Najib clings on to ‘unity talks’ hope


It looks as if Najib has still not given up hope that Pas may be persuaded to engage in “unity talks” with Umno.  From the BN’s perspective, the “unity talks” proposal is the best way to throw a spanner in the Pakatan works.

Unable to bring about meaningful reforms to shore up public support, the BN seems to be clinging on to the hope that Pas will change its mind, with Najib now claiming it is a religious obligation to hold unity talks.

Here’s something I wrote for Asia Times:

PENANG – Leaders of Malaysia’s opposition alliance have ended speculation that one of its three parties, the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS), would break ranks to enter “unity talks” with the United Malays National Organization (UMNO), the dominant party in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

The opposition alliance, known as the Pakatan Rakyat (PR or “People’s Alliance”) , had after a strong showing at last year’s polls bid to lure enough defections from the BN to topple the government and form its own administration. UMNO in response has attempted to lure PAS members to its side through appeals to the party’s ethnic Malay constituencies. – Full article here

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25 Jun 2009 2.46pm

The trouble is his No.2 is another idiot! He loves to call others the “ungrateful”. Wonder what his former boss Pak Lah thinks of it?

25 Jun 2009 11.44am

Najib, if you have fallen in love with PAS, pls join them. Leave BN. Likewise PAS no.2 will join UMNO…….balanced.
Do you really understand the meaning of religious obligation? A person of your character should not use such words. Do not embarass and make yourself a laughing stock.Everone knows the hypocrite.
Hand over your position to your No.2 and you can have your gala time. Best of luck.

25 Jun 2009 8.49am

You talking about unity of Malay (UMNO) & Malay (PAS)…? I thought the Quoran taught them to be like brothers & sisters.

Why are they so against each other..? Why not following the teachings of the Holy Book….??????

Please lah…! Stop using religion again…!!!
Everytime can’t get what they want, they use “religion”…!!!

Better “DIG” deeper why is this “unity” thing is such an issue with Najib now………!!!

He’s up to something…………………..!

25 Jun 2009 6.28am

Wait for the next GE to teach the … Perak scandal mastermind cum PKFZ scandal “coverup” King cum, cum. cum………the list will be endless!!!!!!!!!!

Please be patient, my dear Brothers and Sisters, God works in mysterious ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To add insult to injury, this current PM talks about “religious duty to hold unity talks”!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does he know about religion, leave alone about Islam?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


25 Jun 2009 1.53am

The question now is Can We Trust Najib? Can You Trust The President of Malaysia?

Answer: discount 5% Untuk bumiputera sahaja.

25 Jun 2009 1.12am

Najib is not eating humble pie nor is he desperate. What he is doing is to keep the flame alive. He wants to keep the topic of UNITY government alive for a very simple purpose – to divide the supporters of PAS. The longer he could keep this topic going, the more divisive it becomes. Some may think that its too simplistic a plot for it to work i.e. keeping the topic of UNITY alive. Then think about this – some members in PAS were taken in by the idea. And now, with Najib throwing in the religion factor, he… Read more »

24 Jun 2009 11.44pm

Desperate people say desperate things, use desperate tricks – now he brings in religion!

In Perak’s power grab, this UMNO mastermind…
What else is there to talk, just kembalikan HAK rakyat!

Well UMNO can have Nasharudin Mat Isa since he’s so infatuated with them…

24 Jun 2009 11.37pm

Pink Lips can spout garbage and spin lies till his lips turn purple… he will never win the hearts and minds of the rakyat! That’s the curse of Altantuya 🙂

Leong Yook Kong
Leong Yook Kong
24 Jun 2009 11.17pm

Najib’s theory is “a religious duty to have unity talks”.

Since it is a religious duty to have unity talks, why not talk with all political parties openly. Why go slowly, go softly, go quietly to talk with PAS after 308 elections results were known?

BeEnd is fully aware that they will not be able to survive in the GE13. BeEnd is now trying all sorts of ways and means to survive. BeEnd tries to con and trick PAS into its trap. Look at the power grap in Perak.

24 Jun 2009 9.15pm

Let’s hear what Charlie Chaplin got to say about this people

Nitasha escamilla
Nitasha escamilla
24 Jun 2009 7.35pm

Someone under pressure because a number of special draws have already been conducted and ulterior objective of the draws (like results achieved in Perak) have not materialised?

Despite the enticements…

Even yesterday these was another special draw!
How many more in the pipeline?

Pakatan Rakyat better be on the guard, more dilligently.

… has a funny way of enticing normal humans to become amphibians like frogs! What more – principles lacking politicians?

24 Jun 2009 7.11pm

Wow! (he) will do anything and eat the humble pie, just to savage some credibility of his appointment as UMNO PM.
5 straight by-election losses must be a pretty bitter pill to swallow…the six, akan datang!!
A racist like him knows no other way to win the hearts of the rakyat except, play the racial card.
What a display of ,,, Ketuanan Umno Melayu!

24 Jun 2009 6.20pm

Pls do not react to what these racial desperados trying to achieved. Im ashamed to learn that this topic has to come from PM. Given another person, its causing racial disharmony already. So just what are these ppl up to? Umno trying very hard to get other non-malays to react so it can be used as another tool for their benefits. I see no other reasons for harping about it. PKR already make their stand loud and clear. DPM already issue warning not to underestimate d Government, and yet PM at it again. What else is there beside creating issue… Read more »