Is this 1Malaysia?


Yesterday, a teacher from Penang phoned me sounding upset.

Apparently, a couple of Muslim pupils had obtained Deepavali cards to send to their friends and their tuition teacher.

Another teacher, however, found the pupils with the greeting cards. She confiscated the cards and handed them over to the religious teacher.

When the pupils tried to retrieve the cards, they were reimbursed what they had spent on the cards.

The pupils were told that it was against their religion to send such greeting cards as it amounted to celebrating the festival. They were also warned against such practices.

Has it really come to this?

I wasn’t sure quite what to do as the teacher who told me about the incident also requested anonymity and requested that I not mention the name of the school.

So I consulted a trusted friend of mine who happens to be Muslim.

He was horrified that such a thing had happened and told me I should write about it so that the public is aware that some young impressionable pupils are being taught such things by certain overzealous teachers. He felt we had to nip such tendencies in the bud.

I really hope it is an isolated incident. Mind you, such things can happen in any religion when there is a lack of appreciation for ‘The Other’ and religious zealousness is carried a step too far.

It makes me wonder what such teachers think of all those GLCs broadcasting their Deepavali greetings on television.

Perhaps, for the benefit of such teachers, the Education Department or the political leadership would like to clarify what they think of pupils sending festive greeting cards to their friends of other faiths.

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Why all of you keep complaining about UMNO?? all of u have no ideas how they want to maintain this country. why u dont blame MIC,MCA??why u want sokong DAP?i guess majority of u here never know what it’s gonna be when other party rules this country. it will become like singapore, no more malays. so why u guys keep complaining. If u are good, then do something. dont just ‘cakap” only


Anil, I just saw a Deepavali Advertisement from Petronas…..
The advertisement showed (meat) being cut…….I dont think its mutton.
and the Indian family cooking it.
Shows how religious sensivities are respected here in Malaysia.


1Malaysia is merely a slogan.

The ironic thing is the song talk about ‘1 Bangsa’.
I think no school teacher is able to explain what 1 Bangsa means in Malaysia when NEP is still in practice.

Please click ‘like’ if you agree with me.
Otherwise, tell me what 1 Bangsa means.


Dear Anil, These are some scenarios affecting a large number of National Schools. Responds from you and the readers pertaining the issues highlighted are very much appreciated. 1. The Non-Muslim teachers are not treated with due respect by their Muslim peers. Beef dishes are usually served in the canteen and during school functions realising the Indians and some Chinese peers do not consume the meat. Money collected from all the teachers used to prepare food, buy garments for uniforms, buy gifts and etc according to the whims and fancies of the majority Malay Teachers without even considering the thoughts of… Read more »




al-kafirun verse 6


Dear Anil Re: Depavali cards

It is really really sad to know such an incident should happen in a multiracial nation of Malaysia. If it is true, the authority especially the Prime Minister (who represents all Malaysians irrespect of reliegious
belief) must immediatelky check and take action on the matter.


Disgusting Malaysia.

santhira kumar madhavan

Dear Anil,
the Malaysia Hindu Sangam wants to bring up this matter. At least can we know the name of the school so that the matter could be investigated. No need mention anyone’s name.

Let us do something to correct such nonsense.


The school is at Butterworth next to Convent…..The culprit here is an over-fanatic Ustaz teaching in that school.He was the one who created the whole ruckus!!
The Education Ministry knows about the whole issue but instead of settling the problem …they choose to close the whole issue.
Action must be taken against this Ustaz and clear guidelines need to be issued..
During the 80’s or 90’s ,there was NO such problem…..but why now……clearly it points down to the Education System/Umno’s interference/BTN brainwashing.


MIC is no more relevant to the Indians! In fact Indians do not have a strong voice or an organization at higher level to address these issues. Everyone is in for their own benefits. The Chinese on the contrary, are united and they are not easily detered…. Unless the Indians emulate the unity and the forthrightness of the Chinese,there will never be an end to the issues affecting them.

Penang Voter

True product of Barisan Nasional

Ong Eu Soon

My religious adviser is a Muslim who told me to practice both Buddhism and Taoism. My adviser is a man who practice meditation. Only thru’ meditation you will come across certain spirits when you attained certain level of achievement. Only then will you be able to tell is there any GOD exist. Who are they? For those who never spend time to meditate and want to tell other about GOD, the guy is just trying to be hero. Religion is your private affair with the spirits of nature. We don’t need other to tell us what to do. I develop… Read more »


Blame all these on racial politics with the holier than thou attitude. We seem to moving backwards the more we think we have progressed.

