Pas reaches out to non-Muslims


PopTeeVee interviews Pas MP Mujahid Yusuf Rawa on the party’s efforts to draw in non-Muslim supporters.

What do you think? Is Pas really genuine in reaching out to the non-Muslims or is it merely for political expedience?

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Gerakan K In response to your question of 4 witnesses to a rape. The deal with hudud on rape is that there should be 4 respectable witnesses etc etc. But let me begin with explaining Hudud or hadd. it means ‘limit’ in Arabic as opposed to ‘Sharia’ which is law or acceptable kanun. Hudud was and still is based very much on Arabic or middle eastern cultural rules and norms. The salient point to remember is there is nothing to suggest that Hudud and the sharia framework cannot reflect the times we live in. It may well be in some… Read more »

Gerakan K

Well, at least you try to think the optimistic/progressive way of hudud being implemented. Unlike tunglang, he just run away from the topic and divert the issue.

But, it is possible that the PAS want the original hudud and nothing else. Nobody can guarantee that. So the best way is to eliminate that possibility.

I never support hudud in my country. Happy independent day for all !!!


Gerakan K,
You never support HUDUD but you support UMNO that wanted to entice PAS who support HUDUD an so what. YOU ARE IN FOR HUDUD


Brethen Yang,
you are discoursing with a forked-tongue twister.
Lest you want your pure mind be twisted and corrupted,
denounce these serpents of old (since biblical times).

Use your words like a sword and slay them to pieces.

God bless you.

Gerakan K

Dear Yang,

no, UMNO do not support hudud.

I still remember comment from our 1Malaysia PM Najib that said that “it will cause instability and the best solution is keeping the status quo”, ie maintain the secularism of Malaysia.


Because you have deep guilty conscience and FEAR of the repercussion? This fear is understandably universal in the black hearts of leeches/murderers/corrupts still lurking in this beloved country, raped to the core by these despicables… They were brought up by a system that is so diabolical…. All they idolize day in, day out, is LEECHED MONEY (cheap, useless hell-destined paper money made precisely for them). I truly sympathize with their weeping parents for bringing up such despicables of society. But it is not entirely their faults. Even the Devil will run away from them! May the true God have mercy… Read more »

Gerakan K

You still running away from our topic of discussion.

Nevertheless, did you celebrate our independence day ???


Gerakan K,
Actually PAS is a very progressive Muslim based party. You dont have to be a Malay to join PAS in fact you don’t have to be a Muslim to join PAS. Can you join UMNO as a full member if you are not a Malay?

Gerakan K

Because there is MCA for the chinese, MIC for the Indians and Gerakan for all.


The divide and control, a leftover of the British colonialism is still real and alive, perpetuated by the present political masters who care not for the future survival and prosperity of this beloved country. As long as they can LEECH, LEECH & LEECH in broad day light, they wouldn’t care a damn if Malaysia go down the longkang, or if globalisation effects are rendering us naked and ripe for foreign economic colonialisation of our country. PAS hudud is ONE God-sent effective counteraction to stop these senseless LEECHING. That’s why these condemned leeches fear for their lives and ill-gotten but already… Read more »

Gerakan K

Again your naive statement:

Do you see Ringgit passing around at the Congress

Who knows ???


Why don’t you go to Kelantan and see for yourself.

Better still pay a visit to PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz and learn a thing or two about good humble living, since you have a lot of negative vibes spewing from your words.

This Hari Raya is an opportune time to do so.
Leave Penang for a while; since you cannot tahan the good in Penang.
Stay in Kelantan for your spiritual health and mental sanity.

Take my advice, brother. My thousand sincerity.


PAS is more sincere than Gerakan, MIC, MCA and BeeN in promoting understanding, racial unity and multi-cultural coexistence. Though there are differences in how religious laws are applied to daily living, they are essentially for the protection and well-being of the people. Can BeeN or Gerakan protect the people? PAS is willing to close the gap of racial trust and mutual understanding for the sake of the nation. That is the purpose of PAS Supporters Congress. To say PAS needs more political votes from non Muslim is naive. Neither is there money incentives for the noble purpose. Do you see… Read more »

Gerakan K

hello tunglang,

Since you support PAS hudud agenda, what is your stance on hudud that require 4 witnesses in any rape case ???


This is not my concern since I don’t rape.
And I also don’t rape and leech the nation’s wealth.
Anybody with guilty conscience show be worried!!!

