Sibu abuzz after small targeted Pakatan talks


It is difficult to predict how Sibu residents are going to vote. But after a slew of small Pakatan talks targeted at Christians and females, an analyst detects a slight swing towards the Pakatan.

But has ‘Santa’s’ visit cancelled out those gains?

Last night Najib had presented cheques for Chinese and mission schools in the state – another blatant abuse of public funds ahead of a by-election.

Though news reports had said he would take part in a procession to mark the festival of Tua Pek Kong, a major Chinese deity here, word has it Najib inexplicably stayed for only a few minutes.

Kit Siang tweeted at around 8.00pm:

Walking streets of Sibu in procession Frankly all Ppl disappointed Najib could only spare 3 mins News rpts say PM wld lead procession

Check out Ngu Ik Tien’s story here on what she senses is a slight shift in voter sentiment.

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Yes, Anil, of course, to generalise is never fair as there are exceptions always.

If you want to know whether Chinese are the selfish lot or not by trait, guess, you need to read more on Chinese history.

As a Chinese and from a Chinese school, i can tell you, Chinese is associated with the trait of selfishness since time immemorial.

Those Chinese who are Chinese educated will attest to that.

By the way, the Chinese not only selfish (generally) but they are also very “takut mati” (generally).

Thank you !


One thing for sure, Gan. Chinese, from time immemorial, have unfortunately produced a by-product “chinese“, such as yourself. Filled with self-hatred and low esteem, the “chinese” such as you are very easily identifiable. They are the ones going around warning the world how bad the Chinese are. They are the ones who treat fellow Chinese like … I have met your kind, Gan. I have met them here in Malaysia and elsewhere – including in Europe, Australia, America, Japan, and yes, even in China. No, I don’t hate you. It’s beyond hate. It’s pity. I only feel pity for small… Read more »


Hi, Anil, it is a fact that by trait, the chinese are the selfish lot… you can do a research on this. Of course, the natives are naive because they receive so little education or no education at all. So, i find that what the Bible says is true, “…without knowledge my people perish…” As for the Indians, Anil, i leave it to you… Gerakan k, i suggest that in your spare time, do read some books or do some research on race and ethnicity, then, you will agree with me that, indeed, by trait the Chinese are selfish in… Read more »


Yeah, sure.

Chinese are selfish.

So selfish that they pay their 3rd TAX to support the Chinese schools, which tens of thousands of non-Chinese kids are studying.

Sure Gan. I am sure, you are right.

Chinese are selfish. And you not Chinese, right, Gan?


Looks like DAP will make it in Sibu. BN’s campiagn is not making the desired impact despite touching on the issue of Islamic state and promising a lot of goodies to the people. See how it goes… in a “buy”-election anything can be easily “bought” at the last moment. How Malaysians wish they have “buy”-elections every now and then. The people then will pray for their elected reps to (leave the scene) so that “Santa Claus” will come running to them to throw cash and kind.


Anyway soon, such by-elections’ result will be academic as the expected resignation of several Pakatan MPs and ADUNs take place.

Selangor’s falling apart and Kedah’s barely holding. I am sure our buddy O is aware of the precarious nature of the Taliban led, oops, PAS led Kedah government.

Soon it will be Game Over and we will finally be spared of the tiresome dramas from LKS,Nik Aziz LGE and Anwar that we are forced to endure daily.

Santa Claus in Town

Christmas is still a few months ahead, nevertheless Santa Claus (white haired fr..k minus the beard) is coming to town earlier. It has been a long time since his visit to Sibu. He has a lot of goodies to be given away to those ordinary folks, even a few crumbs will do. It is funny though,such goodies and multi-million projects are promised only before any elections, then it is just goodbye until the next election. It is rather a mystery where all these extra funds come from and whether all these are accountable or not. Fellow Sarawakians, take the goodies… Read more »


The Chinese are selfish…

The natives are naive…

The Indians blow hot and cold…

I just wonder is there a chance for a CHANGE of government in this land ???

As for me, am safe, a PR of some western country !!!

Gerakn K and his blood brother K, and those who hate Lim Guan Eng and Pakatan, please weep for yourselves …

Gerakan K

Complaint !

Hello blog owner, why you allow such generalization to Chinese, Indian and the natives people. This is not fair for the mentioned ethnics and also violated this blog comment guide lines.

Who is LGE anyway ??? Why do I need to praise him ??? Is that a requirement to do so when commenting in this blog ???

Grow up and learn to accept diverse opinions, Gan. Your hero in my opinion maybe a zero.


But Anil, Gerakan K had been insulting me and my religion for the past few days! Please do not insult other’s religion, as it is very sensitive! This Gerakan K, is a stupid dude!

Where is the justice Anil?

Gerakan K

Dear blog owner, please let me to clarify the false allegation of O as I never insult O’s religion.

To O,
Show me the exact words or articles where the insulting statement occurred ??? If any, I will offer my sincere apology to you.

I still remember you said you enjoy JAZ beer[1] during HS by-election period. So my assumption is that you are not a muslim but pretend to be as to white wash / enhance PAS image among non-Muslims.


