The Lowyat incident


I am disappointed at how a phone theft was manipulated by certain groups to turn it into an incident with racial overtones, which then allowed some to try and take the law into their own hands.

Look at this guy, for instance:

But I believe most Malaysians are sensible and mature enough not to be swayed or diverted from the real issues facing the nation.

It does show we have to take a closer look at some of the right-wing racial groups around, especially those with political patronage.

The authorities should also examine if the immediate response of the police this incident was in line with the highest standards of professionalism and impartiality. The nearest police station was just over a kilometre away.

It is interesting to note that this drama stemmed from the theft of a smartphone, one of the coveted ‘must-have’ gadgets in present-day modernity, indeed capitalism. Never mind if you can’t afford the fancier models; the desire created by marketing propaganda is so strong that young people feel pressured to beg, borrow (part of the reason for the high credit card debt?) or literally steal to acquire these gadgets – so strong are the desires generated.

It might also be useful to gauge to what extent youth unemployment, a poor education system and racist indoctrination over the years may have contributed to this incident.

Meanwhile, I don’t believe the Sedition Act should be used against those involved, when there are other laws that can be used against those who provoked and led these violent attacks.

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Newly minted Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has suggested the creation of a “Low Yat 2” – a electronics store dedicated to Malay traders. Ismail Sabri suggested that the “Low Yat 2” be established at the third floor of the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) headquarters along Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur. He said that “Low Yat 2” will be able to rival Low Yat Plaza, which is Malaysia’s best known electronic goods store. “We will prepare the floor as soon as possible and we will give space to Malay traders, particularly. “We will turn it into ‘Low… Read more »


Luckily no Chinese was at Wangsa Walk during the brawl between Mat Rempits, else the Chinese (could have) become scapegoat again.


CCTV footage showing clearly how the phone was stolen at the Low Yat incident:


This is what happen when the opposition and their supporters see a little, hear a little and then simply jump to conclusion creating a scenario of confusion and deception


The main cause of Low Yat incident? Its because the likes of Najib says things like ” I did not take the US$700m for myself”…It starts there and then goes all the way to the guy who lied to start this..

Rikesh Singh

I’m been working at Kompleks Low Yat for three years now. Everything is fine here, people should not stirs up the issue anymore as here is only for IT gadgets. Police should set up a booth here to ensure everything is okay.


Should set up a Polis booth@Low Yat Plaza manned by Malay, Chinese, Indian & Sikh policemen.
This will make it easy to made fast decision without apprehension to arrest anyone causing trouble.
In the 1960s, the FRU deployed to quell riots was comprised mostly of the above 4 races. And FRU was very effective no matter where they were sent to.


Gangster criminals getting bolder, getting troublesome, getting lawless??? Thugs steal sunglasses, bash up manager at Times Square It’s high time the courts should not give bails to these criminals to ‘teach’ them a hard lesson, regardless of whatever occasion around the corner. They might think it’s a light slap on the wrist to release them on bail & even dared to display unremorsefulness by raising a victory sign outside of court. Let not them challenge our rule of law by getting to the rats. Security management should think about employing ex-Gurkha soldiers (from Nepal) to effective deter & handle… Read more »


All you need is a “small” stun-baton….

gk ong

See the pic and read the report of the sun glasses manager at Times Square that are beaten up badly by 5 thieves:


Yes, Kapitalism, the true global religion is at the bottom of this. It has defeated evil Kommunism. Any gomen that tries to spread wealth and opportunity is discredited, undermined or overthrown – in that order. Keep the small fish who are not destitute may hanker after baubles while the big fish pursue bigger “visions”. Even religious” people who are not wealthy feel obliged to give gifts at birthdays, festivals and the newly-invented days dedicated to certain roles.

gerak khas

The UMNO Bagan guy and Papagomo are detained by polis but later released for hari raya?


Now they arrested four Lowyat salesmenIt’s and put behind bars. The pertinent (simple) question right now is : – Who is right and who is wrong !? Don’t keep twist and turn lah !!

Ed G

On what grounds were those salesmen arrested?


Most probably those four have bruises all over their bodies and one of them even having eight-stiches on his head !


Ah, did you hear in the video when the thugs shouting “bunuh dia, bunuh dia” when they were hitting a particular boy ? That is why he is arrested too for the involvement !


When there is a mob in your business premise, what do you do?

Stand by the side & let them damage your shop & goods?
Let them kick, slap or punch you & your staff?
Or you act in self defence by chasing them away & call the Polis?

NB: No insurance will cover for damages caused by riots, justified or not.


