Shah Alam MP writes to Section 23 residents


Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad has written an open letter to the residents of Section 23 regarding the relocation of a Hindu temple to their area.

It’s worth a read here.

And have a look at the various site maps here and Khalid’s explanatory notes to give you a better idea of what it’s all about.

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1 Oct 2009 1.22pm

berlaku adil kepada semua. adilkah kalau kuil dibina merata-rata tempat. hatta menceroboh tanah kerajaan sekalipun? adilkah jika bilangan kuil beribu-ribu lebih banyak dari masjid sedangkan umat islam lebih ramai di malaysia? adilkah jika kuil dibina bila seseorang mengaku mendapat mimpi tertentu? sekian terima kasih.

7 Sep 2009 3.54pm

It interesting to see if those involved in “cowhead” episode will be prosecuted, especially those who from UMNO. My faith in UMNO becoming thinner & thinner especially having some ministers who… like Hisahmuddin, Shaberry Chik and the list will be on and on.

6 Sep 2009 4.17am

i hope my moderate muslim frnds in PR c the dangerous game that umno/bn/mca/mic/gerakan r playing they will do anything, including bringing shame on their own races n religions, 2 wrest power or stay in power i thank god that we still have muslims like u in malaysia each one of us must talk 2 5 malaysian voters abt these atrocities by umno/bn n convince them to vote PR 4 a better malaysia i myself will start talking 2 voters in bagan pinang as of 2day n try 2 make them see the truth abt umno/bn/mca/mic/gerakan this my sacred duty… Read more »

5 Sep 2009 2.16am

The issue is not as simple and neat as Khalid is trying to portray nor he is as liberal as he would like us non Muslim to beleive. This is the same guy who called for the ban of SIS among many other fundamentalist actions. The issue that Khalid is trying to hide is why in the first place the temple has to relocate when it was there for more than a century ? And why it has to be relocated from Section 23 instead of Section 22 as originally planned ? There reason is simple. Section 19 and 22… Read more »

Mansor Junus
Mansor Junus
4 Sep 2009 11.17pm

Dear Ustaz, That open letter has reaffirmed my utmost respect you. That kind of sincerity, sense of justice and fairness are hard to come by there days. Indeed you are one class above many others. May Allah SWT be with you always.

4 Sep 2009 9.54pm

UMNO have shamed the Muslims and also tarnished the Islamic faithKhobu

4 Sep 2009 9.31pm

The whole world is shocked at the cowhead incident. Now, they will think a hundred times before investing in Malaysia.

No wonder why the stock market (bursa) is not billish like the 90s. The mega foreign funds pulled out big time due to the subprime collapse, now, with global recovery taking place, they definitely will think many times before returning back to Malaysia.

Who loses?

All of us.

How much?

Probably berpuluh billion ringgit.

4 Sep 2009 8.08pm

Well said YB Khalid Samad. I know you only as Sharil Samad’s Brother but your open letter clearly shows you are way better than your brother. People like you Make us non-muslim like PAS.