, religion and language are the three things that makes you do things that your common sense tells you should… Read more »

Black Mage

Thankfully we have CapitaLand owning and managing many of our shopping malls, else everyone becomes halal mall cannot have nin-halal restaurants like Kim Gary, Dragon One, Tang Sifu etc.

Call Me Handsome

I wonder our friends of strictly imposed faiths how to dine at McD KFC etc non halal certified when in overseas like in London.

V Ramesh

Bring own live chicken!


You mentioned about LKY tunglang will not be happy.

V Ramesh

My friend sent me this video clip by Namewee on drinking Carlsberg at home. Quite amusing!

Scot Polo

Heineken ambush marketing on Carlsberg?
Name we must be paid well!

V Ramesh

Corrupt Malays do not care for race, religion, or country, said Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Instead, he said those who take bribes know it is wrong, but only care about satisfying their greed.

Black Mage

PM Tun Dr Mahathir says he has no knowledge of the purported marriage involving the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V and former beauty queen Oksana Voevodina (Miss Moscow in 2015), because he has no official confirmation of the matter.


If I want to get married again, the Bunians will tell my wife!


If I can fondly recall the early 1980s, I & my Eurasian, Malay & Indian colleagues used to walk from Chulia Street (near the Bomba Station) to Church Street Kopitiam for our daily lunch rendezvous. We ate our food of choice in one table without the phobia of halal contamination nor my Malay friend being caught by men in skull caps. Drank our Kopi-O, Barley Som & Teh Peng in relaxed camaraderie of office lifestyle. Of course, each of us was also eyeing our choice of office ladies at this Kopitiam of truly Muhibbah. Now? I had to accommodate my… Read more »


The (extreme conservatives) are legion. They have had easy education, diplomas an degrees. Some have even got secret, “military” training. Some owe loans. So, the authorities promote various jobs for them, in and outside govt. Most of it does not entail honest labour, as in the case of a farmer. They impose alien, reductionist values such as intolerance, the subjugation of women and unbelievers, child marriage and FGM. The moderate do not push back. Instead, they prefer to emigrate if they can, leaving the country to fester.

Scot Polo

Moderate Malays sent their kids to study in SJK Cina. Shila Amzah’s success in singing mandarin songs is an inspiration to them!

Black Mage

It is time to remove the crutches, create an equal Malaysia


It looks like a long way to go. But anyway, let’s give Pakatan Harapan a chance to change all undesirables, obstacles to Malaysia Baru.
Tak Cuba, Tak Tau. Perkasi?

Cygnus Knight

Umno has problems with its leaders facing criminal charges, it’s a blessing in disguise for them to have this ICERD issue to distract people from their problems, because the main issue right now in public is 1MDB. For them to have the ICERD, it’s a big issue for them to turn people away from 1MDB.


December 8 = Thanksgiving Day in Malaysia?
Got cuti peristiwa to feast on turkeys?

Black Mage

In ‘New Malaysia’, race continues to cast a long shadow

Black Mage

This is more amusing than Zunar’s cartoon:

MCA should stay in BN but expel Umno for breach of agreement


Impossible, how many seats did MCA won?


Where is the other