Full article url (

mansur ahmad

Hey there Sibu voters..what are you guys waiting for..come and join us vote for PR vote for a change…we don’t want a hypocrite government…..they come when the election time and after that they’ll missing…chipsmore concept “now you see, now you don’t”….

PM just drop by for 3mins? what the…what can he do in that 3 mins? can he heard peoples in Sibu complaint? can he go around the place to see what are the peoples problem?

Come on my for PR!!


If the Sibu Chinese vote like Hulu Selangor Chinese, PR will be winning this seat hands down.


How I wish my ADUN and MP would (leave the scene).
We can then have a BUY ELECTION .
We can get the goodies thrown at us and still vote for change.
Hopefully this will dig deeper into UMNO’s coffer and make them bankrupt faster.


How I wish my ADUN and MP would (leave the scene)

My only problem is, if I wish that, Anil and other Pakatan supporters will curse at me (again !) for my area is represented by two PR wakil rakyat, one for the state assembly and the other one in dewan rakyat.

To Anil,

Since I am such a nice guy, if you grant me the okay, Anil, I will have no problem start wishing those two Pakatan wakil rakyat “leaving the scene”, as you put it.

Sam Tam

Najib says ” The BN Govt is a true friend of Chinese Education”. If that were true, then he should disbuse funds to ALL the Chinese schools in Malaysia and not just to those places having buy elections (Hulu Selangor and now Sibu). In disbusing funds, there must be a basis for the disbursement. It would seem that the only basis right now is that the school is located in a place with a buy election. What kind of basis is that?? That is blatant bribery and blackmail. In Hulu Selangor, it was – come see me for the milllions… Read more »

Gerakan K

Go report MACC lah,

see if they entertain you or not. Sore loser.


The most valuable thing that an assemblymen and MP can do for its community these days is resign or die. The most hardworking and honest ones, don’t match up to the value of a buy-election. Seriously, what residents should do when they are unhappy is just hound their assemblymen or MP to resign. If each take turn to resign within a given midterm, between the MPs and Assemblymen, ALL problems in Malaysia will be solved…


Pakatan should make an impact in Sibu, despite “Santas'” generosity. The “buy”-election can be quite a mounting task for Pakatan. Nevetheless, the impact of Pakatan like what happened in Hulu Selangor “buy”-election is enough to give a two-coalition system in the country works for the benefit of all Malaysians. The BN-PR 2-coalition system is what we should go for. Having a single shopping mall in town does not benefit the people. When there are two, the people can make a choice. This is what politics should be in the country.



Judging by the experience in Hulu Selangor, I rather you feel pessimistic on Sibu, so that the Pakatan has at least a chance to win.

The more bullish you (and other Pakatan supporters) feel, the more likely UMNO gets their man in the seat.

Please feel pessimistic, Anil. Please please, please help Sibu by feeling very very pessimistic.

That way UMNO might actually lose.


Oh god, you guys never got out of that “syiok-sendiri” mode, don’t you ?

Even after the HS fiasco where Pakatan was given a rude and loud wake up call despite the so-called experts and neutrals’ predictions, these Pakatan fanboys still live in the coconut shells.

The people of Sibu are no fools. They know what are the “achievements” of Pakatan in the states they rule. All they have to do is to visit Penang to see how it is being destroyed and raped by DAP and their fellow partners … from PKR & PAS.


Oh! Yes, the Siburians are no fools like how MIC treated its (supporters), exploited (them)… in Kampung Sungai Getah. Do not know about it, or intentionally do not want to know of it? This is far bigger, far worst… No wonder the Indians will never recover, unless they get themselves out of the clutches of BN and MIC! Kampung Sungai Getah 2, 3 generations of Indians bullied and continued to be bullied! Apa itu Kampung Buah Pala which involves 24 families, rewarded with double storey houses which will be in the region of RM850,000 when ready, compared to Kampung Sungai… Read more »


Yo O Firstly don’t confuse me with Gerakan K. Talking about this post, are you implying that Indians are fools and idiots ? Please do not insult and demean the Indians just because they didnt vote for the Pakatan Rasuah. The issue in Kg Sg Getah is nothing to do with MIC or BN. It is nothing to do with people’s welfare or not caring for people. Please do your research before opening your mouth let it rip. Don’t make this issue sounds like these people have been mistreated or cheated. The issue at Kg Sg Getah is a case… Read more »


K, You are sick! Yes, continue denying and spinning that it is a matter of a group of people who are not paying for their utilities. Just if the MIC or for that matter admits their failures there will be hopes for the Indians in Kampung Sungai Getah 2. How heartless are you, you dare speak such evils of your own kind. Is there hope? Money is not everything K, you come to this world empty handed and you will go away empty handed. If you speak the truth I can accept it, but, you chose to lie and at… Read more »


K, I am not saying that Indians who voted for PR are fools, you said it, I did not. Those who voted BN may be, who knows? Oh! Yes, those folks in Kampung Sungai Getah 2, has electricity and water, just how far do you want to go on lying in this blog? Or do you just know what Kampung Sungai Getah 2 is all about? The people in this blog are educated people, not like those poor folks in Kampung Sungai Getah 2, where you can just bully and intimidate them. Only the MIC chief… there has electricity supply… Read more »


