Najib and Rosmah at Batu Caves


Fresh from his trip to India, Najib continued his charm offensive with a visit to Batu Caves on the eve of Thaipusam.

You judge the response from the crowd.

Najib was accompanied by Rosmah and folks like Hishamuddin and Koh Tsu Koon.

I thought I got a glimpse of Samy Vellu near Hishamuddin; he is obviously not the ‘main man’ on this occasion. His star has faded, his ‘legacy’ in tatters – but he still can’t see the writing on the wall. See if you can spot him.

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R,Prem Kumar

One can observe the pathetic display of coyness by Fat Mama after she was ‘shawled ‘ and garlanded trying her best to appear humorous ala Bollywood. Little, if at all, does she realize the significance of being wrapped in a shawl and garlanded on such an occasion. This is the wife of the Prime Minister, a so called 1st Lady. Just to fish for a few votes.. a fishing expedition. Yawn!

elizabeth davids

The PM and wife can’t be too popular if they are protected/surrounded by hordes of policemen. Even the Queen of England on her walkabouts has less security than these pretenders.

And is the PM’s wife chewing gum (in which case this is very rude) or is she adjusting her dentures?

Both looked extremely bored and the PM was sweating profusely – heat or fear of backlash of one sort of another?

Gerakan K

Don’t practice double standard here. PR leaders also there, why nobody say them anything. They are politician too.


Gerakan K. I think you must be from KL. Because you are very KL. Can you not see the crowd listening to YAB Khalid, CM of Pakatan Selangor? Can you not see their sincere respects for YAB? Listening intently and clapping in support of YAB, Khalid? And you do not see FRUs or police there. Only the police who came up to interrupt Khalid from speaking? Yes, the PR leaders were there, but, they were made to speak from a lorry, yet, the support is tremendous. Najib, you just judge on your own and let us here from you ok?… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Hi Jason Loh

I think Gerakan K forgot that his PM Najib
officiated at the launch of the Makkal Sakthi Party
(or should I say, “fake Makkal Sakthi” Party).

You need to go back to propaganda school and relearn the basics, Gerakan K!


Najib just like Gerakan K thought that Makkal Sakthi would bring wonder. But alas it is now in disarray and just a MIRAGE….Now he goes U uturn to MIC but don`t realise that it is no more relevant…In the picture, Samy Vellu could not be seen but ignored. Surely Gerakan K is not that blind,,, wannabe UMNO…

Jason Loh

“MIC is the only party for Malaysian Indian. Period.”

Are you sure you’re Gerakan at all??? Not Special Branch??

Hahahaha! You are the joker on Anil’s blog. ;-D


Response from the crowd? Pathetic and Najib, Hisham, yes Gerakan K’s best friend Ah Khoon are all there, and they must have gone home very very disappointed and hope they get their message right. There are more FRU’s, officials and MIC members than the public. Certainly, it showed that majority Indians are not going to be influenced by the visit. The majority Indians are still solidly behind PR, from the look of things. Gerakan K, does it give you confidence with the above video? You can see for yourself ok? Your beloved Najib, how he was ignored considering the fact… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil and Progressive Friends

Sorry to go off topic.

Have you read this?

Where are our priorities??


This is 1Malaysia occasion

[deleted by admin]

So how about 1Malaysia after this (amongst so many others) contradictory statement and action?

{Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s aide Datuk Nasir Safar allegedly said…. “Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies” at a 1 Malaysia seminar in Malacca.}

On the brighter side (cynically) he might be caught in a time warp and was referring not to Malaysians but India and China citizens. Lol. Game Over!

Gerakan K

hello blog owner,

why you allowed such insulting statement…


Gerakan K,

You are cute!

What whispering9 mentioned is actually what transpired, that actually happened in a 1Malaysia seminar in Melaka. I mean it is kinda of clear for you to see what 1Malaysia really means.

Cheers bro!


Idiot GK, Isn`t Datuk Nasir Safar statement more insulting… when you would rather keep quiet….


I see a lack of direction in the walk, a lack of charisma in the being – surrounded by a disinterested crowd. The background music drowned everything.
And oh yes.. I see Mr.Samy too, like a shadow behind the trees – seen but not noticed.


See what I mean when I say Najib is a screw-up? Spend all these effort to woo the Indians and it all goes down the drain.. His problem is that Muhiyiddin think he would not screw-up like him..Things are starting to crack between the two. Have anyone noticed they have not held an event together for the longest time? They have not even spoke on the same issue together or even in the same voice on an issue.

UMNO/BN is falling apart..


Big Joe, The turmoil inside UMNO/BN is worse than what meets the eye. The MSM today is trying its best to portray PR is in serious trouble, but, in actual fact BN is on the verge of collapse. See how Samy Vellu, Gerakan K’s idol is distancing himself in the above video? Koh Tsu Khoon as always is a Mr. Nice Guy, yet no words were exchanged? Pitiful is the sight of Samy Velly, but, that is the reality in life. Compared Samy Vellu with the two cousins, Samy Vellu is an angel. Is there any “cooperation” in BN? UMNO… Read more »


Why do I sense that the couple prescence is SO fake? Fake speeches, fake smiles, fake sincerity, public walkabout being surrounded by FRU men and bodyguards? Might as well be at home watching a Bluray DVD!

