Pakatan mends rift with Hindraf?


The new Free Malaysia Today portal has a scoop about Zaid Ibrahim ‘smoking the peace pipe’ (figuratively-lah) with Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy in Singapore.

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The way K writes, sounds very much like those I know who are active Gerakan members.

PR Man

… HRP Information Chief, S. Jayathas posting in HRP today 15/11/2009, regarding a posting (about the circumstances surrounding the) lady who tried to commit suicide together with her children. … such irresponsible postings cannot be accepted and tolerated! It is naked and irresponsible lies if the Malaysiakini version of the news of the above incident is correct. No, HRP, has had its credibility seriously damaged and questioned by this questionable posting. They can be absolutely irresponsible, this group of people that is. Should PR work with such irresponsible rascists? No support for such people who are worst than the worst… Read more »



Hindraf is a failure..the benefactor of the hindraf’s efffort was PKR n DAP.

Hindraf Leaders are lawyers who thinks too much about rule of law in human rights lacks strategy, experience and the shrewdness of politicians like anwar , kit siang and guan eng.

Its would better for Hindraf Leaders to behave like PR Leaders who are … cunning!!!!


PR Man

Hallo! K, Did not realized that you are back again. I am glad that you are back again with your comments…….. Haha Whatever you said about your knowledge about Indian democracy and so forth, is not worth my 2 sen, as self praise is no praise, but cannot blame people with your mentality…… you are used to being praised by people who want to make you happy with what you wish to hear. But unfortunately, in this blog or whichever blog you are in, you seem to be the only one with your own mind set. Your analysis of events… Read more »


PR Man Let me assure that you can think whatever you want about my knowledge of Indian democracy and political dynamics, for I’m neither interested nor they have any impact on me. Just because some people here (who could be the same person posting under different names, from the language this is rather appparent) who disagree with me, it doesn’t make my points wrong. It is not my points are illogical but on the contrary it is the PR cheerleaders and cybertroppers are being blinded by their misguided by their abjact loyalty to their political masters rather than be guided… Read more »


And the biggest interest is “ CORRUPTION “` that is (plaguing) UMNO which we must get rid off.

Ong Eu Soon

Anwar need to ensure that Malay and Indian voters still stick to Pakatan. Or else the DAP will emerge the only party with the most seats in Parliament as in Tanjong 2 where the party won 80% of Chinese votes.

PR Man

Uthaya, the need for your party and you to join PR and to look into injustice meted out to the Rakyat is compelling! Join a platform where you can carry your reform and Human Rights activities more effectively. There is no time for you to further delay your next move. The Rakyats voice for you to fight on a more effective platform instead of criticizing the PR for non action is now deafening! While it is good if you can fight on the PR flatforms and addressed all shortcomings of the Rakyat from within, we leave it totally to your… Read more »

PR Man

The need for Hindraf and Uthayakumar’s party, Human Rights Party, I hope I am correct, is to work together urgently and fast. Sometimes to be frank, we need to give the PR led Governments a chance. While there is a need to bring up injustice, as the case of the five killed in shootout with police in Klang, recently, we cannot really blame the PR for not bringing up the matter, as they will be viewed unfavourably and will be fodder for the BN spin master to capitalise on. Therefore, it is necessary for Uthaya’s party to formalize relations quickly… Read more »


The MIC should be actually thankfull to Hindraf because UMNO has taken mic for granted all this while.Let me show you a good example…. After the last GE the indians where rewarded with the DCM post in Penang.The indians where given the speaker post again in PERAK.(Wheather the DCM is a good performer is another story,ok)Under BN when all the indians must be united under MIC as claim by samy we can only dream for this post.I still remember when Samy Vellu Beg for a exco post for mic in Pahang he was rebuked by ADNAN before the last GE.I… Read more »


Dear K We can agree to disagree but this is my response. If your agenda is only on race and religion than your you are no different from UMNO, MIC or MCA which are racist by default due to their membership requirement. HINDRAF initial point is to gain publicity and which it did very well and all PR parties jumped behind it like good politician will. Kudos to them because now we can sit here and argue about it and give BN a run for their money. Dr Zaid was dispatch because he was seen to be neutral to all… Read more »


Your attempts to swing support back to BN are so lame there isnt any need for rebuttals. In fact they reaffirm my believe on why BN needs to go. There is no place in the future for people who still talk indian, chinese ……..


Whether you like it or not HINDRAF has brought benefit to the indians and the MIC (leaders).Do you think the racelist UMNO will bother to solve at least some of the indian promblems if not all if hindraf glavanise the indian movemennt to vote against BN in the last GE.More bussiness loans ,permits are given to indians.but is it enough?Giving&Reserving shares for indian is OK but what is the point when most of them cannot afford to buy it.Shares and self financing loan for this share should be provided.Loans paid by dividends from this share to help the poor indians.It… Read more »


Lets see how MIC & Gerakan fare. Mahathir blasted MIC & Samy Vello left and right the last 1 year plus. What did Samy do. He MUMBLE….. Najib declared open Makkal Sathhi and said Makkal Sathhi is now more relevant than MIC. And what did MIC leaders do. Just like Samy they MUTTER………. Isn`t this a joke.!!!!! And Zero KPI Gerakan & KTK has to MURMUR indistinctly in an imperfectly articulated manner with the lips partly closed against his UMNO accuser who accuse him of Zero KPI. And he has to rely on his master Najib to defend him. Even… Read more »