Gerakan K

You talk about fairness, equality, justice etc in this blog nonstop and then suddenly you said “This is not my concern since I don’t rape.” How to treat your comment seriously ??? How to make everyone support PAS when PAS supporter like you not concern with PAS hudud agenda that when implemented may have wide spread impact on criminal cases like rape. Or you just cannot think independently and support PAS blindly as being told to do so by RPK ??? Worst still, you keen to promote something that even yourself not so sure of its dangerousness to our nation.… Read more »


People from G (a dirty name/party) and its cohorts are more dangerous than PAS! At least there are no leeching… and ‘raping’ of national resources in PAS Kelantan. I can sleep with the door unlock at night in Kelantan. That is how safe to be in PAS Kelantan. Even if you are a Chinese. Only leeches/thieves have to worry and cry in the name of justice and fairness to hijack the good and innocent minds and twist lame arguments to their favour in order to persist in their misdeeds. To these leeches/thieves/murderers, hudud law is a Phobia. Any discerning person… Read more »


Islam is a sacred and very practical religion. There are Muslims and there are Muslims. If one follows the stream of Islam as clearly set by Prophet Mohammad PBUH then really it is a religion that gives you alot of peace and purpose in life. Exercise caution however with the various sub-streams of Islam that have emerged e.g Wahabism, Talibanism etc. This are versions of Islam which clearly have branched off from the main teachings of Islamic Philosophy. The young and the radical get drawn to this firebrand interpretations of Islam. Radicalism gone wrong. So my advise to Pas and… Read more »

Gerakan K

Your statement:
Islam is a sacred and very practical religion

Notice the word practical. Is it practical to have 4 witness in any rape case under hudud ???

I want to hear your opinion.

Gerakan K

By the way, the PAS supporters club member cannot go for top post.

So what is the purpose of joining PAS ??? To makeup the number or creating the 1Malaysia effect ???

A simple definition for the member of club supporter: you are just a small potato with no future in the party !!!


Gerakan K,
If PAS do not have the number with UMNO so is when they are with Pakatan. But with UMNO they could have the number because many in UMNO are also yearning for an Islamic state while with Pakatan, PR and DAP are against it. SEE HOW IGNORANT YOU ARE. By the way can we trust the words of wannabe like you… Frankly speaking I trust PAS more than you because PAS is for for principle…. your words are just lies to hookwink the people here

Gerakan K

How to trust PAS or PR ???

In PR Common Policy Framework (CPF) or PR manifesto, there is no provision of hudud but PAS repeatedly ask hudud being implemented almost in any opportunities, eg recently in baby dumping cases !!!

Yang, you cannot deny this fact !!!


When UMNO were trying to entice PAS for unity talk, where are all their cronies and their coalition weakling like MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others around to protest against the unity talk as one of the agenda of PAS is also HUDUD law. Where is Gerakan K then.

tony tan

Tell you what. Nobody wants hudud implemented, not even pas members, if i may opined here. The only way hudud can take effect is when pas joins umno. As long as pas stays with pakatan, everyone will co-exist. So lets keep the current status quo. Pas must aim for hudud bikoz its this very reason they exist. Anyway, at the end, God, Tuhan or Allah holds the trump card.


“The only way hudud can take effect is when pas joins umno.”
No way UMNO will agree to hudud laws, if not, how to collect big mansions?!!
And if PAS joins UMNO, it will indeed be the end of PAS. Nik Aziz and his commanders knows this, They will be finished off in UMNO. Only the ‘Perpaduan Geng’ wants to join UMNO – mabe they are the trojan horse planted by UMNO itslef in the 70’s(?)


Hudud is not a problem.
As Malaysia already have the Syariah law in place.
As long as everything they (PAS) wants to implement is strictly by the book. Not the type of syariah law presently in place…

Karpal Singh should not oppose it as in order to implement and to change laws , it must be table and veto in Parliament.And PAS might not get the required supports to do so.

Mr Careful

PAS should DO MORE to convince the non-muslims thier good intentions by showing real leadership NOW so that when in govmen they can be trusted to lead. PAS should lead to take affirmative actions on PERKASA and other racists when they threatened the minority. By as now i see PAS diam ubi saja on all racist matters and let DAP alone make noise which UMNO love to racialise DAP image as anti-malay,anti-islam,pengkhinat,biadap,dont play with fire etc just to silent DAP.So please say and do something PAS.

Gerakan K

PAS maybe agree with what Perkasa said, so they remain quiet.