Super Senior

There are sufficient existing provisions to terminate the service of a non-performing public officer, school teacher inclusive. There are also provisions for retrenchment arising from organisational revamp and restructuring. So what is so new on this ‘Exit Policy’ announced in the recent budget? If in the past there was no enforcement, what make you think that it will be more strictly enforced now. The whole civil service is all “linked” with networks of friends, relatives and cronies. There is no professionalism at all. If you have a god father up there, you can get away with (almost anything). An officer… Read more »


The overzealous religious folks may one day ban the term Deeparaya ?

do recall 2004 Petronas Deeparaya ad to remind the cultural diversity of Msia not to be destroyed by taliban-like thinking !

Will Dewan baha sa & Pustaka recognise the term Deeparaya ? Keen to know if Rais Yatim can clarify this.


it’s high time the present authorities (bn) educate the overzealous folks to understand we live in multi-cultural society requring more than tolerance (acceptance is more appropriate for our diversities which Najib already claimed in 1-msia to be the strength?).

maybe Jabatan Agama needs to reassess the impact of Forum Perdana to inculcate the positive values and maybe Uztaz Ridhuan Tee can be a more moderate spokeperson of RTM to overcome such extreminism ?


Anil, These is just the tip of the iceberg!!! There is a school in Butterworth with some UMNO division heads ruling everything. They have converted the school into a religious school. a. Every morning the music of religious songs/doa are just blaring through the speakers. b.During the recent UPSR, students concentrated more on prayers rather then studies!! c. They were also taught how to do ‘mandi wajib”!!!!These are just year six students but these teachers are being overzealous in agama activities rather then studies!!! d. They have also included ‘sembelih lembu’ into the school programs for Hari raya haji. Just… Read more »


The person started the Islamization in the schools is Anwar Ibrahim in 80s.

The first non-religious school forced all Muslim girls to wear headscarf is in my school by an Arabian teacher under the full blessing of Anwar.

The rest is history.

king kong

What does one expect from an “Abrabian” teacher? In the past, chinese teacher wore Cheongsam and indian teachers wear sari and Malay teacher baju melayu and malay boys will follow. In Ugama schools, girls will wear head coverings. If they want to wear and eat, that is their choice but not to impose their religous standards and belief.


I do not know what is head covering? Bird dropping or what?

You should ask DAP’s future PM, Anwar why he forced Muslim girls wearing headscarf in 80s when he was education minister?


So it proves you are just a NATO man. When this guy did something, what have you been quiet and now ranting and kicking your own butt.


Why we need MPs like LKS and Karpal in the parliament if I have to do their job?

Senile Lim was opposition leader in 80s, what he did then? Sleeping?

Anwar now is his gang and he brain is selectively to forget Islamization was started by PR’s future PM.

What you did when people support Bersih with action?…


Now you are awake after slapping your own face and kicking your butt to say that you need them (LKS, KS and LGE) to speak out as you are hiding under the sarong.


Truth be told, so long as you mix religion and politics such thing are going to happen. The fundamental fact of the matter is that MOST people fail their own religion and their own politics. Most of us are hypocrites but mostly by small extend.

The problem is a very small group can turn the power of state using our very own failing into very very big problems for most of us. That is the fundamental soundness of secularity – it assumes we fail, not our religion. Religion assume that those powerful smart and evil wrap around religion cannot fail.


And if the Deputy PM, Mudyidin say I am a Malay first and a Malaysian second, Is this 1Malaysia ???.

Don`t listen to the half truth… of Najib & UMNO as Najib would not even retort his Deputy, the Mudyiddin when he is speaking on racial line.

Make that change now before BN UMNO and their weaklings continue to make more racial tone making our country become more and more racial compared to the time of the British.


You cannot even pronounce “Mudyidin” name correctly.

Go ask anyone in Muar to confirm he is a racist or not instead of whining in Anil’s blog as usual.

Do you know real Muhyiddin? He is not a racist except he is too zealous to associate with Malay right wing. He pays for the price for supporting Perkasa Malay first openly.

