Photos of historic interfaith walk, breaking of fast in Penang


People of other faiths joined in solidarity with Muslims who were breaking their fast at the historical Acheen Street Mosque in Penang last night.

The group of about 60 participants led by representatives of major faiths had earlier walked from St George’s Anglican Church, stopping along the way at the Goddess of Mercy Temple and the Kapitan Keling Mosque, passing by the Mahamariamman Temple as well. The 800-metre long road, Jalan Kapitan Keling or Pitt Street, is also known as the Street of Harmony, given the peaceful coexistence of a diversity of religious and cultural traditions along the route.

Full report on Aliran website.

‘What I did in Ramadan’ by Mujahid Yusof.

All the photos here.

We need more such events to showcase and build on the inherent goodwill and harmony in Malaysian society that is sometimes drowned out by the shrill voices of exclusivism and chauvinism.

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Johor has banned two Islamic preachers from giving religious talks after Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the country will still allow the two clerics to preach even though Singapore had banned both men from entering the Republic over the “exclusivist” nature of their messages. The state’s Religious Affairs Committee chairman Abd Mutalip Abd Rahim Sultan said the move was a decree from Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar that was issued on Wednesday (Nov 1), Berita Harian reported. Singapore had on Monday barred entry to Zimbabwean Ismail Menk and Malaysian Haslin Baharim as their hardline teachings… Read more »


the accusation that Christians have been incited to “go to war” by so-called seditious messages must be backed with evidence, Amanah vice-president Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa said today. On Sunday, a group of Muslim non-governmental organisations lodged a police report alleging that a 2014 Christian video contained messages that incited Christians to “prepare for the war”. “All these accusations must be substantiated with solid evidence. Without solid proof, they are just out to provoke and threaten the harmony of peaceful co-existence,” the Parit Buntar MP said. Dr Mujahid, who is known to engage with churches and Christians since his days… Read more »


Public whipping in Kelantan will certainly discourage not only foreign tourists but also local tourists going to Kelantan from other parts of Malaysia. Or could it be a new tourisy attraction for Muslims from neighboring Thailand and Indonesia? The Federal Court decision in the Lina Joy case asking Lina Joy to go to the Sharia Court to apply to change her religion from Islam to Christianity (allegedly) caused all the Western Embassies and High Commissions to move all their officers to Singapore leaving only a fingerprint machine operator here for Malaysians who want visas to travel to the West as… Read more »


Muslim preacher Wan Ji Wan Hussin said that there is no part of the Quran or hadith which says that it is “haram” (forbidden) for Muslims to touch dogs.

“All we have is the Shafie denomination, in which it is stated that a person needs to wash themselves seven times, including once with earth water, if they touch dogs,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“The issue of repenting does not arise for it does not involve a sin. Jakim does not decide what is a sin,” he added further.


Solidarity Vigil for Missing Persons:
This Sunday 2 July at Speaker’s Corner, Esplanade, 8-9pm.

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Muslims should not impose a foreign culture on a community that already has its set of practices, Singapore Mufti Mohamed Fatris Bakaram said on Sunday (June 25). Even more problematic is when a believer “concludes that what’s foreign is definitely more Islamic”, he added, noting that such attitudes often arise when someone is “easily fascinated by something new and something that differs from the norm”. Dr Fatris told congregants at the Al-Mukminin mosque that Islam guides its followers to observe good values without forcing them to neglect their local customs. Such flexibility ensures that it “remains relevant to any culture”.… Read more »

Lucia Lai

in 2014 there was a about similar walk too… but not during ramadan.


I have problem submitting comments via mobile phone because the “post comment” part is alway hidden by your logo underneath. Kindly check. Thks and may you have good meals with Muslim this Raya.


Will TV3 or Awani ever report such event?