Seafield Hindu temple situation: Stand together in peace, compassion, solidarity


Civil society groups have come together to condemn the recent violence at the Seafield Hindu temple and urge all peace-loving Malaysian to stand together in peace and solidarity. They have also urged the authorities to uphold the rule of law. This is the statement just released by Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia.

We, Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia and other civil society organisations, are aghast at the violence that broke out at the Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple on Monday morning, 26 November 2018 and the vandalism that took place at the One City building on Tuesday morning, 27 November.

Such deplorable acts of violence that caused injury to innocent people including temple devotees, residents, police personnel and firefighters and damage to vehicles and property in both episodes must be vehemently condemned and can never be tolerated or excused.

In the face of this escalating tension and the risk to life and property, we, the undersigned civil society organisations, call on all peace-loving Malaysians of all walks of life to heed the following:

We implore the various groups involved in the dispute at the Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple to stop taking the law into their own hands. As peace-loving Malaysians of every ethnic and religious background, we must always promote peace and stand up against any call to violence and aggression. There can be differences of opinion and even disputes – over land use and development in the case of the Seafield temple relocation – but such disputes and disagreements should never lead to acts of violence and aggression. All acts of violence by any party must be condemned in no uncertain terms.

We reach out with compassion to all who have suffered in one way or another as a result of the riots and thuggery. We feel the pain endured by the temple devotees, police personnel and firefighters who were brutally attacked; the pain endured by the temple community and the wider Hindu/Indian community who were traumatised by the desecration of the temple; the pain felt by the owners of the One City building, which was damaged and vandalised, and of the burnt vehicles in both episodes. We pray and hope for healing upon the victims’ wounds, both physical and psychological, and for the general welfare of those who were inadvertently involved and suffered as a result of this most regrettable incident. We call upon community and religious leaders to help in mediating a just and peaceful solution for all parties.

We urge that no one should further provoke or retaliate in this already tense situation as violence begets violence. We must prevent anger from further escalating, which may eventually set the whole country aflame on a path of hatred and revenge. All victims must let the due process of law run its course and the perpetrators be brought to justice. Let’s not forget the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

We call on the authorities to uphold the rule of law and the due process of justice. We are gravely disappointed by the failure of the Subang Jaya police to act more quickly and decisively to stop the impending violence when they had the occasion to do so. We urge the deputy inspector general of police to directly lead a task force to monitor and control the situation to restore public confidence in the rule of law and ensure that all those who abetted, instigated and used violence and aggression are brought to justice. There must also be an independent and credible investigation of the Subang Jaya police’s mishandling of the situation on two consecutive nights, which underlines the need for the immediate establishment of an independent police complaints and misconduct commission, which the government promised on 27 September. Failure to uphold the rule of law and public accountability in this incident may leave behind a bleeding wound reminiscent of what happened in the treacherous aftermath of the Kampung Medan incident in March 2001.

We acknowledge that communal and religious relations have been deteriorating recently and call upon Malaysians of all religious and ethnic backgrounds to come together and stand in solidarity with one another other, not just to denounce violence but also to dispel the toxic perception and notion that some quarters are attempting to instil – that faith communities are attacking or threatening one another other.

Today, we must send the message clearly – that in the event one faith is attacked, all other faiths are attacked; and when one community suffers, all other communities suffer. As Malaysians, we share a common destiny irrespective of faiths and beliefs. Our respective faiths and cultures teach us to love and embrace one another as brothers and sisters notwithstanding our differences.

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“we share a common destiny irrespective of faiths and beliefs”… sounds like a line from Singapore Pledge, but not from Rukun Negara?

Black Mage

Businessman Tan Sri Vincent Tan has proposed setting up a fund to buy the land where the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is located. He has pledged RM500K to kickstart the fund.

Ananda Krishnan should also donate?


Air A$ia’$ Tony Fernande$, how about you?


Let’s cultivate the Perkasi Cinta, Perkasi Belas Kasihan + Perkasi Bersatu Padu.
No need to run Maraton Amok but save good vibe energy for the above Perkasian.

V Ramesh

Malaysia Hindu Sangam said it would negotiate on behalf of the Sri Maha Mariamman temple committee the deal to purchase the land on which the temple stands, The Star reports.

Its president R.S. Mohan Shan proposed that the land be acquired with donated funds now that the Selangor government had clarified it could not make the acquisition.

V Ramesh

An Umno veteran recalls how a Hindu temple became a sanctuary for Malays during the May 13 racial riot.

Recalling the incident which took place almost 50 years ago, Zaharin Mohd Yasin said the Shree Mune Eswarar temple, located in Kampung Pandan, took in people when the police declared curfew during the 1969 incident in Kuala Lumpur.



Too much tension these few nights lah!
Jom enjoy this parody – Mamak Rhapsody

Before you sing your way to the Mamak, know that not all Mamak restaurant cuisines are cheap. And eating late at night or after midnight & then go straight to bed is not a healthy habit.
(Your stomach needs at least 2 hrs to completely digest food intake which means your sleep will not be wholesome if you eat & then sleep)
Anyway, spicy Mamak food is irresistible.


Mamak Rhapsody not censored unlike Bohemian Rhapsody that got the song ‘I Want To Break Free’ censored from cinema view!

Black Mage

The meaning or ‘I Want To Break Free’ is that Freddie Mercury is singing about him coming out as bisexual or homosexual. The ‘breaking free’ cry is a hint on the oppression of the society on the LGBT community back in the days. These people were forced to keep their true nature or identities hidden their entire lives by their family members, friends and society. This song could be Freddie’s outcry that he cannot suppress these feelings or his true nature anymore.

Our censorship board would not want our LGBT community to break free?

Call Me Handsome

Not many know Freddie of Queen fame.
Personally i love Queen song Another One Bites The Dust, like those corrupted ones hauled up in courts. One by one bites the dust to set good precedence of no tolerance of stealing public money.

We are the champions of fairness for all regardless of race language or faith.


During the 70s – 80s before the age of the www, rock music from US Tops of the Pops chart were hardly current & selectively broadcasted but also late 6 – 8 months from launch on sleepy-ending-12midnight Radio RTM. Imagine the moment of closing for the night (which was still young) with the expected Negara Ku & your mood immediately was going to hit low below the bed! Fortunately, we Penangites had access to the latest rock music via Radio RAAF deejayed by Aussie teenagers from the RAAF Base. The best sleepless pulsing broadcasts (Night Beat if I am correct)… Read more »


Chip chip only


Listen to this to calm your nerves:


If we Malaysians have “akal” & compassions for the sufferers + injured in this temple riots, let not knee-jerk emotions intoxicate your human common sense to create more tensions in an already tense situation.
Better stay home to help your mothers / wives & not issue threats which do no good to the whole nation.

Youths in black gather near temple, vow not to cause trouble


Polis must review its SOP.
Cannot have abang adik mentality.

Black Mage

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad condemned today the lawyers who allegedly used RM150,000 from a private firm to hire youngsters and forcibly occupy a Hindu temple in Subang on Monday.

Dr Mahathir was particularly critical of the lawyers’ alleged decision to employ the group, including permanent residency holders, to invade the temple grounds, believed to be over a protracted land dispute.