Jubilation as ‘East Coast Monsoon’ swamps KT


k-terengganu-results-017The motorcyclists celebrated late into the night on the streets of KT

And so it came to pass (Pas!). The ‘East Coast Monsoon’ swamped this coastal town and swept the BN aside. It was a victory not just for Pas but also the Pakatan, whose politicians helped in the campaign, and activists, many of them non-Muslims, who campaigned vigorously during the campaign. They worked together to dislodge the BN candidate despite the heavy machinery of the state being deployed.

Most of all, it was a victory for the people of Kuala Terengganu, who cast away their fears, doubts and the attempts to buy their votes through promises of allocations and projects.

Immediately after the results, an analyst told me the swing towards Pas came largely from younger voters. How they celebrated on the streets: hundreds of bikers and others in cars, waving flags and shouting in jubilation.  They pulled down flags from the streets, draped themselves with them or just simply waved them, circling the streets of town on their bikes and waving at passers by as they vroomed by. By midnight, the the main road in town had been almost stripped of Pas flags and the only flags left fluttering were the BN and Umno flags.

Traffic police later stepped in to put a stop to the motorcyclists’ merry-making.  One eye-witness said he saw the cops taking the motorcyclists’ keys and asking them to push their bikes to the police station under police escort.

One analyst told me the Chinese turnout was a bit lower at 64 per cent. Another said young Chinese living in other cities apparently did not return to vote as they would have to come back again for Chinese New Year next weekend. Still, the Chinese support for the opposition held firm at around 40 per cent – which was not too bad under the circumstances.

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Look at RPKs writting and you will get a sense of why the chinese swong back to BN. not because of MCA, like what they claim to achieve.


Hello Anil

Again, there is the mentioned of bee “colony collapse disorder” among many things that are going “extinct”. For your info/reference.



p/s hope you have a good trip to KT


To link this result as a win for Pakatan and to claim that it reflects the people of KT’s on national issues is highly misleading and incorrect. Polls and surveys done by MRC and others have clearly indicated that the people’s concerns were local issues. PAS failure to gain non Muslim votes despite the overbearing presence of all DAP and PKR big guns says that the people do not yet buy the idea that PAS can be persuaded to drop their fundamentalist agenda. The Malay vote probably 40% each for PAS and BN. With the crucial fence sitters deciding the… Read more »


Kah Seng on January 18th, 2009 at 7.11pm Interesting article questioning whether Chinese indeed swung to BN/MCA in KT: https://airkosong.com/_/2009/01/18/misinformation-by-ong-tee-kiat-on-kts-chinese-support-for-mca/ ================== That statistical analysis does not make sense without segregating the Malay and Chinese voters into two groups. Slight percentage change for BN and PAS respectively could be due to Malay votes decreasing and Chinese votes increasing in disproportian ratio. Besides, your assumption to say all Chinese areas are following same trend could be wrong. In absolute term, more KT Chinese voters supported BN. Lim Guan Eng said in this KT by-election, a slightly over 40% Chinese voted PAS compared… Read more »


Ditto Tan Ban Cheng. Well done Anil and welcome home.


“Too many troops spoil the soap”. Indeed tonight’s Vigil pot luck style cause so much confusion amongst many rakyat which came prepared with home cooked foods to shared with everyone. Instead, right at about 8.20pm, Operation ‘Lock down’ at PJ Civil Centre once again became ‘Centre of Shame’. “I had some foods specially prepared for this occasion and to see how this entire operation has taken place is simply outrages” commented one of the rakyat. First they are jittery about candles, now foods? What’s next? More than ‘hundreds’ of police force plus the must have FRU were employed against normal… Read more »

Tan Ban Cheng

Well done, Netto.

You proved once and for always that volunteer journalism produces better results than professional journalism.

