Keng Yaik lashes out at Umno’s arrogance


Happy Merdeka Day! – though some of you may not exactly be in a celebratory mood.

Anyway, if you are feeling a little bored on what is a sunny day here in Penang, why not hop over to your local news-stand and pick up a copy of Off the Edge magazine for some ‘fun’. (The magazine does not come with The Edge weekly tabloid; you have to buy the magazine separately.) This week’s cover story is a remarkably frank and hard-hitting interview with Gerakan adviser Dr Lim Keng Yaik, who even accepts partial blame for the 8 March BN setback.

He is not a happy man though and, horrors, utters an expletive during the interview.

I just hope interviewers Ho Kay Tat and Jason Tan were sitting a safe distance away, if you know what I mean. 🙂

He says he has spoken out before –  to Dr M and within BN circles, about the prevalence of money politics. (“It’s all money, money, money, money, money.”)

Just to give you a flavour of the interview:

Where did the BN and Umno go wrong especially in their response to Anwar’s ‘branding’ of Ketuanan Rakyat?

The more they hammer Anwar, the more they popularise him. I was also part of it, hammering Anwar, telling all the stories about Anwar.

Didn’t work. [The people responded by saying], ‘Lu kong si ha mi ah? Lu boh aneh cham ah, lu boh eong eh lang, sway lang, chau lang lai.’ (In Hokkien: ‘what are you all in BN talking about? Aren’t you so bad yourself? BN is useless, a pox on the people, and a bunch of rogues.’)

I blame this purely on the arrogance, abuse of power and  non-transparency of Umno, the interference of the ‘Fourth Floor’ boys who think they know best, and the inability to keep the civil servants at bay….

About problems involving an uncooperative and “racially biased” civil service:

We have a damn bloody serious problem, you are right!

And about Umno leaders saying they want a multi-racial government:

They don’t mean what they say (laughs). We realise that we’ve been bloody led up the garden path!

What about the dubious land deals in Penang?

(Koh Tsu Koon) was not strong enough to stop the Umno fellas. Let’s see the land cases coming up; you’ll find an Umno arm all over the place. Yes, and Guan Eng is saying, “You did not stop it.”

All the same, Keng Yaik thinks that Anwar is not the right leader and says he will never be PM because of his “impatience”.

Meanwhile, there’s already a debate within Gerakan on whether they should stay on in the BN. If a vote was to be taken today among party leaders and members, what would it be?

“Out,” responds KY, but then adds that no vote has been taken because “they are not ready”.

Ai-yah, still not ready, ah? (From the poll on this blog, 36 per cent of you feel Gerakan should join Pakatan.)

Go get a copy of Off the Edge and read the full interview. It’s worth a few laughs – good value for RM6!

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Truth Seeker

FOLKS, CAN DEMOCRACY ACTUALLY GUARANTEE US FREEDOM??? CAN WE LEARN SOMETHING FROM THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE …. read on ——————————————————- What’s the Meaning of ‘Freedom’? …. But don’t ask a politician! by Rep. Ron Paul “Man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts”. – Ronald Reagan We’ve all heard the words democracy and freedom used countless times, especially in the context of our invasion of Iraq. They are used interchangeably in modern political discourse, yet their true meanings… Read more »


UMNO don’t give a damn whether Gerakan leaves BN or not after all they have only 2 parlimenterian seats. There is no bargaining power. LKY is only making noises…an opportunist to maybe gaining some face…He should stand up at time when he is the president of the party..He knows from the onset UMNO dominate BN….Any blind man can see the course it was leading and the fate of Gerakan at the time when he reigned. But he did nothing…and now he blah blah blah…. He should shoulder responsibility of his misjudgement if that is at all misjudgement… It boils dwon… Read more »

Johnny Chiam

Now that Lim ky no longer in govt and his son also kala, so he can open his big mouth and says what has all along in his heart. Beware when he speaks, bring an umbrella along. Too late Lim, we dont need your advice anymore.

queenie khoo

you had your day lim keng yaik but you wasted it. gerakan did not gerak, the rusty wheels have ground to a halt. junkyard here you go.

china apek

aiya … not need to comment so much liaw lar…. i think this whole blog should be emailed to every gerakan member you know especially those in the higher up so that they get the bloody message –

CLOSE THE F****** PARTY lar …

Megat Nasarudin Megat Ayob

For 18 years the People in Penang were living with hope under Kok lose sleep (Koh Su Koon) management that will progress, prosperity, equality and many other expectations. As year by year passed Rainman (LKY)still keeps him there, probaly he made this understanding with Lim Chong Eu before he steped down for LKY to take over the leadership. Over the years, Gerakan had been ******* MCA in Penang instead of working together to stand up to the UMNO’s demand. The people of Penang had been very patience since KSK took helm of the state but slowly and surely the patience… Read more »


The Constitution has been raped by the 22 of the former premier+ 6 years of an ineffective premier. In the past the formerPM was an all in one..he was the government, he was the spiritual leader and he was the PM..Now we have the fourth floor boys who ahve effectively taken away the current PM’s role and he walks around in a daze… I think we must have leaders who have conscience. I do not see any hope if we have leaders who rape the constitution, rape the countries riches and ahve policies that divide the people. It is time… Read more »

chan chee wah

Ha! Very good advertisement here. The Edge should be making a lot here.


