Jamal lands up in jail


Hopefully others will think twice about playing up and manipulating issues of race and religion in the new Malaysia.

Apart from the higher cost of living and GST, it was Jamal and his Red Shirts that also contributed to the loss of confidence and then the downfall of the BN and Najib regime.

Many people must have felt we really don’t need these antics – and the dangerous racial game they were playing – to distract us when there are so many serious issues to grapple with.

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Should highlight Penang Heritage Day instead of this nonsense guy. Anil got priority wrong.

Heng GS

Those in Bayan Baru can approach YB Sim Hari Raya Open House makan session tonight 9pm at Bukit Gedong Taman Poket.
I am working at Japan Anime festival at Spice rooftop from 6pm (free entrance) so not able to meet SIM in person to convey the resident wish for a replacement library which was taken over by Corporate (Swarovski crystals ?) at Mayang Mall.
Mr Anil can help us to remind SIM of his promise.


Seems like the long overdue public library at Bayan Baru is not resolved yet. PKR Sim now a deputy minister thus no longer care? Beware of repercussions!


Parties that use race and religion as their raison d’etre are no longer pertinent, says Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department for Religious Affairs Mujahid Yusof Rawa.

“Political parties that make use of religion or race are no longer relevant today. I stress the words ‘make use of’,” said the Amanah lawmaker.


God created humans of great diversity, not for one supreme race on earth or for that matter in Malaya Nusantara.
Pls bear that in mind the next time you sincerely pray to God.


But Satan could have created such morons?


Have you seen God?
Ask Duterte the Philippines President.


I have not seen God but I can feel His Presence.
In my heart, walking besides me or calming my soul in times of distress.
No need a Big Bang to see Him!


Why give publicity to this moron?


Khairy – who failed in his recent bid to become Umno president – pointed out that the party had failed to listen to the voices of the people despite a shock defeat in the general elections.

“Since the Umno elections ended, what is my party doing? Playing with RACIAL sentiments, collecting donations for our former president and repeating it again.


Kramer Leong

KJ should join DAP, no point staying with sinking Umno ship.


Beng Hock’s death: Family hopes for criminal taskforce in fresh probe
Now’s the time to ask for a reinvestigation into TBH murder case (yes, murder).
I have my guess who is the real culprit behind the devious effort to take back Selangor state then from the Opposition. It’s not hard to guess who was the guy who immediately went to Teoh’s family to give words of comfort & assurance of a promise like a ….


Such an idiot trying to escape from the rule of law against his small crimes!
Now he has to pay more for his antics. Stupid fool!
Btw, as dedak taps are now shut, this idiot has to cari makan with legal business licences.


Only fined RM400 for bashing beer bottles.


Former minister Rafidah Aziz has cautioned that politicising race and religion will halt the country’s progress.

Speaking at a business forum in Singapore, she was asked what would hold Malaysia back from realising its full potential.

“Politicising things that shouldn’t be politicised, because that will cause a lot of divisiveness, friction and uneasiness.


Dear Anil,
You should instead trace out Bustari Yusuf, the brother of former works minister Fadillah Yusuf and the Pan Borneo Highway than that of this clown Jamal.


The World Bank report says that in terms of price per Mbps, Malaysia ranks 74 out of 167 countries for fixed broadband services and 64 out of 118 for fibre broadband services. This places Malaysia behind regional competitors such as Vietnam and countries with similar levels of economic development such as Mexico and Turkey.

Screwed by TM’s monopoly?