Racist abuse: FAM apologises to Chelsea


The Football Association of Malaysia has apologised to Chelsea after the club complained that its Israeli player, Yossi Benayoun, had suffered racist abuse during a friendly match here last week.
See BBC and Star reports.

I fully back the campaign to end the Occupation of Palestinian territories – but this is not the way to express it. Racial abuse, whether in sport or outside, cannot be tolerated.

We have to nip the emergence of a yobbo culture in the bud. The use of laser lights aimed at the Singapore goalkeeper in the second leg of the Malaysia-Singapore World Cup qualifier was particularly appalling.

This yobbo tribal mentality (and lack of tolerance for ‘the other’) also manifested itself when a stadium full of Liverpool supporters attending a Liverpool training session in KL forced a lone Manchester United supporter to remove his Wayne Rooney jersey. (He may have been one foolhardy fan – or a “legend” as Wayne Rooney himself later tweeted – but that’s another story.) The incident was seen on Youtube around the world.

At times, it seems that some of this yobbo culture may have even spread to a few of our (failed?) politicians.

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The latest FIFA ranking has Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia above Malaysia as these teams have qualified for the next pre-World Cup qualifying round while Malaysia has failed despite being the SEA Games and Suzuki Cup Champions.

In other words, Malaysia is not in the Asia top 20!

This is a bitter pill for Malaysian fans to swallow as they cannot accept this reality after all the hypes heaped on the Malaysian Tigers, especially from the BN people and the self-glorification of FAM.


The ‘Hype’rimau must wait til 2015 to growl in Asia Cup in Australia, provided they can qualify of course. Hopefully we see reshuffle within the current inept FAM office bearers.

In the meantime we can continue to enjoy our English Premier League and European Champions League football.

Charlie Oscar

Don’t you agree that as long as you have Pakatan PAS Supporters in the stadium, It Is Expected!!!
PAS and Its Supporters Are VERY Anti-Semitic!!!
PAS Leaders Had Acknowledge This in the Medias!!!
PAS Cannot Differentiate Between Sports and Politic!!!
PAS For All???
Only FOOLS Will Believe!!!


You confuse PAS with UMNO.


The news buletin on TV3 (Umno-owned) has for decades being instigating the malays against the Jews (regim Yahudi). This is another form of BTN that has brainwshed the malay viewers.

Ahmad Sobri

out of respect to Msia, Chelsea scored only 1 goal in line with 1 Malaysia slogan according to insiders. This is to remind the present regime that 1 Malaysia means no distinction of where our origins and that once we have MyKad (despite born in Israel for example) we are 1 Malaysia citizens.

Andrew I

I would have thought it’s the other way around. Remember the London banger (sausage) which was trying to make a point? What about the stroke candidate in Parliament? And of course, the shouting speaker, without the nuance nor logic. No wonder the audience is at a loss about when to clap…or is it the quality of the audience?


This is the Utusan mentality. The root cause is of course UMNO and BN. We cannot go on with this.