Ruckus at Komtar and Perak DAP office (videos)


Protesters reportedly led by Penang Perkasa youth chief Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin held a demonstration at Komtar over the Allah controversy. Their target was Penang state exco member for religious affairs Malik Abdul Kassim.

Police blocked them from going up the stairs near the Komtar Maybank branch.

Over in Ipoh, this was the scene.

The groups had marched 100 metres. According to Utusan, the protesters comprised reps from Wira Perkasa, Majlis Ayahanda-Ayahanda Perak and other “NGOs”.

Doesn’t this qualify as breach of the peace? Are such aggressive and crude protests allowed under our draconian Peaceful Assembly Act?

More moderate Malaysians have to speak out to counter the shrill voices of these groups.

I suspect as the economic grows bleaker and more scandals emerge, we are going to see more scenes like this, which serve to divert public attention from the critical issues of the day.

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Btw i dont watch umno controlled tvs no more
If dap cat is unfair to majority of penangnites hey come 2018 vote them out
No need for crude name calling


Don`t worry come 2018, we shall make sure DAP and the CAT will be thrashed miserably. Teluk Intan has shown us the way. The Sarawak election will be the momentum to make sure DAP is trounce

gk ong

Such ruckus has actually helped to strengthen DAP’s position in Penang as the public is sick of samseng and extremely behavior. MCA and Gerakan in Penang are counting the damages inflicted by Perkasa.

Dr Syam

Kit Siang’s response to Mahathir’s remark that Malays are beggars in own land :
“Does Dr Mahathir really believe such garbage, that after 57 years of Umno government and six Umno prime ministers – with him ruling for 22 years or 39% of these 57 years as the fourth prime minister of Malaysia – that the Malays have lost political power and become beggars in their own land?


This proves one incontestable truth of a dominant 22-yr. leadership: MadHatterism is the sole source of many real, concocted & imagined failures faced today by a majority (bangsa) of Malaysians! Yet he has the thickest bile to call Malays beggars, a metaphoric which is subjective to misguided interpretation or political Bogey-man crucification, depending on whether one is still ‘stupid’ (after 22 yrs of dominance) or still thankfully addicted to Madhatterism ‘tongkat’-for-life. Get real, tuan-tuan & puan-puan. The realist globalised world is not owing you & your family a secured living, neither endowing you (for lifelong) a wide-encompassing privilege on a… Read more »


Supercally n ananars are the same?
Whats in a name?
I guess tearing xmas banners n crude labelling of chief minister are justifiable coz of gate
breaking? Oh, thats some definition of violence.


If those thugs/samsengs and their activities are not curbed, and put away, Malaysia will become another Taliban state for sure. It’s sad. A new government is urgently needed otherwise Malaysia is finished! This PM is hopeless – the worst of the lot!

Dr Syam

toothless PM no wonder his presence last nite at stadium demotivate the tigers to let in 2 goals in last 15 minutes to eventual champion Thailand at Suzuki Cup. He is not fit to wear the national jersey malu to all 90K supporters in stadium !


Til now our 1Malaysia PM has yet to show support to the moderate movement.


Jong ; And that should include the samseng that break the gates of UM and barged in illegally. Anwar and LGE is hopeless and also worst of the lot is it not


You conveniently “forgot” to mention the thugs who trespassed into the Penang State Legislative Council and those who turned violent against peaceful citizens who gathered at the Speakers’ Corner to demonstrate. Or do you condone the brutish and despicable behaviour of these brainless thugs because they are (appear to be) subcontracted by (certain right wing groups) and their collaborators. We know who the puppet-masters are, don’t we? Double standards, no?


U no sibangang i guess
Enjoy the fruits of your labour. If writing inanes is considered work
Btw bn trolls are easily identified with their intellectually challenged comments


Abb > Ok Ok I am stupid but are you blind. Did you not see Anwar and PR leaders violently breaking the gates of UM and barging it. How caN you be so stupid cupid boy


When Abb was addressing to Ananars and you just jumped out to reply? Are you also Ananars but with different hamdles? Wonder how many of you trolls are there?


