Martin Luther King had a dream; do we?


Today is the International Day of Non-Violence, so I thought it would be appropriate to recall a couple of the greatest speeches by Martin Luther King. It comes on the day after the US government has gone broke, aggravated by its US$1 trillion annual spending on the military and security. That has forced Obama to cancel his trip to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, our own government is trying to push through draconian amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act while the Auditor General’s report reveals a litany of corrupt practices and shoddy work. And that’s not even considering the billions of ringgit lost through the illicit outflow of funds and cronyism. All the while millions of Malaysians struggle to make ends meet as their household debt piles up.

King’s “I have a dream” speech on 28 August 1963 in Washington DC, half a century ago:

How King’s favorite gospel singer Mahalia Jackson prompted him to go off script and create the “I Have a Dream” speech:

And this is King’s last almost prophetic speech delivered on 3 April 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, on the eve of his assassination:

Robert Kennedy announcing the death of King. Kennedy would himself be assassinated two months later.

Do we have our own dream for Malaysia as a progressive, democratic and united nation built on the principle of justice and fairness for all? .

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Gerakan K, I provoke you to the extreme.You start to be angry and avoiding all the question.If you say all Chinese are rich then something extremely wrong. rajraman.GK get a ice cube and put it in your mouth and lets it melts.Its will cool of your temper.Regarding who you are i am not interested.I just knows you as UMNO cronies. One thing GK i respect you very much since you single handedly fighting for your warlords but you lost your cool.The game end here.We will see in another topic if times permit.BLOGGING is addictive like you addicted to your warlords… Read more »

Gerakan K

Please do your homework before engaging in any debate because it is pointless to argue with a person who has zero knowledge regarding to the topic involved. Please use google search engine to obtain second hand info. Gerakan K always close to the source if he picks up the phone. You need to try harder in order to provoke Gerakan K.


I thought you are the google man and have all the answer but you never answer my question.The debate between me and you but you drag Google search and maybe later you will ask me to search MSN and Yahoo search also.

rajraman.Anil, this a serious question for you,as claim as Gerakan K are you very much interested to know Gerakan K as he or she claim.Please answer me.Your answer is very important for me.


Gerakan K,
Here your own words trap you.
3)” Regarding to Gerakan K identity, even aNIL wanted to know.”
Anil not interested in you at all as I am.You just like to carry your own basket and feel the grand and proud as other UMno warlords.

rajraman.The game ended.No further reply to your debate.The case is closed.The debate ended.I just started another game with you with differrent topic.See you there.

Thanks Anil.
We can be racial but can’t be racist.

Don Anamalai

Auditor General’s report reveals a litany of corrupt practices and shoddy work?

Yes, 2012 AG Report menioned that RTM procured 20 wall clocks at Malaysia Boleh’s price of RM3810 each. RTM is trying to tell us that time is money?

ps: the clock is worth not more than RM100 each.


TV1 and TV2 ought to show this RM3810 wall clock ticking away before the news bulletin.


PCA was always going through the day Najib put Zahid Hamidi in charge. The real issue is that all the corruption, lying, excuses and abuse of power is ultimately going to lead us down the same fate as Greece and Spain..Its already too late and will happen to a certain degree, the longer UMNO/BN stays in power, the bigger the problem in the future will be.. To avoid it require building both fiscal and human resource reserves. Removing subsidies and Imposing GST without building reserves. Doing toll roads and high car prices without providing cheap public transport etc are examples… Read more »


Gerakan K.
Your quote ” disciplinary punishment had been meted out” are you joking.UMNO take disciplinary action?
You know why Indians gets most BRIM – because they are very poor compared to other races.It’s was created by Politician like you.They gave $500.00 but job wise where?They need to maintain the status quo for cheap labour for your cronies and Pakatan cronies.
rajraman.The dream – a nightmare dream for Indians.

Gerakan K

You got it wrong. I meant lots of kaum India also received BR1M, but in terms of percentage, it was something like 60% Malays, 38% Indians and 2% others. Ok, that was my observation in the places I have taken the helper works. Other areas you can check the official figures from treasury dept.


Gerakan K, ( we will friend – just argue the points ).
You are telling 98% recipient is Malay and Indian.
rajraman. The Chinese in your area all rich ha? Although I claim I am talking about poor Indian but never forgotten the Chinese also poor. Your statistic something wrong or your are staying in Malay and Indian Majority area and all chinese in your area are filthy rich yeah?

You never argue with me that Barisan AKA UMNO taking disciplinary action. Since when and where the proof?

Gerakan K (Press release)

@Rajraman666: 1) I know who you are when you was asking the detail regarding to that ‘remark’. You know little about that. Even you are lazy to find out the detail via google search. Initially I thought I will share with you with some insider information but you have had disappoint me totally. So, no point arguing with a person who knows nothing about a topic involved. 2) The chinese is not that poor as you would like to imagine. They are just aiming higher and falsely feel they are poor. Look at the economy pie if you know where… Read more »

Gerakan K

I just don’t get you.

