The Legend of Fat Mama


Nope, it isn’t what you are thinking. This is an award-winning documentary about the ups and downs of the Chinatown community in Calcutta (Kolkata) and how the Indo-Chinese war in 1962 changed their lives.

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Ho Hia Tee
Ho Hia Tee
23 Aug 2011 8.37am

BRAIN DRAIN (57% go to Singapore)

In January, the Najib administration had set up Talent Corporation to revive to revive the nation’s stagnating economy.

A brain drain is depriving Malaysia of talent, and accounts for a third of the country’s one-million strong diaspora, according to the World Bank Economic Monitor.

Singapore alone has absorbed 57per cent of these departing educated workers.

27 Aug 2011 1.16pm
Reply to  Ho Hia Tee

Actually Malaysia is a better place as only 6% of its people are paying income tax. That’s why the government wanted to introduce GST so that it could tax everyone 24/7, including a child paying for a Sundae at McDonald’s.

Ho Hia Tee
Ho Hia Tee
23 Aug 2011 7.02am

if anil so fixed about fat mama, this song should appeal to anil n fans of status quo :

23 Aug 2011 1.28am

Interesting documentary! I didn’t know that there was a Chinese community in India, they even speak with the local accent! Our very own Fat Mama will be gone soon enough.

23 Aug 2011 12.30am

Thanks for sharing this wonderful documentary, Anil.

22 Aug 2011 5.00pm

Every time I hear Fats Domino singing, he reminded me of our own Fat Mama singing…
.Anil, are you having a craze for Fat Mamas?