As you know that we have been labelled stupid by one or some commentators for speaking out the truth. As such I am just pointing out one fact of Ananar tell us all of how PR Anwar and supporters broke the law by breaking the gates of UM and barging in.


The Malay Mail had this video of the mob at Komtyar yesterday: MMOTV: Penang Perkasa members demonstrate outside state administrative offices Breach of the peace… Peaceful Assembly Act… and all that? I still recall Ibrahim Ali’s call to burn some Bibles being classified as “defending Islam”. And Malaysiakini’s account of the Komtar ruckus included this: In Penang, state Perkasa Youth chief Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin , who led the protest outside the state government office in Komtar, said Lim should be arrested and warned him not to meddle in Islamic affairs. “I want to tell him that he (Lim) is… Read more »


the ruckus is to sidetrack the real mess of 1MDB depriving nation’s growth with billions unaccounted rightfully.

Awang Selamat Ori

While we should speak up against such extremists, I really wonder what LGE’s motives are. Last year, during Christmas he created the same problem, thus disallowing the Christians to celebrate Christmas peacefully and Malaysians to celebrate the New Year joyously. Now again, he is doing the same thing, is he anti Christian? Just like PAS using hudud, LGE is making use of the Allah issue for two consecutive years to get some cheap publicity? Are there lots of scandals in DAP Penang too? Is LGE learning from UMNObaru to create a stir and divert the attention of Penangnites of other… Read more »


Maybe we have to ask ourselves why the DAP CAT said that the non muslim can use Allah when Pakatan comprising DAP, PKR and PAS have passed and approved an enactment that prohibit NON MUSLIM from using Allah and 40 other words unless there exist an ulterior motive.

Exactly what motive does he have !!!!!!.


Frankly speaking, this is not the best season to speak up on the Allah issue. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Not so fun it is to ride In a squabbling Speedy Gonzale Fridge Train (of Penang Hill). My Challenge: Why not PKR component party leaders bravely speak up face-to-face like husband & wife & thrash out the never-ending differences on religious issues like Allah, Hudud, conversion once & for all. And carve the consensus on the rocks of Lover’s Isle? Don’t fool us comes every GE time when we will hear of ‘party compromises’ just to get… Read more »

Anne Judith

Gangsters! bold and brazen..they know that no action will be taken against them..even if action are taken they will get away with it


And the police is doing a splendid job without fear or favour but the opposition will keep on saying that the police is pro bn or whatsoever.


Why ‘Babi Hutan’ is not considered a seditious remark?


They are to give a memorandum. Did they use violence like Pakatan Anwar and their supporters breaking the gate of UM and barging into it. It look this blog is also not fair by giving prominent coverage of BN ruckus such as this & MIC while refraining from reporting Pakatan violence and aggressive act. Only yesterday on TV, Penangite have been complaining of the CAT DAP govt unfairness.

Ed G

Why the need to pull down the banner just to submit the a memorandum?


Giving memorandum does not entitle them to destroy property and tear down a Christmas banner. Or do you condone violence if it is done by Perkosa and gang? The violence in UM was provoked by the hamfisted attempt by the gormless and gutless UM sycophantic administration to play politics and prevent the freedom of expression. Same thing happened in Bersih demonstration. The commotion would not have happened if the police had acted with restraint. Firing tear gas into the crowd would definitely cause chaos and provoke a response form the crowd. Still trying to be BeeEnd apologists? The gomen tried… Read more »


If they have just performed their Friday prayer, how on earth could they be behaving like hooligans? After prayer session, calling a State Leader as “Babi Hutan’ is indeed a (crude) behavior. This is not the first time a group of so called Muslims gathered at the Penang Komtar and made trouble after Friday prayers. The police should have taken firm action to discourage such behavior. Imagine what will happen if a group of Christians gather at an UMNO building after Sunday service and hold a peaceful protest – they will (probably) be arrested and remanded for further investigation within… Read more »


This is disturbing, has to stop!
Where’s the Prime Minister Najib Razak? He sees nothing, hears nothing, speaks nothing and don’t even care? He’s lying low, and hiding to a corner while Perkasa is on it’s free-run – abusive and wild!
For the PM to keep his silence is sure sign of his weakness, or is he condoning it?