Anthony Tan

The 1Malaysia political scheme is just a branding after the PM’s visit to KK’s 1 Borneo late last year. I made a joke that 1 Borneo was following the success of 1 Utama during its launch of the project in KK. Today, NOW! and after over 50 years of Merdeka and the amount of budget been spent to unite the different races by the 5 PMs, the present leader of BeEnd and UMNO is still talking of 1 Nation and the rest of it, it shows BeEnd has failed! I would like to see he gets the 1Malaysia on track… Read more »


Anil, I have problem viewing the picture you posted. It’s one big blank.

Gerakan K

MIC is the only party for Malaysian Indian. Period.


Gerakan K, Why are you always talking about Malaysians by race? Can we all not be satu anak bangsa Malaysia? If MIC is the only party for Indians, then, why should your … PM formed Makkhal Sakthi? Even your PM does not have confidence in MIC and you still do not get it. Pitiful for PM to engage someone like you. You are just not following the NKRA’s that you are attending. Did the PM sleep well after the visit to Batu Caves where he was confident that he will get the attention of the devotees there? The way the… Read more »


The only party that is irrelevant….


I noticed how Najib swapped from BM to English in his speech. Isn’t BM meant to be our national language and language that will unite 1Malaysia? Does Najib speak in English when addressing Malays? If not, then his speaking in English to Indians contradicts the 1Malaysia concept, doesn’t it? Also, he says “The peoples of India and Malaysia can prosper together.. with deeper understanding of our 1 common aim, 1 common goal, and that is nothing more than to make Malaysia a great nation… and that is our aspiration with the spirit of 1Malaysia”. If you were to critically analyse… Read more »


Mr. Anil,

And why did the court in the DSAI case want the case to be argued in Bahasa Malaysia when there are so many foreign diplomats and reporters here to cover the case? Do they not want the foreigner to actually understand what is being argued? 1Malaysia so many systems is it not? Perhaps the DSAI case is also a 1Malaysia occasion Gerakan K?


Doesn’t seem appropriate to address foreign diplomats by shouting with gusto “Our 1 common aim, 1 common goal, and that is nothing more than to make Malaysia a great nation, a successful nation!!”.

Usually the tone is milder n reflecting mutual respect and collaboration when leader of one country publicly addresses representative from another country.

So I’ve a feeling he may still be addressing Malaysians. Either way, the appropriateness of his comments are arguable.


… maybe to get extra power, he visit BC.


Look for hair. You can’t go wrong. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Gerakan K

This is 1Malaysia occasion.


Yes this is a hypocrite 1Malaysia occasion….

hahah Gerakan K, MY FOOT….


Yes, and that time when Najib’s senior aide allegedly uttered those racist & derogatory remarks were also on an 1Malaysia occasion, right? It was a seminar on 1Malaysia, I believe.


HOw come MCA and MIC walk out but not Gerakan? Cannot see Gerakan K must be hiding behind ARMO’s sarong do not know wat is Gerakan K doing – similir to what Dr Soh Chye used to say about tappers.


Gerakan K,

Do you agree with Nasir Safar the PM’ senior aide….? …. I am sure you will nod your head in agreement, right?

And is this the 1Malaysia occasion you are talking of?



I really wonder how ppl like Gerakan K can regurgitate the slogans with full conviction. Is it the failure of the education system that promotes spoon feeding regurgitation of “UMNO sanctioned” so called facts or could it be the brain washing of “superior race, religion and their exclusive country” ideology that has neutered the brains of Gerakan K. Does he not see around him the blatant discrimination to the non malays? Does he not see the overt racist overtones of the ruling party? Does he not see the “in your face” corruption of the ruling elite & cronies? Does he… Read more »


Truly, today is Saifool’s one Malaysia occasion. Hahahaha! Can I *%^)%( you? Just imagine, Gerakan K? Can you believe? Saifool said that! Saifool said that! My God!


Najib and Rosmah’s visit to Batu Caves was arranged by MyNADI but (was it hijacked someone else?)… So, surely no chance for Uncle Sam. I hope he can read the writting on the wall.


Is there hope when the PM special senior aide (allegedly) said that Indian pendatangs came to Malaysia as beggars, and the Chinese, especially the Chinese women came to Malaysia to sell their bodies? … Hahaha, really laughable! This is 1Malaysia for you from Najib, Malaysians! Need to spend more money for APCO to come out with damage control. Can we vote UMNO Baru /BN really? The racist in them is so deeply cultivated within UMNO Baru, it is little wonder those warlords that had left and joined PKR are showing the same culture, by branding their comrades as communist! As… Read more »


What is the point of PM doing all his best to woo the Indians? While he goes round trying his best to win the hearts of the Indians for their votes, his special senior aide had (allegedly) branded Indians as pendatangs. Will those in UMNO Baru, ever learn? Such hypocrites! Anyway, we trust Lord Muruga will guide the Indians to vote with wisdom, and Lord Ganesh will bless those wise Indians with good health and prosperity! Gerakan K, have you seen the picture of PM in such attire somewhere before? Do you think your … PM is sincere with the… Read more »