Tasik Gelugor mosque hosts CNY open house; George Town lion dance wows spectators


The ‘open house’ was held at the Masjid Jamek in Tasik Gelugor in northern Province Wellesley in mainland Penang.

We need more such initiatives to build bridges in the face of creeping narrow-mindedness and bigotry among certain segments in society.

Over on the island, a spectacular lion dance by the “world champion” held spectators spellbound along Beach Street yesterday.

Those of us in Penang appreciate the celebration of diversity that is visible throughout the year and its broad acceptance among the majority of the people. Not to mention, the initiatives taken by mosques, churches and temples to foster goodwill. Much needed in these challenging times.

Of course, these gestures alone will not solve some of the deep-rooted problems in our society, but they do go some way in building goodwill on the ground.

There is still hope for Malaysia – provided we make the right moves.

What do you think?

(By the way, E & O, which is carrying out massive land reclamation in Tanjung Tokong for mainly high-end property development, sponsored RM200,000 for the red lanterns over George Town.)

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About 150,000 occupied Beach Street CNY food festival on Sunday night, many shrieked with joy sampling the free tevalicious curry mee by ori maestro.


You see ah pek? He wonder all over pg for cheap curry mee.


I thought you want to save every bit of money by staying at home!
Tevalicious curry mee = expensive street food?
How to shriek???

Henry Thia

Tevalicious Curry Mee is a brand name?
Where in Penang?


Since you are new here, some explanation FYI: Teva = expensive sandals but it was taken to a high level of spinning without understanding the economic sense of buying the last pair at old price. So, the opportunistic spin (for shiok sendiri?) Licious Curry Mee = could be the famous Lorong What? Tahun curry mee which has gone overboard charging insane price…. So, the opportunistic careless spinning of Tevalicious Curry Mee which most Penangites shun – who would want to eat a curry mee that smells of sandal @ an insane price? Stick with anilnetto.com & you may learn a… Read more »


Tevalicious curry mee = expensive street food? How to shriek when one can only sample (small bowl)??? BUT have to pay super-expensive as usual any day! Every Thursday, there is one caring Buddhist centre @ Solok Terengganu which gives away free delicious food + ta-pau (take away) to the needy & elderly public. Not minuscule sampling to attract customers. I am still waiting for an exhilarating shriek. Norman, this is one meal option to help you you can save monies in the long run. The only time I can imagine vividly many will possibly shriek their hearts out is when… Read more »


Ah pek is qualified as senior citizen and elderly person for curry mee. If not volunter in the kitchen or become kitchen boy like office boy do ung errands to get your curry mee

JR Lesslar

Sorry, but how is this relevant to Serani?


CNY song by Masya Masyitah to promote inter-ethnic relations:

Henry Thia

Masya must be a product of SJKC.


The spirit of P.Ramlee’s Muhibbah is still alive!
How about a Pulo Pinang Multicultural Pesta of Chinese operas, lion dance, chingay, Malay kuda kepang, silat, wayang kulit, Mak Yong dance, Indian peacock dance, Eurasian dance, etc?
And not to miss the enticing wide selection of irresistible street food.
Choice of venue: Beach Street + Fort Cornwallis + field.
Give it a try comes CNY 2019.
Anil, what say you?

Thomas McCall

Actually Chinese New Year should project Chinese heritage elements, and not be diluted with the mixing of other culture. You do not see lion dance on Hari Raya or Deepavali, right? No need to be politically correct in the name of muhibah or multiculturalism if such spirit is not seen or practised outside festive holidays.


Mate, what you call instant asia. In china, lunar new year is still late winter.


I presume you are a foreigner who has no intimate experience of the 50s – 60s era of tolerance, inter racial friendship & sharing of multicultural lifestyles. This special period ala P.Ramlee’s was short-lived when MadHaterism barged into the scene which an excuse of a Dilemma that politically+legitimately created a long-lived divide (not sharing) among the races. Now, seeing the above video of Malaysians of different faith & culture coming together (a sharing) to dine at the same tables on a special occasion will seemed improbable, surprising & not fitting for a race-based concept of CNY celebration? To me, this… Read more »


Sadly, Muhibbah spirit now only witnessed on Petronas TV ads which is nothing but virtual reality.

Henry Thia

No Malay movie director can promote muhibah on movies like the late Yasmin Ahmad. Yes, those feel good tv ads during festive season are misleading and not reflecting the reality of today.


Lately many such unrealistic portrayal of Muhibbah on TV ads.

ChapGohMei concert at Esplanade

Thomas and Tunglang and Shriek
Go witness 2 British canons unearthed at Fort Cornwallis, then go dinner at Esplanade God court Nasi Lemak or Mee Goreng, then proceed to the field to watch China’s Jiuzhaighou Tibetan cultural dance on ChapGohMei night (15th night of CNY).

Penang Open Events need RM

Such open events require massive corporate funding.

CSR funding can help to gel different ethnic groups to rejoice together.

For those who love PRamlee era, do spent RM20 at Penang Music Museum at Komtar to sustain the keeping and past memories, u should not regret as your RM20 can help younger gaming generations to understand the roots of loca musical cultures.

Penang House of Music

Penang House of Music the exact name for the museum.