Mahathir launches Selangor Perkasa


1535: Mahathir is at the launching of Selangor Perkasa at the MPAJ Multi-purpose Hall in Hulu Kelang now.

Also with him is Megat Zulkarnain, the Gombak Umno Youth chief, according to a twitter message by an Umno Youth exco member.

Mahathir had said yesterday that the emergence of NGOs rooted in Islamic and Malay causes proves that the Malays now have less confidence in the political parties that are supposed to represent them. On 24 January, Perkasa launched its Pahang wing and days earlier, another wing in Malacca.

The Perkasa website reported:

Dengan mengambil contoh Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), beliau (Mahathir) berkata, NGO itu dilihat sebagai antara yang paling berpengaruh di kalangan masyarakat Melayu kerana prinsip perjuangannya.

”Ada di kalangan masyarakat Melayu merasakan UMNO tidak lagi berupaya mempertahankan (kepentingan) mereka, jadi kita lihat kemunculan NGO seperti Perkasa.

”Walaupun mereka (Perkasa) aktif, namun (sebenarnya) UMNO masih lebih berpengaruh daripada NGO-NGO ini.”

Perkasa, which means ‘strengthening’, is led by its pro-tem president, Ibrahim Ali.

Ibrahim has suggested that PKR MP Zullifli Nordin should emulate him and become an Independent MP so that “he can struggle for Islam without being bound by any party position”. Ibrahim reportedly said he would give way to Zulkifli so that he could struggle with Perkasa: “There are similarities in the struggle of Perkasa and Zulkifl in that both have no fear in defending religion, race and country.”

Perkasa, which is now being seen as a pressure group for Umno, has also taken a position against the use of the term “Allah” by non-Muslims. According to its website, among the groups that participated in a demonstration on 2 January outside the Federal Territory Mosque were the Perkasa wings from Perlis, Selangor and Perak; the Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia; and the Umno Overseas Alumni.

But Perkasa has also condemned the recent attacks against places of worship.

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He is … (undermining) malays and malaysia in name of fight for rights..Very ery pity on this pakcik laaa….


What is it with the Doctor that he chooses to dignify such scoundrels.We got stuck with Pak Lah whom he chose, now we are to be subject to the uber-nauseating Ibrahim Ali?

Mohd SUfi

For 50 years, NEP was there, for 50 years the country was ruled by umNO, for 50 years the country was government by Malays, for 50 years only Tun SSTan was the only chinese finance minister. After 50 years the malays are still complaining about the government not doing enough for the malays. Aren’t umNO malay? Aren’t this a failure of umNO and malays. Is this a cultural … issue? Instead of demanding easy money day in day out why not look into the mirror and realize how ‘ugly’ you are and start asking yourself how you can get pretty… Read more »


…. A bunch of weirdos and crazies, but highly toxic. If the govt do not cut it down or dare to cut it down, then it is a matter of time they (could) start to be like the Taliban.


Khairy Jamaluddin may have his short-comings, but the kid is trying to tell the current UMNO leadership that if they have any aspirations in the next elections they will have to clean up UMNO. If UMNO gets rid of Khairy, then PKR and Anwar Ibrahim will be well advised to take KJ on board. As I have said before, a team made up of Anwar Ibrahim, Khairy Jamaluddin, Tengku Li, Zaid Ibrahim, khalid Samad and others will win the next elections very convincingly. Let us not forget KJ won the UMNO youth presidency despite the amount of opposition stacked against… Read more »


After 50 years of independence it is amazing this chaps are still harping about who is a genuine malaysian.

The m… made a political career out raising these sort of issues. Only dumb… who read utusan malaysia and listen RTM news believe Mahathir’s …


Just like Hindraf started to fight for minority Indian issues, Kadazandraf and Ibandraf needs to be launched in Sabah & Sarawak to teach these ketuanan (fellows) a lesson in the next general election. Also Mahathir needs … his … big mouth plastered to keep him quiet …


The M must be extremely proud that he launched the racist Perkasa Party … Kudos!!


Mr. Anil, inview of the political turmoil in Malaysia right now, not only in PR especially PKR and in the BN especially in UMNO Baru, do you think there is a chance for a dawn of a new era? The politickings in UMNO Baru has reached such a height, where it is reportedly alleged that Khairy is being asked to step down as their Youth Chief, this guy is intelligent whatever people may feel, but he is now being shoved! If the 10 MPs from PKR crosses over to BN, do you think, TAB, Tengku Razaleigh and gang are not… Read more »


Thank you for your reply and opinions, it looks like we gotta work the hard way to regain Malaysia’s long lost freedom of assembly, speech, fight corruption, bad governance, everything. Thinking back of those good times, prior TDM’s era, or the first five years of TDM’s era. How I wish those good times will be back with us.

Wonder what Gerakan K, has got to say?


As days goes by Mahathir is getting more and more senile and more and more obsessive with Singapore. And Singapore is laughing at him saying, when you were PM you cannot do anything against us. Ha ha, Why, because it is so simple, … your UMNO cronies are so CORRUPTIBLE…



This PERKASA are actually a bunch of opportunists. They try to harp on racial issue just to fill their earthly lust.

Maybe it is time the Orang Asli and Borneo Forum organisers launch one too.

Jeffrey Kitingan and Dr John Brian..pls take cue from Dr Mahathir


(Those) without knowledge (are) easier to control and manipulate. So wake up … don’t be used as a tools..


We as a Malaysian take another few steps back not only Malays. It is a sad day when so call leader throw their behind a racist organizations. Hope is a great motivation but when does this craziness and greediness ends? Time is running out on Malaysia as a country not as a Malay, Chinese, Indian or others. Hope is not in BN or PR buy you rakyat to make a wise choice in the next PRU-13. You want politician to work for us to better our lives and country not sale us garbage and frightening issues. Dr. M is time… Read more »


CONGRULATIONS, (an extreme group) is born in malaysia.Unfortunately the sarawakians and sabahans who are christians majority are still sleeping.Their leaders kow tow to UMNO for money/poistion


.. lu ada takut ke..


… The reality is if your are 4th or 5th or 6th or 7th generation malay or chinese or indian then the reality is you are a genuine malaysian.

After 50 years of independence it is amazing this chaps are still harping about who is a genuine malaysian and who is not. If you are a citizen of malaysia then you are a malaysian. it is as simple as that!


Anil, any idea of the numbers attending? Are the crowd as good as the one which heard Tengku Razaleigh in Kota Baru? If it is not as good, then it is a failure, especially when it involves someone like Mahathir.


Aiyoh Mr… Mahathir,

You forgot your roots,…
You forgot your history,
You forgot your “apanama”
You forgot you retired,
You forgot to zip-up….shame shame…!

(Please retire in gentlemanly manner. Stop making a fool of yourself. I feel ashamed for you lah!!) :0


this is example of short sighted people.

while the world is moving beyond skin colors and apartheid rules, Mahathir continues to poison the Malays with … ketuanan dream