Well said Mr. Anand. But the problem with a few of our outspoken Malaysian Indian is like what Gerakan K is. All those Indian leaders in PR or BN are not respectfull and that is what he think, these leaders dare not face the community. But where ever I goes, when I saw these Indian leaders, even Samy Vellu, a lot of people still goes to them to shake their hand. This what happen during the Bukit Selambau by-election, every one also want to represent the Indian community but if you choose another Indian, he is not an Indian (or… Read more »

PR Man

Isn’t Saudara Zaid Ibrahim, on leave for six months? Did he not visit the PKR grassroots in Sabah during his absence? Did he meet the grassroots on Anwar’s advice, or did he not adhere to the advise and meet the grassroots? Come on, enough of your spin, K. Indians Parliamentarians in Malaysia are a species that is to be proud of, Indian from PR that is. Why did BN Indians not speak to Hindraf? Because the masses would reward them with slippers and shoes? Perhaps you had forgotten what the President of MIC was rewarded with during his visit to… Read more »


K, are you aware that the Indians are the biggest democracy in the world? You are still sleeping I guess?…

Your mindset is so so backward, I pity you for being the situation you are in, which you are still in and hope you will get out it fast, before it is too late.

It is a clasic example of BN attitudes and its evaluations of the Indian community as a whole….


Yes India is the world’s biggest democracy, so what ?

I can assure you that I know far better than most people here on the history and actual workings of the Indian democratic system. Let me put it this way. Having a democratic system has been a curse than a blessing for India.

PR Man

Hi! K, To rebut your theory one by one. 1) Zaid was never sent to meet Waytha by Anwar. Zaid is on leave for six months to pursue his mission of creating a two party system. Please kindly be enlightened unless you are too engrossed with reading the MSM and putting your half truths and lies into this blog again. Please get your facts right, please! 2)Your shallow mentality again shows. Why do you think that none of the Indians are respected by Hindraf? You are absolutely out of your minds to make such assumptions! Consider the heavyweights in the… Read more »


Hi PR Man Let me return the favour in kind by pointing out the highly fallacious, illogical and downright laughable points one by one. 1. Do you mean Zaid is acting alone without any instruction from Anwar ? It is clear you don’t even read the alternative (ie PR’s propaganda machine) carefully. Could you please provide your source which says that Zaid is acting alone ? And I wonder why Zaid is taking 6 months leave. Don’t you think this is rather strange or even unprecendented ? 2. I am laughing as I am reading your reply as I am… Read more »

P.Dev Anand Pillai

(Many of) The Indians in Malaysia will always go back to the MIC because that is what (many) of them are made of. One can’t blame them because it has been indoctrinated since time immemorial as Samy Velu says a lot of political parties will come and go but MIC remains the same no matter what the circumstance.Therefore for the Indians, it doesn’t matter how many are killed in police lock ups, how many are without NRICs or birth certificates, how many Hindu temples being demolished and how many indulge in criminal activities as long as the MIC is there… Read more »


You guys PR better get your act together…look at BN, they trademark the Makkal Sakthi slogan already. Now you Pakatan cannot shout Makkal Sakthi because when you shout it, it means you vote for BN party. Don’t be … fool and still sleeping and also cause own embarassment like the Zul vs Siva case…I challenge You, You challenge Me….come on lar….you guys are in Pakatan Rakyat party….and why challenge here & there like small kid playing in kindergarten. You guys are now controlling state government and should act professional, dress professional and behave professionally. Show leadership by example and not… Read more »

uncle buck

“Pakatan mends rift with Hindraf” what if it’s the other way round “Hindraf mends rift with Pakatan” because they know they can’t do it alone cause some of their former members jumping left right centre into BN fold and not being true to the original Hindraf cause, well just a thought,jangan marah!!!!


Have not Hindraf learned anything for the last half century since the birth of Merdeka. Is’nt it about time they slowly change their image and thoughts to a a multi-religious and a multi-racial grouping…perhaps, eventually, to become a strong political party as a voice for the Indians and a player to a new Malaysia…promoting a new multi-religious and multi-racial Malaysian society.


Anwar is a clever guy. He send the ‘clean hand man’ mr.zaid to talk with mr.waytha. You can send anybody for whatever reason, but HINDRAF will always stay neutral and if PR doing the same mistakes it will voice out without fear!


The Indians should be represented by 2 political parties. One should allign themsleves to BN and one to PR. The same goes to Malays and Chinese and other minorities and people of Sabah and Sarawak. We are now on the verge of creating a 2-coalition party system for the country. We should abhor monopoly in politics. It fails the people. Mr Zaid is doing a good job. He should helm PR. We hope that more capable people join PR. BN should still be relevant. The best coalition should govern the country. Only then can we say that Malaysians have achieved… Read more »


Comelah…I think the best to do is vote back BN.

Cannot trust PR also after what they did … in Penang.

For Hindraf, there are a lot of issues that they can fight like MAIKA…Why are they not doing that???? If they can do that it will help thousands of Indians…What about helping poor Indians getting better house. Fight for the house price … so that the poor Indians can settle in better house.


If only these people are focus..!!!
Whatever ups & downs in any party, which happens, things must be “iron-out”.
They must be supportive & most importantly “work” for & towards the agendas.

But unforunately….. they are not !!!
When some other sets up another new party, they are so easily swayed……….!!
How many more parties does one needs to set up just for 1 agenda..???????


Fairdinkum ,
bury the hatchet and try to win the next GE
and then place yourselves above.