Shan is correct. I served on the National Consultative Economic Council I (1988-1990), and the UMNO delegation (headed by the present PM, Abdullah Badawi) was absolutely amazing. UMNO representatives and their other supporters gave innumerable … anti-Chinese tirades (but, it must be pointed out, never anti-other races!) in the closed door sessions, but those very same persons would, during tea-breaks, be chatting up the bemused Chinese representatives, and trying to get from them all manners of business deals. The PAS delegation at NECC never behaved in such a hypocritical fashion. They politely stated their position, and I cannot recall them… Read more »

Loken Palanisamy

Pakatan Rakyat should refuse MCA & Gerakan as members of a coalition. UMNO would be standing alone, perhaps with MIC (lol). It is not politically sustainable for a growth of a strong 2 party system. UMNO/MCA/MIC should be rebranding themselves as a coalition of cultural organization of the polity. An interracial tolerance group gone astray since Tunku, well maybe a while later.. In the meantime check out ‘firebrand’ Dennis Kucinich – 6 mins political speech; goto min 4.35’ and the text below ala Malaysia boleh style. Wake up Malaysia. This is not a call for you to take a… Read more »


I for one, am quite happy if Gerakan and MCA stay with BN.
How else can we get free advertisement on ‘what not to do’ in Malaysian politics? To have them doing all the ‘wrong’ things’ as elected representatives in a so-called democracy is PRICELESS mileage to Pakatan Rakyat! Hopefully, more interviews can be conducted on Gerakan begging for an apology from UMNO, etc.


i think most non muslims think that the UMNO PM did not wear turban or teir wife did not wear the tudong so tay are liberal.COME ON NON MUSLIMS DONT BE DECIVED BY THE CLOTHS.They are excately like pas when they refuse to accept the secular constituion of this country..take a look at the 121(1a) and the LINA JOY case.


In this respect i support PAS especially after the famous LINA JOY case. Since UMNO refused to defend secularism and they apply selective application of the islamic law(why apply apostacy law on muslims and then refuse to implement hudud on muslims)THEREFORE I THINK THIS IS A RACALIST AGENDA) At least PAS is consistient on this matter.
I think it is therefore apporiate to for the non muslims to support PAS now(at least pas is less corrupt)


Under Tuanku Abdul Rahman,Tun Razak and Hisammudin UMNO has adopted secularism and civil law as the sumpreme law of the country.Muslims can convert out of islam(not openely)at least.I kinow a number of such cases.Under Mahathir Islamic law was made the supreme law of this country.MCA,GERAKAN, MIC supported the amendenment 121(1A).


(In the past) UMNO has asked (certain component parties) etc to get out as UMNO has ruled the country for 50 years and “can rule for another 50 years”(without them in BN), so it is time to GET the HELL out… Remember the Rusty guy from M’cca asking the Indian Kayves to get out of BN if they are not happy with the seats allocated to them? Ta’malu ka? Those who did not vote for the ‘present’ Govt is branded as ungrateful, but what these a** **** does not understand is that we are voting for a ‘new’ Govt., so… Read more »


Yeah but LKY also … as he was watching UMNO boys did it. Even within his own ministry, they all like to say ‘Tan Sri sudah kaya’….

Kenny Gan

Permatang Pauh has shown that BN needs support from the non-Malays to win. If BN cannot win in a Malay majority area with their pro-Malay racial mongering, where can they win? Malaysiakini estimated that 78% of non-Malays voted BN. (Because of the margin of error, I would put it at least 80%). Incidentally, Umno usually gets only about 50% of the Malay vote. Prior to 2008, the majority of non-Malays voted BN, giving them their victory. In retrospect, it has been the non-Malays who have kept BN in power for so long. How ironic that the racial groups who kept… Read more »

Justin Choo

Gerakan should expel LKY and Koh Tsu Khon first; then dissolve itself.


These “angrifies” me:
“They don’t mean what they say (laughs). We realise that we’ve been bloody led up the garden path!”

Why hang around for so long and cause the innocent people like us into this s*** troubles, *******
It’s because of the goodies … ACA should check…

Dr. Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil Happy Merdeka By the way 0n the 30th August 2008 we celebrated our 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSAY – such long trek ups and downs and I have made it. KENG YEK now says: “”I blame this purely on the arrogance, abuse of power and non-transparency of Umno, the interference of the ‘Fourth Floor’ boys who think they know best, and the inability to keep the civil servants at bay….”” Now only he realises. MALAYSIAN INDIANS At the time of obtaining Independence in 1957, the Malaysian Indian Population was, according to the Annual Report of that year 12 percent. COLOURING… Read more »


Dear Anil.

Thanks for your highlight of this interview.


I wonder what he was doing behind the rubber trees when UMNO was leading him away???

we all knew what UMNO was doing all the way…yes yes depan
no no belakang…

KEINSAFAN ???aya this fellow was at the pinnacle of power in Gerakan ..he was blinded like the former PM building castles in the air…and then when it crashed..he moved away quietly like a wily fellow…….for he knew like the former PM..his days were numbered…



MCA will never leave BN now. Too much to lose. Its just a matinee show.


Hello Tun LKY

Come join me fly kite in Kepong/Selayang.


LTH LKY, don’t just give such a candid interview to show you got b…. to now speak your mind frankly. What is your motive? to gain publicity and shiok sendiri and the public? If LKY really means what he said, the honourable thing for him to do now is to call a press conference and publicly apologize to his GERAKAN members (for allowing GERAKAN to be ‘led up the garden path all these years), and to all the other non-Malay Malaysians (for allowing UMNO to turn all of them into ‘beggars’—- i.e. second class citizens). Just see the effect this… Read more »