Gerakan K,
Again another assumption from you without facts and substances just like the authorised and paid up capital you mentioned. This only prove once again that you like your master … thrive on lies…


Could it be that all these coalition weaklings mca, mic , gerakan, ppp makthi saathi and others of UMNO and Najib mouth were stuck up by … Najib umno.

Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza)

So pathetic – all the non-Muslims being duped by PAS! If PAS rule Malaysia, hudud law will happened so fast like with the Talebans; and will also make non-Muslims suffer!

The evil art of lying and being double-face is … in fact a strategic weapon for conquering purposes…


I don’t trust any politicians, but between PAS and UMNO/Najib+Muhyiddin, the choice is quite clear! PAS it is then!

One Night

Umno Najib and Umno Muhyiddin don’t (seem to) trust each other also. Even Perkasa Ibrahim don’t (seem to) trust Mahathir and vice versa. They trusted each other when Ibrahim was appointed as Supreme Council member and made a director in a company. That kind of trust has gone away.


i am chinese and i fully support hudud why bcoz only criminals are afraid. law abiding citizen knows very well as long as u commit no crime it will not be applicable to you.

in china they put a bullet thru the back of your head just for corruption…(barbaric/scary)

under our civil law there is also the death penalty by hanging but u do not worry as long as u dont break the law…

i say bring them on….pass this message around

One Night

PAS should abandon Hudud law once and for all. PAS won’t last if they keep harping day and night for hudud. Why must PAS think in (this) manner…. PAS joining Umno, will be demonished by Umno for sure, and if remaining alone, PAS will be stunted. PAS joining UMNO or remaining alone will be getting not more than 15 MP seats. PAS will very likely lose Kelantan to UMNO also.


Hudud law is feared by those who stole from the country’s coffer.
Chopping off their hands for leeching from the Rakyat is a nightmare for these leeches that it may come true after next GE!

The innocent has nothing to fear or to run away.


Honestly, i have no problem with hudud as it only applies to Muslims, and i was told that it need 4 witnesses under hudud law…

To me, hudud is any time better than corruption because the latter will bankrupt the country soon whereas hudud wont…

One Night

A corrupted lawyer (or a) racist … can get 40 and more witnesses if asked to. A tan sri, datuk can get even afford 100 witnesses…

Gerakan K

How to prove a rape case under hudud ???

Must get 4 witnesses ??? If we got no witness can we use evidence from CCTV ??? What if the raper always operate by single person ??? How do we charge the raper if we only managed to obtain a three witnesses ??? How ??? How ??? Is hudud compatible with nowadays environment ???

There is no CCTV when the law first created, so CCTV evidence cannot be used ???

Please enlighten me any hudud experts out there !!! What about you kee ???



Agreed! Visit the Dubai gold market, they do not even have security guards guarding their shops. And the amount of jewelleries they displayed are like the kind of costume jewelleries we see being displayed in Malaysian shops.

Even with guards with guns, robbery of goldsmith shops are so rampant in Malaysia, but, no such incidences in Dubai.

I certainly do not mind as far as it gives us better security and lower crime rates. Under UMNO/BN look at the condition of the country.

PAS for All, All for Pakatan! Salam Reformasi!

Gerakan K

You too never read “the art of war”.

You will regret later by supporting such a fanatic group. Please visit PAS blog very often that you will know their tactic in implementing hudud.

Their basic idea is capture Putrajaya first then implement hudud.

Gerakan K

Ha ha, this is damage control exercise after Nik Aziz statement on hudud and DAP.

For PAS it is hudud first, Pakatan second.


Before I do not trust PAS. Now I trust PAS more than UMNO or any of their … partner MCA, MIC or Gerakan.
If you are scare of hudud law shouldn`t you be scared that we would become an Islamic country as proposed by UMNO. Hudud law is applicable to Muslim only while in an Islamic country Muslim law is applicable to all. ISN`T THAT SCARY. The only alternative is to reject Najib, UMNO and BN in the next GE.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Gerakan K: “Ha ha, this is damage control exercise after Nik Aziz statement on hudud and DAP.” Nik Aziz statement was made recently whereas the Pas Supporters’ Congress was launched in May, 2010. So, Gerakan K even if you want to spin, do make some sense as in terms of chronological events, it doesn’t compute!! Damage control in May, 2010 before even the recent spat between Pas and DAP occured? Hope that Gerakan K is not getting prematurely senile!! Even MCA’s CSL claimed that UMNO is trying to outdo PAS in politicising religion. MCA and Gerakan leaders went… Read more »