The diversity that is Malaysia


Check out these links provided by Marina Mahathir. Something to think about:

I’ve been looking for a voice of reason somewhere in these awful turbulent times when people seem to spout off whatever they want off the top of their heads, and then defend it no matter how stupid.

Then a friend alerted me to this from a fellow blogger, Syed Imran. Another fellow blogger Walski wrote something similar here. So who says bloggers are unthinking people only up to no good?

And this lovely and wistful article makes you long for a different time when people were civilised.

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Good one thor…..but MM is still a respected blogger in her own right.

Anyway, she need to make known her stand on his daddy. If not, the water is still murky.

Just wonder if Marina read Anil’s blog or for that matter, other blogs?

Again, can you say something, Marina? Please.


marina is a respected blogger my foot. come on, she may be nice or whatever, but that is of no consequence. i have nothing personal against her; only in so far as the political, and frankly, she is not a credible commentator on the malaysian socia-political scene – no one is who refuses to reckon with 21 years of mahathir’s legacy. and almost everything that is wrong with our country today can be traced back to mahathir, his autocratic and bullying way, his obsession with making millionares out of mediocre cronies, his dismantling of the separation of power. let’s not… Read more »



All of us love our daddies, not just Marina. One’s affection for his or her daddy is ‘unquestionable’ as without daddy, one will never exist in this world.

My view is, if Marina could not make a stand about Mahathir, she should not comment on the subject of politics and politicians.

Do you think so?

In this regard, if I am not wrong, so far Jamaluddin Abdullah, ie son of Abdullah Badawi, has abstained himself from politics.


bloggers are just human being, some good and some bad… Sometimes, I am good at PR but BN sees me as bad to them…and via versa…

So what??? Blog or forum is a place to express our thoughts and have to be mindful too of what our intention here…

No one is rite or wrong…it all depends how one interpret…

have a good day and 916 is just at the corner…


Marina loves her Daddy very much. A diary she kept while Mahathir was recuperating from his last heart surgery will soon appear as a book.
In other words, Marina has a TOTAL BLIND SPOT when it comes to seeing her father as a politician. One can forgive her for that if she didn’t try so hard to be politically correct all the time in her blog – it’s quite painful, really! I can’t imagine a greater curse than to be born the daughter of George Bush, Dick Cheney, or Mahathir. Poor Marina. She’s actually a very friendly, normal person.


The articles give us more reason why Malaysians must CHANGE and we must stop the iron fist of the present government. The rakyat have been manipulated and abused, so are we going to maintin the status quo and say …ia lah apa nak buat mereka ada kuasa. No and never again, keep the fight Bloggers! The fall and disintegration of Soviet Union and many more Eastern Block was due to IT. As for Cilipadi remarks on MM with regards to TDM, Whoever she is and whatever she is, she is free to take any positions she wants but the end… Read more »


When you think life make you down When pressures keep falling on your head When you have no one to share You think life isn’t fair Think about the sky Day and night running errands White and blue, dark and night Colorful sights sparkling bright Think about it As you sit pondering about life Of why it isn’t fair When depression makes you cringe You watch yourself clicking away Thinking life has no meaning to fight Now really look at the sky The slow color changes A bad luck has to change It can’t go on forever The testing of… Read more »


Marina Mahathir is a respected blogger. If she is not a daugther of Mahathir, I would have respected her more.

While Marina is touching on a lot of social issues, she has not made any of her stand known to us about his father. I wonder whether how she think of her father as a former PM and now, a retired politician.

Can we hear from you, Marina?