Siti Kasim’s Maju gets off to a flying start


Last night some 2,000 people packed the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur for a forum organised by Siti Kasim’s new Malaysian Action for Justice and Unity Foundation (Maju).

It seems to me that Maju is tapping into the discontent felt by many over the slow pace of reforms and unfulfilled promises – which is depressing for many.

The Maju event last night showed that many Malaysians are prepared to rally behind those expounding a more inclusive vision for the country instead of supporting politicians who pander to the bigots and chauvinists of the old Malaysia.

What is heartening is that many Malaysians out there remain committed to the reform agenda and the new Malaysia, which is an ongoing project. Their loyalty is to the new Malaysia, not any particular political party. The outcome of the Tanjung Piai by-election could bear testimony to that.

Sure, many people don’t want Umno-BN (plus Pas) back in power at the federal level. But neither are they prepared to give blind loyalty to any party. Politicians and parties that fail to live up to their expectations for wide-ranging reforms and change will be ditched, dumped, booted out – make no mistake about that.

Read Benedict Lopez’s account of what transpired at the Maju forum last night.

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Kim Poh Poh

Penang Forum should join force with Maju Malaysia as stronger coalition to become a strong alternative for GE15.
Siti Kassim and Anil Netto on same platform sure can pull in crowds to understand the proper direction for the country.


Penang Forum is not Malaysia Forum, it is merely Penang-focused out to discredit local government.

That is my opinion although I hope Penang Forum can prove me wrong with better outlook for Malaysia.

Kim Poh Poh

Anil thus needs paradigm shift to go beyond local Penang issues.
If Penang Forum not able to accomodate Anil’s vision,then its wise for Anil to board the justice ship of MAJU so as to sail further from Penang river to gain more deserving support matching Anil’s efforts.


Since YB Sim cannot rebuild a library at Bayan Baru, how about initiating a fish and vege farm on top of buildings, as done in Singapore hotel?


He will be booted out in next GE if he does not listen to his voters. Why deprive the residents a badly needed library. No need to be a cyber one if he cannot afford. An aircond reading room with free newspapers will do the trick.


Some countries are doing this on rooftops. High-tech countries like Japan seem to think indoors is the way to go. Now and then, we see a feel-good article on it. But no evidence of viability. The equipment suppliers and consultants will benefit. It is like more ordinary businesses in shoplots where the ones making the most assured profit seem to be the renovators. Here, we have a lot of talk on helping farmers and fishermen. Remember the monopoly on fish baskets and shopping malls for “Bumi”. The reality is unchanged. Instead of paraquat (herbicide) you can/should now use new poisons… Read more »


Malaysia’s agricultural productivity is less than half of high-income country averages, highlighting an urgent need for reforms and expanding the sector’s contribution to the country’s development trajectory, according to a World Bank report.

Bayan Baru Oldies

YB Sim not able to engage Ideal Properties to sponsor a vacant building as a library for BB folks, unlike YB Bayan Maung able to seek support from MahSing to set up a prestigious Digital Library at Southbay Plaza.

Still no action YB Sim may share same fate as in Tanjung Piau.


YB Sim please listen to your BB residents else you face endgame in GE15, less pension if you only serve one term!


Bayan Baru folks can learn from Tanjung Piai voters and vote out YB Sim for not listening to their request. Sim should not be too complacent and arrogant.


Yes, support MAJU. Please promote it to your friends. Siti Kasim would be very pleased that Penang today officially opened the first Harmony Centre (Jalan Scotland) in the country in a move to promote religious harmony. The RM2.5 million project saw an old Malay-style kampung house being restored and turned into an activity and resource space for Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Taoists to conduct retreats, seminars, lectures and classes. Penang CM Chow Kon Yeow said the whole idea behind the concept of the shared space for various religious groups was to promote religious harmony and forge a closer understanding.… Read more »


Too bad most malays have been brainwashed to ser Siti as a liberal out to erode their faith in 3R.

Too bad!


Siti is putting to shame the G25 that talk only but no action possibly because they are (allegedly) benefiting from NEP, like housing discount?


Malaysians are crossing the straits to do Singapore’s dirty work for better pay, while relying on foreign labour to do similar work for them.

More than half a million Malaysians across all sectors opt to work in the city-state as the pay is about five times the amount offered by neighbouring countries, Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran said in a parliamentary reply Tuesday.


Siti Kassim is nothing less than heroic BUT what is needed is not a multiracial narrative but an alternative narrative that can beat Hadi’s PAS.

We are heading towards Hong Kong, Brexit, Trump’s MAGA, Chile, Maju can only dent and compete more with PH, it’s not much of an answer but can even be deadly problem


Unfortunately most Malays have signed up for Penyatuan Ummah, hoodwinked into believing that their rights will be eroded under PH!

MAJU must speak in Malay, no point syok sendiri in English like the G25 folks out of touch with rural Malays!


” G25 folks out of touch with rural Malays” – thus the taxi drivers interest group is forming a B40 party? Possibly to rope in the Panda Boys and Gojek Gang too, to fight for the rights of Budak Lajak?

Seems like all kinds of parties will be gatecrashing GE15, but the two to-be-SgBuluh-jailbirds (Komedi & Bossku) are trying to force a snap one to avoid the inevitable check-in? Meanwhile civil war is brewing in PH, sparks are flying everywhere, scaring away the investors!


Those leaders from Bersatu work like those in UMNO even though they have left the party and be part of Bersatu. They carry the greed culture so entrenched in UMNO to the new party. There is no different between UMNO and BERSATU, only the name.