Najib’s mega presence at Thaipusam


Prime Minister Najib Razak is going all out to cultivate Hindu votes, as can be seen from his larger-than-life appearance at Batu Caves.

After the Christmas tea-party hoo-ha, Najib has gone out of the way to make his presence felt at Batu Caves with a bang.

(I wonder what his special officer Hardev Kaur, who had advised the church to remove all religious symbols from the rostrum where Najib was supposed to speak at the Christmas tea-party, would make of this…)

See full story in Aliran here.

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Wow! I would have been mortified if I was the P.M. to see such a large cut out of myself rivaling the Hindu gods! (Actually, I would have been mortified to see it anywhere because it’s so tacky!)But I guess some people have no sensitivity for other cultures or faiths! Can you imagine a huge statue of Najib at a Christmas or Wesak day function?


No aides dare to give any arahan this time

Looks like it is now OK to be idolised(?)


To add on Kapar MP was also trying to do a Vijaykanth when he could not differentiate betwwen poor management and corruption… Hmmm…


It is all the fault of these Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies shown on TV. Within 3 hours, with the singing and dancing, the poor and downtrodden select their hero (Vijay or Vijaykanth) to protect them. In the last hour, the hero kicks the living daylights out of the villain, and all is well that ends well. And in real life, when these Indians vote for PR, they expect another Vijaykanth, to come out kicking and “NEUTRALIZE” all the BN villians. When that does not happen, they run down the poor PR guys who are working hard for them So… Read more »


The Indians in Malaysia made ‘SIVAJI THE BOSS’ the movie a box office success. They adore the hero Rajanikanth but have failed to understand the message behind the movie i.e. we must kick out corrupted politicians (Malaysia is in the news lately with the huge outflow of illicit BLACK MONEY).

Rajanikanth will be sad to see the Indians in Malaysia can put up with MIC and BN. He has failed to convey his message via his movie.


Yes,Charlie, it is an issue you may not see but we ALL can see it very clearly…

I hope the Indians can see now after 53 years.

For the sake of your children and grandchildren, please la wake up and be fooled no more !!!

Nak diperbodohkan sampai bila ???

Charlie Oscar

The huge replica may be a bit too large. The organisers should not have put it up after the last visit.
Other than this, there is no issue at all!!!
But PR and their supporters will make everything an issue.
Oppose for the sake of Opposing!!!
We Shall Not Be Fooled by PRs’ Antics!!!


Are you visually-impaired, Mr Oscar?

Charlie Oscar

Don’t you agree that Visually-impaired is BETTER than MENTALLY-impaired???

Charlie Oscar

Anything wrong for the PM to pay a visit Batu Caves and Sg. Petani during Thaipusam???
It this an issue???


Thaipusam is a religious not a cultural festival. As such by using religion to entice votes is very very wrong. He has gone down to the lowest of the lowest. If it is for 1Malaysia then he should have gone to every religious festivities such as Wesak Day and Chinese, Indian, Sikh temple, Tua Pek Kong, 9gods festival etc etc etc ,


if after all the sweet talk you still want to vote for BN…..then DON’T complain when the Govt you voted for ignores you!


Ijok, Ulu Selangor and batu caves are all the same….interloked……they will just about lick anyone’s boots for a buck……ever wondered why these fellas suffer for eternity….

Tidak ada pendirian…


Batu Caves temple authorities are shameful figures. They’d do anything to please politicians.

PS : I still don’t think people will be impressed. Not when their salary hasn’t gone up. Inflation skyrocketing. People getting poorer. Cost of goods increasing. They must be really daft to be impressed with cable car going up to Batu Caves. And I don’t think anyone is that daft.


oh oh…………

Phua Kai Lit

My prediction: next appearance – Chinese New Year festival in traditional Chinese dress.


Indians will be forever as a neglected race after the election.

RM20 million can buy over one million Indian votes is good investment for UMNO.


That’s why the community cannot improve their mindset and the standard of living.

I bet 100 years later thay are still ‘intelok’ with controvesies, while mic and umno are both smiling to take advantage of them.


By giving the Indians a cable car at Batu Caves, surely more fickle-minded Indians will forget Hindraf and flock back to mic/bn.

J Prakasam

The majority of the Indians in Malaysia are easily appeased with short-term gain, that why the majority of them have not moved up the economic and social hierachy, and will continue to harp on the Interlok issue for centuries to come. That’s how MIC capitalises on them. Sad but true.


You guys had better check who will be building the cable car if that promise ever comes true.

Watch out for crony contractors which resulted in a RM30,000 contract given to repair Kung Yu Chinese primary school that (allegedly) produced only RM3,000 value of work. 🙂


Why the Indians in Batu Caves cannot be inspired by Sivaji The Boss to give Najib the ‘office room’ treatment?

Also, better check if the cable car will be built with black money, using the contractor that build the melaka kiddy train (still kaput?).