Photo of the day: #Puasa4Malaysia reaches sixth edition


A group of ordinary Malaysians calling themselves Malaysians for Malaysia got together in Penang a couple of nights ago under the banner #Puasa4Malaysia.

The idea was to express solidarity with all those breaking fast in the country during Ramadan. It is the sixth year this event is being held.

Perhaps more such gatherings should be held throughout the country to bring people together.

For now, wishing you all a very happy Vesak Day!

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BB Boy

PTMP 3 islands to bring monetary gain of RM70 billion, minus RM46 billion for the project, and the balance RM24 billion what CM Chow gonna do with it? To increase Penang seniors yearly layouts from RM130 to RM1,300 can win support to counter Penang Forum’s 12,000 signed petitions to date? If CM Chow dares to reward all Penangites irregardless of age with handsome payouts with excess money gained, then PTMP May get less resistances?
Penang Forum must get to the bottom of the money trails.


Yea, must check money involved.

btw, what dies BB stand for ?


Bayan Baru or Bo Boi?


According to the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong), Chinese vernacular schools have 520,000 students in 2019, of which 18% or 90,000 are Malays, which shows that vernacular schools are accepted by all.

BB Boy

New Malaysia must translate many such Muhibbah programs into inclusive national policies that transcend the sensitive racial and religious boundaries, otherwise NGO efforts can be just syiok senior.


Yes, the same group must come together to sing Christmas Carols on the 12 days of Christmas to spread the yuletide joy. Peace on earth.


Please do not stir up Jakim!
Unlikely allow Muslims to participate in Caroling, even if you have puasa with them.
Cannot reciprocating one!


Some are more equal than others even under Malaysia Baru.


Umno veep rejects ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ concept, insists must centre on Islam and Malay culture


Happy Wesak Day to all!
#Compassion 4Malaysia


Be a vegan once a week!
Be kind to animals.


KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — A DAP lawmaker today asked Johor Umno Youth chief Hairi Mad Shah if he is going to criticise the Muslims in Dubai for breaking fast in a Sikh temple after the latter chided Johor Baru MP Akmal Nasrullah Nasir for attending a similar event held in the state earlier this week.

Ramkarpal Singh in a statement, took a swipe at Hairi calling him “ridiculous and an affront to our culture,” after Hairi condemned a buka puasa event attended by Akmal at the Johor Gurdwara Sahib on Tuesday.


No need such fanfare but wish Malaysians can dine together in the same kopitiam halal or not, not just in mamak restaurants, like the good old times of P Ramlee era. Malaysia Baru is not complete if we cannot achieve such cohesion.


Sad to see that Chinese MP buka puasa in mosque also become controversial. How to promote better understanding between people of different faiths?


hehe…you sure the Talibanana will like the kafirs sitting close around them….


Why Mazlee the education minister objected to students learning about different religions in school curriculum?


KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 — Federal religious authority Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) has publicly opposed today a proposal for students to learn about other religions in schools or universities.

Its director-general Datuk Mohamad Nordin Ibrahim said although Jakim does not agree with the proposal, it nonetheless backs cross-cultural programmes in schools and universities, so as to lessen misunderstanding between the faiths.