You are generalizing kaum India as poor labors and forget about countless professionals in accounting, medical, engineering and business. Who is the Maxis and Astro big boss ??? Maybe that is exception, but many kaum India is filthy rich beyond your belief !!!


Yes, The majority are still poor. Since you mention “kaum India” lets me assumed you are not Indian. ( am I correct?) Maxis boss sold his horse riding gambling to Chinese Tycoon and the Chinese Tycoon donate the profits to Chinese education fund. The West Port Boss currently a billionaire who tells the Indian community he is the Robin Hood by buying Maica share at peanuts price. He have the cheek to say whatever profits later will be donated. Where is the money now. Where is the donation? rajraman.MIC rob from very poor Indian – and this Robin Hood make… Read more »


Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my most endearing source of inspiration. His speech “I Have A Dream” is inspirational. He is the most significant Black Leader since Frederick Dougless in the history of the Civil Rights Movement in America. King owed much of his pre-eminence to his ability to write with power (see his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” 1963), and to speak with passion, and tailored his style to the audience he faced. A disciple of Mohandas Gandhi’s dedication to acheve great change through nonviolent means, the well-educated King (PhD Boston University l955) came to prominence and… Read more »

Gerakan K

aNIL has a dream but busted at midnight of 6th May 2013.

Please do not spreading poisonous idea of not celebrating our independent and Malaysia days. That is so WRONG !!! The gomen of the day may change but our nation remains with us. Do not let your partisan heart conquers your mind !!!


Gerakan K,
Do you have problems to understand that UMNO and their sidekicks poisoning the Malaysian Brain with all kind of remarks like Pendatang.Malaysia belong to every Malaysian not UMNO only.

rajraman.If you said Anil poisoning the people’s mind, then you and your cronies ‘poison’ … Malaysian.The 22 years ex PM and you are manipulating every single words.

Indian Politician champion Dead Indians and Temples. Economically the as silent as MIC.

Gerakan K

If you following the drama of that ‘remark’ closely, nobody in UMNO and BN leadership supporting that view. And disciplinary punishment had been meted out. So what is the problem ??? I can counter that ‘remark’ with another nasty remark from your camp, but that is pointless and we are not in a childish argument. Love your country, enjoy your foods and celebrating your life with families and friends. No point to be a sad little boy and the only option for you is the next GE which is very far away from now. And please don’t think about migration… Read more »


Every year the Auditor General’s submit his report but it’s falls to deaf ear.
rajraman.Like the Royal Commission of Inquiry – betul, betul, betul tapi tak betulkan kesalahan.Memalukan.


I do also have a dream like Like Mr.King but in Malaysia when you fights for marginalised Indian, most people say Indian are racist.So Mr.Martin Luther King is racist when he fight for the blacks?

rajraman.Some people’s create new race call SABM.Even Indians terms another Indian as racist because few good soul like Uthaya fighting for marginalised people’s.Now Demi God also want to see him in jail but before election Uthaya was Indian racist.
Gelang Patah Declaration – Sudah Patah kah atau sudah terkubur macam janji Orang keturunan Bugis Pak Najib.

Gerakan K

Actually SABM idea is quite noble and very good in long run. But that inventor is something quite not normal. Fighting Afghanistan alike extremists is our priority. You can see from the voting patterns.

As for Gelang Patah, you know there are reasons why people coined the term “touch and go” politician. What you hear is what you get. Also for the tokong alike politician. If you are staying in Penang, you know the reasoning behind those fancy terms.


Gerakan K,
Gelah Patah is touch and go but what’s about Najib declaration with Mr.Why?

SAMB – it’s new terms = Every Malaysian are the son of this soil.No need to create another race call SAMB.If we are not anak bangsa Malaysia then what – ? We don’t need another new race.Current races also fighting each other like Organised Religion and Organized Politician.

rajraman.Indian Politician are plenty but they are champion Dead Indians and Temples but not economically.

najib manaukau

To tell the world how important Malaysia is just have the entire expenses of the Obama visit to Malaysia paid for by Malaysia, after all Malaysia has just sold over 1 trillion ringgit of bonds – (would) they all disappear into the many foreign accounts of the Umno warlords(?)

don anamalai

PM asked us to change our lifestyle, but BN spent RM1.6 million of taxpayers’ money on K-pop concert (U-Kiss, Teen-Top and Dal Shabet) on the National Youth Day in May 2012 in Putrajaya. The Ministry of Youth even had the audacity to lie through their teeth about some non-existent sponsorships, until the AG Report exposed their lies.

Srangely, JAKIM seemed to have approved the government spending of millions of ringgit to promote thee skimpily dressed women from Korea?


That is why I see no reason to celebrate Merdeka Day or Malaysia Day.
It is just a public holidy to enjoy longer sleep.


He had a dream. We are having a non-stop nightmare.

Angry Tokong

He had a dream with the developers? He owes them kam cheng mah. Especially to that TKP or else no Han Chiang field no more.


TKP is not calling the shots anymore in HanChiang.


We all have dream for a better Malaysia.
But our dreams are shattered by Umno’s biased and discriminatory policies.