Hi O Instead of the tiresome spinning and generalised accusations, can be more specific on how MIC “bullied” the estate workers ? Having the water and electricity supply disconnceted due to unpaid bills is hardly an injustice by any stretch of definition of justice. If we continue to allow people to get away with unpaid bills then JBA and Tenaga will go bankrupt. I have been following the story in the Tamil newspapers for a while now and what has been reported is very different from what you are claiming. Knowing that you are a chief fanboy of the Talibans…ooops… Read more »


Either you do not know or you are … a … liar! Again you are still denying that those in Kampung Sungai Getah 2, do not enjoy electricity and water, and like MIC warlords you are asking them to pay for utilities they never enjoy. Only (a certain person) is enjoying electricity and water and who is he? He is the MIC chairman of that area. … You are just another one of those useless MIC rascals! Will continue to bow to UMNO Baru, but bully your own (people). MIC should be ashamed of the status of the Indians in… Read more »


O Oh gosh, you have completely bonkers arent you ? I am not going to rant on and on like you. Whether MIC bullied,cheated or mistreated Indians is entirely up to the Indian community to decide and not for non Indians like you to dictate and comment. And after voting for Pakatan in 2008, Indians have seen how the community has been neglected and cheated by PR. So they have wisened up. Now if you noticed, in every by-election the Indian votes are with BN and MIC and it is increasing. PAS never been known to help Indians or cared… Read more »


It really interesting to see what Sibu Christians’ values are. I had a no. of friends from there. In Penang, were had shown our disgutes!


Sibu electorates will sell their souls to the UMNO devils! Another “Buy-election” victory for BN.
Sibu Chinese are simply not at par with their Hulu Selangor Chinese…let’s look after ourselves first, 52 years of Merdeka, Sarawakians have not learned anything, they wear blinkers in their eyes!


What to do when you have bootlickers like Gerakan K?
Actually, agree with you that (some people) are useless! Even DAP Penang, Danny Law, supports sports betting. What have you gotta say?


Yeah, I agree with you, especially those Foochows! Good example Datuk Hee! Want some more? KTS, Samling, Shinyang, etc, etc. … So, please, Foochows from Sibu, proof us wrong!


East Malaysians are still very ‘sheltered’, from the truth that is. As long as the money arrives to the comunity, longhouses etc, even only once every four years, they wil bite the bait. The PM ask for their help ‘to help them’, they think ‘sure’. They cannot see that BN has siphoned all their oil money away, instead of giving them continuous development over the years, which is what a responsible govt in power should do, (leaving) some crumbs for the rakyat, for which they expect the people to be eternally grateful and vote them in in every election.

Dr. Pang HC

Banking on the East Malaysians to lead change?

Fat chance..fatter than Rosmah Mansor.


I am awaiting for them “PR GONNA WIN HANDS DOWN” people too hoo-haa and hoo-haa some more. When the dust settles, they will again say “I always say things will be fluid” to cover their behind. Last time in Hulu Selangor, so many of them were so hoo-haa about the winning chances of PR. I was the only one pointing out the troubles WAY BEFORE THE POLLING DATE but they accused me of pro-BN pulak. Turned out all what I said were right. All their hoo-haa turned out flatter than pancakes. They were saying that the Indians gonna support PR.… Read more »


go go go DAP & PR give your best to this and any buy election. I have trust you will win this time.


Hey, what’s up in Sibu? Najib was supposed to lead a Chinese Temple procession in Sibu tonight and was reported that there will be a 20,000 crowds, but, he turned up and there was around 7,000 people there, and Najib was so disappointed and left in a huff. He was there for less than 3 minutes. Understanding all the roads and infrastructures that had been upgraded, the response he got from the Chinese there was discouraging. So much had been pledged to Chinese schools there, and it was reported out of the 7,000 crowd, 5,000 was not from Sibu. …… Read more »

Ahmad Syafiq

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings eh? Whatever it is, only a miracle can take DAP to victory in Sibu. PROVE ME WRONG AND LEAD THE CALL FOR CHANGE.


Hallo Ahmad, Lama tak jumpa, blog pun tak update eh? Jangan bincang hal Gerakan K lah… tak dapat di pulih lagi. Dan dia selalu sengaja menggunakan isu agama saya untuk memperkecilkan saya. Apa salahnya kalau saya seorang Muslimat? Tak nak bincang dengan fanatik inilah. Buang masa saja! With regards to Sibu, agree with you that it is going to be very very tough, but, one never knows, if there is a swing of 5% Chinese votes to PR, the seat is very very winnable indeed. If PR can garner 70% Chinese votes, the chances of victory can be there. But… Read more »

Gerakan K

So confident with your percentage. Already asked RPK prediction ???

Let’s see the result. But I won’t place a bet with you. The Sarawakian solidly support BN for decades.

Let’s see the degree of people support in 1Malaysia or Middle Malaysia