Kota Raya: Here we go again…


Some quarters appear to be out to ratchet up tensions, taking the law into their own hands.

Malaysians are wise enough not to be influenced by such troublemakers and rowdies. Who was this unknown group of hefties who were daring enough to behave violently without any fear of the law?

Even if there were genuine consumer disputes, there is such a thing as the Tribunal for Consumer Claims, which is a specialised court to handle consumer-trader disputes. This tribunal is an alternative channel, apart from the courts, “for a consumer to file a claim for any loss suffered in respect of any goods or services purchased or acquired. All claims are processed in a simple, inexpensive and speedy manner”. The Small Claims Court in every state, meanwhile, handles cases involving amounts less than RM5,000

Why the need for certain quarters to take the law into their own hands or to confront traders? Look at the more sober approach taken by other consumer groups in advising disgruntled consumers.

If a customer was really illegally detained for four hours or forced to pay for phones he decided not to buy, why not just lodge a police report and let the law take its course?

This was uploaded on 18 December. A familiar face…

Kota Raya was of course the focus of attention during the Red Shirts rally not along ago.

I would have thought that security in the area would have been tightened?

Interestingly enough, on the eve of the incident, Aliran published an article by Adrian Lee ‘Has violence become the Malaysian way of life?’

We should not allow such incidents to divert our attention from serious issues such as the RM2.6bn ‘donation’ and the 1MDB scandal including the latest shocking Wall Street Journal revelations for which a thorough independent investigation must be carried out.

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21 Dec 2015 11.27pm

How many more isolated incidents before we wake up to the indisputable hatred + violence + selective targeting of businesses?
The laws of the land seem to not in operative (effectively) which I suspect could have given rise to more daring acts of selective violence.
There may come a day when no Chinese will deal any business with the Malays for fear of such selective violence in the name of fair trade practices.
Consumer Association Malaysia, you better ‘kham tiam’.

21 Dec 2015 11.09pm

The PM and the BN govt is fair and will always be fair to all unlike the Cat govt under Lge that suck and hijack.the people precious land for their crony developers.

Ali Tinju has been charged under the Sedition Act just any who break the law

21 Dec 2015 9.41pm

It is clearly that Ali Tinju and his Red Shorts gang showed up more than 1 month after the staff of the cellphone outlet in Kota Raya had settled and apologised for the high payment/confinement in room matter, followed by the mob of about 20 youths two days after that, and targeting the same cellphone outlet. Gives rise to thoughts of agent provocateurs and shadowy puppetmasters with sinister agendas… which I would hope the police have already started investigating. But it is important to note that the cellphone outlet staff, in particular the younger of the two in the 2nd… Read more »

21 Dec 2015 2.59pm

This is some some isolated criminal case. Like you said, Malaysian are wise not to be influenced by some troublemaker so don’t influenced into creating a mountain out of a molehill