Pro-Umno groups hold protest rallies in Seberang Jaya, Alma


Trust the pro-Umno groups to find an ethno-religious twist to the kangkung episode.

This video appears to be of the gathering of some 600-700 people outside the Sunway Carnival mall in Seberang Jaya yesterday.

Another rally of some 300 people was held in Alma, BM today at which a couple of passersby were reportedly attacked. Could this be the video of that incident?

The protests were held in response to last Wednesday’s flash mob at which Penang State Assembly assembly member Lee Khai Loon (Machang Bubuk – PKR) was present. Kangkung was stuffed into the mouth of an image of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Now, freedom of assembly must be respected provided the gathering is non-violent and agents provocateurs are kept at bay. But indulging in hate speech is a different kettle of fish altogether.

A couple of years ago, when the Penang Bersih 3.0 organisers held a rally at the Esplanade, police had told them they had to comply with the provisions of the new Peaceful Assembly Act. The rally, attended by close to 10000 people, proceeded without incident.

Meanwhile, many of those participating in the Bersih 3.0 rally in KL were teargassed, sprayed with chemically laced water, even manhandled and arrested.

Those behind the peaceful Black 505 post-GE13 rallies, including one held in Batu Kawan on mainland Penang, were also hauled up to face the music for not giving the police 10 days notice as required under the Act. A few of them were even charged in court.

But what do we see here and at the earlier Klang protest against Herald editor Fr Lawrence Andrew by Selangor Umno?

Don’t the pro-Najib protesters here know that all ethnic groups are affected by price hikes – including those that are the result of the BN federal government’s neoliberal policies such as the hikes in university fees (following corporatisation) and the privatisation of health care (including general hospital support services and drug procurement)?

Or are they intentionally trying to divert attention by targeting Lee Khai Loon and stirring up ethno-religious sentiment – just as their counterparts in the Klang Valley had singled out Lawrence Andrew?

Or are they really trying to deflect pressure from Najib, whose popularity continues to erode amidst speculation about his hold on power? The kangkung episode and the price hikes must have aggravated this slide.

Whatever the reason, I believe a growing number of Malaysians can see through such tactics and will not fall for them. This number can only grow further as the burden of price hikes spreads.

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PerKaSa = Persatuan Kangkung SatuMalaysia?


In a democracy, anyone can demonstrate but do it in a peaceful manner. UMNO too has demonstrated on many occasions, no problem but please don’t beat up passerby or turn violence. Even threatening peace with picture of parangs and all is simply too much. Simply claiming to be easily hurt and insulted is like looking for trouble, no good. Demonstrate, say your piece but please be matured and keep the peace. The PM IS A PUBLIC FIGURE SO HE MUST BE GAME TO FACE IT – in praise or in criticism.


As a malay, I am deeply ashamed by the antics and agenda of Umno Baru.
Why blame DAP when the flashmob was done by PKR?


Angry UMNO members can cool down watching “The Wolf of Wallstreet” with plenty of $$$$$ easy to earn which all can learn. The producer of the movie will be at Oscar awards and I am sure 1st Lady will be very excited in Hollywood ?


Our 1st Lady to appear at the red carpet of Academy Awards?


… I think the state govt, DAP & LGE … need to contra off the land for cash, repayment & to offset development.


Ananars aka Gerakan Kangkung 2014 ?

Andrew I

Oh, I love it. The name has stuck.


after DPM’s harga pantau tour, the price of kangkung increases by 10/sen per kilo in the wet market today; how come ?


Since Kangkong Man says the kangkong is cheaper , the demand up and I heard rumours soon kangkong will be shortage in market soon.
rajraman. Kangkong price going to goes up and I blames Umnoo.


Our ministers are paid highly to pantau harga at market, or is it just publicity stunt? What a joke!


KRU film production actually stage this for next local finas sponsored movie called Kangkung-man ?

najib manaukau

Umno is for sure above the law, period ! They can do and say anything including seditious calls and comments there (appears to be) no punitive actions will be taken by the … police. Their actions will (likely) be NFA by the police a good example is their call if the Chinese are asking for another May 13. Yet there is nothing … about this very seditious call … These pugnacious but very scaramouch Umno members are asking for a May 13 just so another from of NEP can be implemented. … Most of you are already on tongkats and… Read more »


First of all who started the issue. Was it DAP or UMNO
DAP did something to the PM. UMNO tit for tat. Thats all
Why should commentators here be so biased


nothing new. UMNO unto a law themselves. hooligans aplenty.

Phua Kai Lit

Another way to beat inflation: join a pro-regime rally, get paid in cash. And get a free lunch too
(perhaps with kangkung on the menu).

Andrew I

Ask Gherkin. He showed me how to grow Kangkung in the drains in the backlanes behind his mini markets.

In some states, it caused flooding.


Got nothing to do with issues. THIS is Hate politics. Supposedly this is about insulting Najib, the PM, which EVERYONE IN UMNO knows his personal character is not exactly his strong suit.

In reality its about losing power and the low EQ reacting irrationally to it. Their arguments and reasoning are ALL OVER THE PLACE and just makes no sense..

Hate politics is not to be reasoned with. Its to be intelligently handled not talked to..

Ho Ho Ho

umNO promote evil …promote racial (conflict with) other minority race….real evil …


What’s happening in Sarawak? How do the sarawakians feel about the Jais raiding on the bible issue?


Bodek Kangkong man.
rajraman. This people nothing to do….