… and now a Sikh temple in Sentul


A 100-year-old mirror at the entrance of a Sikh temple in Sentul was reportedly cracked after stones were flung at it at around 6.00pm.

The wall of the temple was also chipped. When contacted, a Selangor state exco member told me that temple reps collected about 20 black stones, about the size of a kiwi fruit and of the type used in landscape gardening, after the incident.

“They (the temple reps) are rattled and don’t want to play up the incident,” the exco member said.

Meanwhile, Batu MP Tian Chua twittered from Japan that he was “angry tht peaceful neighborhood of Parliamt Batu has been disturbed while I’m away.”

It is the first incident aimed at a Sikh temple after nine church properties had been targeted since last Friday.

But an AP report noted that stones were also thrown at a telecom building next door to the temple, and police believe the incident was one of “mischief”.

It occurred around the same time as Hishamuddin was warning on television, “We will not hesitate to use the law, including the ISA, and will act against anybody irrespective of their background.”

Actually, such incidents are criminal in nature and so criminal laws should be used, instead of the unjust ISA.

This nonsense simply has to stop. Peace-loving Malaysians are not going to be intimidated by such acts.

In a related development, the Council of American-Islamic Relations, America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, is calling on American Muslims and other people of conscience to help fund repairs to Malaysian churches damaged by vandals. The group said Islam mandates that churches, synagogues and other houses of worship must be protected and noted that Arabic-speaking Christians universally refer to God as “Allah.”

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Stay put. Allah the creator will not leave these cowards alone. They will be punished. Stay put in the country. Malaysia belongs to all races.


To my Singhs brother, it might be a chess.Do not let the “people” take over our psychology.


More than a billion Muslims worldwide found no problem with the usage of the word ‘Allah” by Christians. There is no difference of opinions worldwide with the above.

The only difference with the understanding is a small group in Malaysia, called UMNO.

Even the most extreme of extremes like Osama’s Al Qaeda did not question nor dispute the rights of Christians to use that word, as they are rational enough to understand that it had been used for centuries. Infact, they are happy, very happy that people of other faith are praying to “Allah” for their well beings…


now its getting dangerous. Jangan main main dengan Singhs… Sikhs are very intelligent and very brave. they will watch and wait…. Sikhs call their Temples “Gurudwara” or the ‘House of God’. The people who threw stones at the Sikh Temple are cursed for 7 generations.


The Sikhs are as emotional and passionate about their religion. It is stupid to provoke them….


It is not about religion… It is not that the Muslims do not want non Muslims to use the name of Allah… But it is all about politics by UMNO… They know how to play the race game and twist and turn religion to show to the unthinking and shallow Malays that, they UMNO, is the Champion for the Malay’s right, and they are playing the game and they have to play it fast otherwise they are losing power soon, very soon… Therefore, if we still have a little bit of “otak” left in us, then, we should know who… Read more »




Its not these incidents we have to worry about. Its how BN govt react to it. Malaysian are VERY TOLERANT even the Malays. Its the politicians we have to worry about. You start to worry when Hindraf leaders show up. The main worry is BN is STILL doing all the wrong thing. Hishamuddin threatening ISA – what use are they against religious nuts? This is a battle of the minds. The East Malaysian Christians HAVE ALREADY WON in substance. There is no debate about this. Whatever permutation at the end of this, they must be allowed to use the word… Read more »


Looks like all the National Service, Siviks, Pendidikan Moral and Agama Islam studies in school has failed miserably. The police continue to insist it was “naughty children” in Miri and now in Sentul. The fire-bombing was committed by those who had gone thru’ the same pathetic education system.


Anil and all,

If driving out all the non-Muslims be their ultimate aim, then we better be ready.

For me, I am already prepared. I have properties in America, China and Australia. They don’t want me here, I can live elsewhere.

For you guys who are not prepared yet, well, it’s time to start.

We will try to reason with them, but if that’s impossible, then move out. Just like what happened in Zimbabwe – the blacks didn’t want to see any white-skin folks, the Whites ended up all moved out.


Cannot agree with you more that the acts are criminal in nature and that we will not be intimidated! Never by thugs! Such acts are really those of small time thugs or drug addicts and we must be fair that it is not connected to the protest of 8th January. Subsequent acts like these are by those who are taking advantage of the situation or perhaps delinquents who had been influenced by rumours but really the attack now against the Sikh temple is uncalled for. Also agree that the above acts are criminal in nature and does not call for… Read more »