Two suraus in Muar now…


Berita Harian reports that two suraus in Muar, two kilometres apart, are the latest religious sites affected.

Surau Silaturahim di Jalan Ismail mengalami kebakaran pada langsir dan cermin manakala Surau Parit Beting pula mengalami kebakaran di ruang solat wanita, permaidani dan pintu.

Hmm, what’s going on here? So far, the general Malaysian reaction to all this has been admirably ‘cool’ – a reflection of increased maturity, wisdom and discernment. Let’s hope it stays that way.

This brings the tally of religious sites affected since 8 January to 16.

  1. Metro Tabernacle Church (Assemblies of God) in Desa Melawati – molotov cocktail damages administrative wing (8 Jan)
  2. Assumption Church (Catholic) in Jalan Templar – molotov cocktail hurled on pavement in front of church fails to explode (8 Jan)
  3. Life Chapel (evangelical Brethren) in Section 17, PJ  – molotov cocktail slightly damages porch (8 Jan)
  4. Good Shepherd Church (Lutheran) in PJ old town – firebomb misses window, scorches outer wall, minimal damage (8 Jan)
  5. Surau in Taman Menara Maju in Jalan Kampung Jawa, Klang – sliding door shattered (police report lodged on 9 January)
  6. All Saints’ Church (Anglican) in Taiping – two molotov cocktails scorch stair case leading to main entrance and side porch (9 Jan)
  7. Convent school (Catholic) in Taiping – molotov cocktail, probably meant for St Louis’ Church (Catholic) next door, breaks guard-house window (9 Jan)
  8. Malacca Baptist Church (Baptist) in Durian Daun – smeared with black paint (9 Jan)
  9. Good Shepherd Church (Anglican) in Lutong Miri  – stones shatter window panes (9 Jan)
  10. Sidang Injil Borneo Church (Borneo Evangelical Mission) in Seremban – front doors scorched (10 Jan)
  11. Gurdwara Sahib (Sikh) in Sentul – stones flung, mirror at entrance cracked and wall chipped (12 Jan)
  12. St Elizabeth’s Church (Catholic) in Kota Kecil, Johor – packets of red paint hurled, splattering the main gate, the grounds inside, a wall and a statue (14 Jan)
  13. Grace Global Prayer Church in Rasah, Seremban – two window panes found broken (15 Jan)
  14. Mosque in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak – broken glass found near outside wall (16 Jan)
  15. Sirratulrahim Surau in Kampung Sabak Awor, Muar – fire damages curtain, window shattered (21 Jan)
  16. Surau in Parit Beting, Muar – fire damages the women’s prayer section, carpeting and a door (21 Jan)
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Re: The burning of suraus

What did I tell you, Anil?…


Another Malaysia Boleh stunt?
Mind boggling to find sector(s) that don’t need QUOTA system imposed, are being sought!?
Anyway, it is also funny when it was the Catholic church that brought the case on the right to use the word Allah to court, the repercussion spilled over to other private churches and denominations.
Quota again!
Let’s pray for the lost souls!


Looks like someone or some people are really getting desperate. First, burn churches. Now burn surau…. It’s good thing the average Malaysians are smarter than the thugs and are not dancing to their tune. Kind of comical (no offense or disrespect intended).


I like (Kian Ye’s) remarks, then we should check with Tun Ma who did that. LoL.

Getting senile. Sigh !!!


Totally condemn the acts of defiling holy houses….

Are the non Muslims really that stupid to do it?

If they fail with churches, then try mosque. But who is the mastermind?


Give me a freaking break. The attacks on suraus is DIFFRENT. NO NON-MUSLIMS in this country would do it on their own (can’t vouch for those getting paid).

So the issue is why are (certain people) attacking suraus? How can it be? The answer is crazies are getting crazier and they think they are smart. They are desperate..


what if we could built a complex building that houses all major religions… that would be cool… it would help promote tolerance in sharing the facilities (or it could create chaos from selfishness if the religion preaches it) and allow people from any religions to understand how other religions work… and if the facilities is targeted, it means that person has no faith in any of the GOD we may call that we human preaches for… (I only believe in one GOD but just so happened there are many version of stories created… my perspective…)


To those that advocate and sustain this irresponsible acts a quote I got from The Bible: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.” Galatians 6:7-8 I am pretty sure there is something similar in the Quran. Repent before your sins get caught up with you. You know who you are and hope nothing happen out of this because you only reap destruction to… Read more »


Just ignore the miscreants and their deeds. The more articulate and intelligent a person is, the less likely he is to resort to such vandalism. After all, such acts will only appeal to people with a certain low level mentality. And you won’t find a bigger group of such than under the auspices of a certain racist party.


LOL…if they have watched Avatar….they can do it. 😉

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, should declare in no uncertain terms their abhorrence of vandalising and desecrating any place of worship!

Don’t let extremist elements and those with certain agenda, political or otherwise, to create chaos and disunity in our society! Let us not fall into the devious traps of such people or group(s).


… Its the “best” way to cause chaos in Malaysia.


You are right Wira,what were the kids doing at 3 in the morning….surely, they were not waiting for the morning prayers to start!

Take heart, the State govt will be more than generous to spend on the repairs. Perhaps, a good chance to have them upgraded….


Yup, agree with Kian Yee.

… Avatar & 911 are Hollywood-made. Finally, Dr. M can be proud and rest in peace with a Malaysian-made?


This is why when the MH and PM indirectly gave a statement that they cannot stop the protest . This messages have been wrongly understood and it became to general for lost human to do all this acts. Who is to be blamed??????


this is non other than (a certain party’s) work. they (seem to be) trying to shift attention from churches to mosques to shore up malay support. they will fall flat on their faces. mark my words. god knows.


Najib Government gave RM500,000 and Nazir Razak CIMB gave RM100,000 for Metro Tabernacle Church to get a new Church. So Sirratulrahim Surau & new Surau in Parit Beting…?

Sandiwara XYZ

Someone is definitely trying to stir up another conflict because the people are so calm and matured thinking, they do not want to dance to the tone of these goons.

So these evil flurs are very unhappy. They resort to a different set of tactic now.

They just want to destroy this country.

By the way, who are these youths?

Mat rempits? Mat skodeng? Mat…


A Surau like a Masjid or Church or Temple is a place of prayer and religious discourse. It makes no sense in damaging or destroying any place of worship or contemplation.

Kian Ye

No BIG DEAL, bro!!!

If 911 can be staged, then…



Agent provocateur at work?


Malaysianinsider reported “The Muar police chief said three youths from the area had discovered the damage at about 3am and reported it to the police.”

Where are those youths doing near the mosques at 3 in the morning?
Shouldn’t they be in bed?


… One of the best way to frame the enemy is to inflict pain to oneself.


More like works from the same group of people to create animosity and chaos among different ethnics in Malaysia.

Serious Shepherd

… it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who did it then, or who did it to those suraus stated in this article.