Malaysia boleh. Everyone can has his own opinion can do anything and the polis the impossible dreams. Project BN including all component parties for over 50 years. Dont blame but ourselves. Selamat hari raya.

gk ong

What extent youth unemployment, a poor education system and racist indoctrination over the years may have contributed to this incident?

Just ask why they ran amok on impulse over ‘an alleged RM800 telephone scam at Low Yat’, but remained silent over the more serious scandals like 1MDB, Tabung Haji and MARA that are happening now?

gk ong

Those uneducated and jobless rioters could not relate to the humongous sum of money in those financial scandal, as the most they could identify is RM800 BR1M.

i just dont get it

I just don’t get it why humans are being a … head to each other arnt we matured enough to face the society?
this is humiliating and also dented our country’s pride is this what we want? and stop acting so primitive for a while

LGE tak boleh

It is sad that there are people with ill-intention and tried to turn this into a racial issue. What is the purpose of them doing so?

It is equally sad that there are so many people who can be so easily provoked by fabricated racial issue.

The government which has been in power since Merdeka failed terribly in uniting the people. Mana 1Malaysia? Again, just another hollow slogan shouting…


The criminals (the thief + rioters) should be charged as follows:
Rm70K compensation for damages to OPPO shop & loss of business at Low Yat Plaza, community service at Low Yat Plaza (garbage cleaning, sweeping) & anger management therapy at GH.
Mere sentencing to jail will not deter such criminal act, gangsterism & impulsive emo-mob behaviour of insanity.

Btw, should citizen arrest (such as by OPPO staff) be applauded & not to be condemned/retaliated as kay po?


According to the report of some close friends of that poor victim (on the floor), he is still lying on bed semi-conscious due to broken skull concussion.
Let justice flow like a mighty river !


IGP must present the OPPO staff with letters of commendation for nabbing the thief. The rioters must also compensate the owner of the destroyed car, and foot his medical bill.

Bumi non malay

What is the name of the person giving the speech??….. Let my Ninja track him down … Tak malu … Idiot Sect … As usual those linked to UMNO …(could be) let free like IGP brother with take down cross cry, those UMNO …. disrupting DAP ceramah in Johor….

bryan wong

The individual giving the speech is identified as a Mohd Ali Haji Baharom
An aspiring UMNO politician with controversial views.. like message he posted on his FB ” Selaku Presiden Persatuan Veteran Melayu .. Nasihat saya kpd Ts Ketua Polis Negara jangan terlalu Emosi sampai nak jaga hati Bangsa lain.. Sanggup tuduh Bangsa Sendiri bersalah secara terbuka.. Orang yang Ts tuduh (PapaGomo) belum dijatuhkan hukuman oleh Hakim didlm Mahkamah.. Adakah tindakan Ts tadi Betul ?
Bagaimana Rakyat nak hormat Ketua Polis Negara ? Sebabkan Ts tidak tahu menghormati Maruah orang lain… —


A thief is a thief is a thief & nothing but a thief.
The rule of law is not for hijacking by dunggus for racist-emo exclusivity.
Otherwise, it is no different from gangsterism of Padang Kota Lama.


Police have arrested Malay Armed Forces Veterans Association president Mohd Ali Baharomn (more commonly known as ‘Ali Tinju’) under the Sediton Act, for making a racially-charged speech outside Low Yat Plaza. Whether or not he will be sent to jail without trial is a separate issue we are waiting to see.

gk ong

Ali Tinju made famous the butt dance aka senamam punggung demonsrated in front of Ambiga’s home.


Look smart,very emotional speech which attract peoples who support thief. In between we have bigger thief in Political Trader trademark.

rajraman. A human product of Malaysian Government to enhance their brain to stay in power.


As I reminisce the past 6 years since 308 with remarks from political leaders and their supporters, I have no doubt felt that such incident would happen one day. It would have gotton worse if not for the efficiency of the police and govt that have taken an appropriate action to diffuse the situation. Remarks from leaders are very important that could diffuse the situation and instill harmony and peace among the various races and country. Look at Namewee comment. A classic example of a true Malaysian. His comments “This issue at Low Yat is not about colour or race.… Read more »

S Tee

Super MCA Penang under Chew Mei Fan now got rays open house ? With wait so that Gerakan-MCA-Pekida Gerakan-MCA-Pekida can host makan cum muhibbah session, ok?


in my personal opinion , the fact that racist remarks goes unpunished is detrimental to the society. No one should be allowed to speak ill of another person based on nothing but their ethnicity but asking the police to act on those uttering racist remark does not aggravate the situation as you insinuated,the proper enforcement of laws onto all Malaysians irregardless of position , wealth or social standing would only lead to greater unity.with that said , this is obviously a problem that our generation will have to learn to handle .the problem lies not only with our mentality but… Read more »