Photo of the day: A tale of two books


As they say, a picture paints a thousand words – in this case a photo of two books.

Photograph: Doris Liew

This photo was spotted on the Facebook site of Doris Liew, who writes:

Spotted this on display in a book shop – how appropriate – Najib : “Nation on his mind, People in his heart” … next to it (Kee Thuan Chye’s) “No more bulls… please, we’re all Malaysians”. Wonder if the books were placed in such a way on purpose? 😉

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This is a better version than the LKW’s version:


I prefer this one to the LKW one.


Breaking News:

Now that embattled Health Minister Bohliow blames Donkey KONG’s Road Transport Dept(JPJ) messed him up, insists he never bid for
WWW15, his grandfather’s favourite number. LIAR LIAR LIAR!

HoHoHo, he sure is digging deep into his (political) grave!


Doris is so quick witted, full of humour !!!

Anyway, the staff is to be praised !!!

Wonder which nut will buy Najib’s book. O ya surely Gelak k already had a copy… no wonder talk alike

Andrew I

Gherkin also moonlights as a ghost writer. Apart from University of Troll, he (may qualify to be) an associate professor in LKW. We can expect him to wing it after GE 13.


Subconscious reflex? You never know.. But it does put the ENTIRE GE DEBATE to one simple thing – More Bull or No more Bull – the choice that simple. Don’t even need Anwar Vs. Najib debate…


The PR Manager of F&N (100 Plus) must be a graduate from LimKokWing University:


If only Dong Zong could learn from Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, Kuantan would have got its independent chinese school long ago, with branches in Raub and Pekan as well.


Now Dong Zong has shown the ‘letter’ as evidence of BN’s contract (pact made between MCA and BN members in 1995) to allegely marginalise chinese education, Wee Ka Siong should resign immediately and stop offering excuses on ‘technical ground’.

Andrew I

The Chinese Sex Legend: Sex on his mind, Viagra in his pocket.


Nowadays young people got no time for book. They prefer to use smartphone to check up interesting videos on Youtube, like this one:

PG1 FREE but WWW15 RM24200


Fardeen thanks.

Mr 15 is kelam kabut now, looks like he is competing with PG 1.

To BN supporters, can please show me one credible BN minister, just one will do. TQ!


Chew Mei Fun plead to ‘Spare MCA’s good apples’!

Are there any at all, thought all are rotten to the core?
MCA today is irrelevant and truly ‘bohliow’ . This
woman must have been sleeping since out of office during the last MCA party leadership fiasco!


Does it matter whether its on purpose or not as long it tell the truth to the public that we do not want any bulls… to a bulls… and lies by the Cheap one.


limkokwing previously published similar kind of polishing tribute book for Pak Lah now for Najib. Pak Lah version no more in circulation after 308; and will Najib’s version overcome that trend ?


Speaking of Pak Lah, he is not contesting in the coming GE, (perhaps) likely to retire comfortably in Limbang as a Penghulu there?


LKW University is offering a degree of ‘brown-nosing our leader with publications’. That’s why there are many hardcover books on the ‘success’ of Pak Lah and Ah Cheap’s 1Transformasi…but nobody ever buy it.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😳 Ho 😆 Ho 🙄

😯 Methink….those M… n GILAkan Kay sure buy this ‘1’ jibby flip flop books the ‘1’ st day it was launch!!!! hehehehehehe….. 😯

Ho 🙄 Ho 😆 Ho 😳


for those who rarely read books, this youtube summarises the juice of KTChye’s book.

as for limkokwing’s book, save money as we already can get to watch limkokwing’s praising najib song on RTM everyday.