The final results came on your website earlier than Malaysiakini by at least five minutes – assuming that that website got its time right.


correction, ….Malay voters split UP to 50:50…


A big THANK YOU to the bloggers team whose unwavering effort to bring us latest news and happenings right from nomination day, to campaigning period until the polling day (when the final results poured in). You guys deserve a medal for reporting the truth, unlike the lies told by Main Stream Media.

Next battle ground: Pensiangan, Sabah


Many predictions are wrong. Malay voters are not split 50:50 and the majority of Chinese voters are not supporting PAS. My own forecast in Anil’s blog was BN wins the KT by-election with the assumption that Malay voters are split to 50:50 and Chinese voters swing to BN. Many local political analysts believed that Malay voters split out to 50:50 and Chinese swing to PAS were proven all wrong althought the end result is still correct. Chinese high turnout in the ceramahs had giving false signal to DAP that Chinese are solidly behind the Pakatan Rakyat. For many Chinese like… Read more »


Congratulations people of Kuala Trengganu! You made it, kept the momentum going and sent the message to the corrupt UMNO-led government – Enough is Enough!

Dr Mahathir said UMNO fielded the wrong candidate, so what would he think if Najib Tun Abdul Razak had been the BN’s choice, eh?
Nasib baik bukan dia otherwise Najib would be buried at sea, the South China Sea!

Kah Seng

Interesting article questioning whether Chinese indeed swung to BN/MCA in KT:



Bravo KT you are the 2nd after PP to lead Malaysia into a Harapan Era Baru ! Now guess those Bee Ann better stay fit and not kick the bucket! Even Kepala Batas pun boleh jatuh !
Still feeling good today!


Hi Anil
Guess everyone (except ..) had a good sleep last nite. The victory makes it worth the trip for all the non-KT folks. Applause for a well-done job! I was quite nervous waiting for the official results yesterday evening (dreading the last-minute hat-tricks) whilst refreshing mkini, yours, zorro’s and haris’s. Guess PAS network had known the results much earlier.
Well, wish you and gang a safe and pleasant trip home (which route now? The coastal/Kuantan way?). Guess you had enough of roti paun and mata2 gelap work. Not forgetting the mysterious vehicle and lori balak… Hehe.


The more the ruling BN federal government holds back financial allocations for the Pakatan-ruled states, the more by-elections they will lose. People are looking at BN government as big bullies and unfair and they don’t like it.

Tian Ng

Jump baby jump! On Jan 17, we observed another failure hitting right on the face of Najib, our DPM. This was the third political tsunami in a year. What can I say, the unwelcome Barisan National is sinking like Titanic into South China Sea. Last night, we heard the voices and saw the power of the Rakyat. We saw how majority of Kuala Terengganu voters joined the call for change from the rest of Malaysians. And yes, it is a change that happens from the bottom up, not from the top down. Last night, we saw again, how Najib refused… Read more »

johanssm / khun Pana

This win means extra burden to DSAI.
Anwar , Wan Azizah, Tian Chua and all PR will have to work extra overtime in addition to their regular overtime works.
Borneo is waiting for this as well.
We want the SABAHANs and the SARAWAKIANs to voice out as well as good chance for them to change their minds.

( anyone notices that the dark faces of najib,saad and farid failed to congratulates Wahid and PAS last night?
Now more people understand why we should rejects umno)


i would say it’s a people’s victory…..


If PAS only took 40% of the Chinese votes, then the implications for Umno are even more ominous.

They have been rejected by the people they proported to represent – the Malays.

It is now clear to all and sundry – BN 50 year reign of blatant corruption will come to an end at the next GE.


The tears flow In the quiet room As the result keeps coming in The UMNO leaders can’t believe it Millions spent to win Enticements ran plenty Promises of goods For all people Even to create fear Intimidation doesn’t work The voters tell them Enough of your deception Police unnecessary stationed Allowing no free way to imagine Yet the people queue up properly Nothing to incite violence In the ballot boxes The message is clear Get out of your palatial homes It is time people run the show For the country and her destiny p/s Anil thanks for the write ups.… Read more »