New Canadian PM unveils ethnically diverse cabinet with equal men and women


An example for the rest of the world.

They really have come a long way since 25 years ago when there was a huge controversy over whether Sikhs could be allowed to wear the turban in the Royal Canadian Mounties.

Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet of 30 includes two aboriginal members of parliament and five other ministers from ethnic minotiries, including three Sikh politicians. The full cabinet here.

The previous prime minister, Stephen Harper, had a reputation for centralising power in the prime minister’s office, dominating cabinet decisions and undermining democratic rights while playing to the gallery with identity politics, which encouraged intolerance of minorities. His government was plagued by corruption scandals. Sound familiar?

Harper also had little time for climate change – he was an environmental disaster of a PM, more interested in promoting Canadian oil. Neither did he want much to do with the first nations people.

A commentator in The Guardian dubbed Harper “the last remnant of George W Bush in North America”; not surprisingly, he was happy to allow Canada to join in the US military adventures in the Middle East.

So, ironically, it was Harper himself who motivated many Canadians into taking their government back.

Trudeau’s Liberal party, however, had backed Harper’s C-51 surveillance law (Canada’s version of the Patriot Act) and the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

But the Liberals cleverly campaigned against austerity when their opponents shifted to the right in economic policy.

One analyst warned that the Liberals have a “long history of running on the left and governing from the right”. The party has a history of being a ‘corporate’ party, financially supported by corporations. Will that change now? (We too should be careful about opting for change via any party which is under strong corporate influence and funding.)

Of interest to us now is, what will happen to Petronas’ massive and controversial project in British Columbia? Canada’s new environmental minister Catherine McKenna, a lawyer, made a lot of environmental pledges (about clean tech and low carbon emissions) during the campaign, which she will now have to fulfil.

All in, a lot of lessons for us here in Malaysia, if we care to look more closely.

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10 Nov 2015 1.44pm

Oops, there goes participation in TPP and the order for the F-35s, the super planes that just won’t give up (trying to fly). Loyal Singkapo may still have them on order. If Jeremy Corbyn wins in UK, it will be more of the same. In fact, he has told parasites exactly what to expect. The riots a couple of days ago show the mood there. The change in Burma means one less place to plunder in SEA. If Bernie Sanders wins in the great Empire, all bets (gambles) are off. No more distraction with artificial wars, guerillas and terrorists for… Read more »

7 Nov 2015 11.55am

Budget 2016’s dip in operating expenditure meant that allocations for several key ministries such as education were slashed. However, the Prime Minister’s Department was allocated a whopping RM20.3 billion in 2016, or 7.6% of the total budget. This is the first time the allocation for Prime Minister’s Department hit more than 7% of the budget. In contrast, the Transport Ministry only received RM3.95 billion or 1.4% of the budget. By increasing allocation to the bloated super-agencies in the PM’s Department instead of subsidising essential public goods such as transportation to ease the economic burden of the rakyat, Najib has gotten… Read more »

7 Nov 2015 7.20pm
Reply to  benny

Free WiFi by 1Malaysia e.g. at Mamak places in Malaysia no long function. Also Penang Public libraries free WiFi service terminated unless you pay RM1 per hour to use in house pc. This is likely due to slashing of fund meant for the public to save the bn operation so that PMO can continue to function?

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
6 Nov 2015 3.39pm

Yes, the religious extremist Stephen Harper is no longer PM

6 Nov 2015 1.27pm

Luckily Canada does not have woman MP like Azalina.

8 Nov 2015 12.35pm
Reply to  doris

Canadian women MPs don’t lick boots nor carry ….
Here? Some do it without honour or dignity as an MP.

5 Nov 2015 1.57pm

Bolehland parliament has no issue with MP Baling saying Balik Tongsan? Inikah wawasan 2020 1Negara multiracial living in harmony?

Johan Khun Pana
Johan Khun Pana
6 Nov 2015 2.46pm
Reply to  Hooray

Seriously, the 1Malaysia slogan is a joke.
1Malaysia is related to cheap products & basic services and nothing else.

Congratulations to Canadians for making a bold decision to change your government. Hopefully this inspire Malaysians to follow suit.

7 Nov 2015 1.02am

What is not a joke in this la la land ??? The 1pm and his cabinet are the biggest joke, everyday they spew rubbish and nonsense without fail, follow by the judiciary – killing without motive, rape without penetration; mr loud speaker’s ruling for Tony Pua to debate on 1mdb issue, Pua has to resign from pac first ??? … Our police chief went to Thailand to meet gusto and was told off by the Thai General to follow rules instead !!! What a joke ??? Ha ha ha How about the new AG??? Looks more like a petrol pump… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
7 Nov 2015 5.24pm

Petrol pump attendants make an honest living.

UMNO Baru-BN politicians?
They just pump and siphon money from the pockets of the