The real racist is the one who advocate 1Malaysia.

Andrew I

Yang hasn’t pronounced anything wrong. He spelled the name incorrectly. If you’re so intolerant of whining, I wonder how you moderate the comments on your blog…that’s if you get any.


This is correct name Mudyidin?

This is a typical way of DAP, shamelessly deny and deny.

Do you expect me to approve “xxx …” posting appear in my blog? I know coward like your kind do such business.

What you know about moderate?

I do not change anyone writing like Anil, either I delete all or approve it.

Andrew I

Well, that was a quick honeymoon.

Hey Gherkin, your public image on Anil’s blog just went up a notch. At least you use the dictionary.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I “pronounce” your name wrong?


Muar standard is being used as compared to national standard extend from KL to Penang. But it is Muar’s standard when people vote PR there? If not happy, rather than bla2 in the internet, let us see him standing in the coming election and shout his case. Case closed.


DAP childish boys want to form federal government, go learn how to suck first.


Actually, the spelling with “mud” was probably intentional. Note that he uses “the” before the name, in his second paragraph. But as Andrew points out, nobody pronounced anything. If you want to be a nitpicker, then make darn sure you have the intellectual authority to do so.


DAP expertise is name twisting? Yes, this is DAP standard, lowlife Chinese Chauvinist..

DAP wants my vote? Yes, but only after DAP machai to suck…

Andrew I

Yes, keep commenting and show us what an uncouthed and uncultured person you really are.

We’ll just sit back and watch you tear your hair out.

This is getting better with each comment.

Andrew I

On second thoughts, let me get the vacuum cleaner out. Every vote counts.


Isn,t he he more more like mud than mu


If the complainant has no gut to reveal the name of school and teacher, I advise him/her keep the secret for himself/herself.

That is wasting my time to read this posting.

Andrew I

Anyone forcing you to waste your time reading this blog’s postings?


If the person and school name are revealed, what action is NKKhoo going to do or just another NATO.


Demand an independent investigation and kick out the teacher if proven true.

Keep the story as a fiction if no info on school and teacher.

You deserve to be bullied for your own kiasi attitude.


What’s the point of revealing the teacher’s and school’s name? Many ” minorities”, teachers, staff and students are having hard time in school putting up with the nonsense antics performed by the so called “majorities”. Channel as this is a way for them to address their disgruntlement. It has always been a losing battle when “religion” sentiment is played out by these cunning, shallow minded teachers who should not be in this noble profession at all.


This kind of story is not better than fiction like whining in Anil’s blog.

Your kiasi attitude reply is wasting my time.


So far there are many scandals and who is really a kiasi. Talk alot in the internet but not even a single mata report or happy to be interviewed by MACC.


You are slapping your face for hiding so-called scandal.

Just admit the story is a fiction rather than wasting time to debate in Anil’s blog.

Kita and BN had reported sPICE scandal to MACC, why I need to waste my time to repeat a same thing?


You are kicking yourself in the butt. You have been ranting like an old man like in Spice issues all your Anil’s blog


Identify both the teachers and sent them to teach in Islamic schools, in faraway village deep in Sarawak, where most of the Iban people are Christian.
Only very religious people will not complain, because they will gain religious points for teaching a religion.
Buddhist and Indian priests will go to remote hills to gain enlightenment.
So please send these two to their enlightenment.

Gerakan K

Boleh percayakah cerita ini anil ???

Kalau benar, sila lapor kepada kementerian pelajaran. Baru-baru ini Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran dari MCA sangat hebat menyelesaikan masalah sekolah yang ditimbulkan dalam negeri Selangor dan Kelantan.

Kalau nama sekolah ini tak bagi tau, siapa tau ini cerita dibuat oleh anil sendiri ??? Mau curi spotlight bajet kah ???

Andrew I

Aren’t works of fiction your speciality?


Mudyidin has said that. Perkasa Ibrahim has said that. Many UMNO leaders has said that. Why still in a denial mode. Is it because you … want… to reap the benefits as a wannabe


Anil, every one is aware of such racial bigotry. All that has happened here is instead of challenging the lady, the teacher who related this to you, and you yourself have achieved nothing save gossiping about the incident. The lady doesn’t need any excuse – that she’s a racial bigot is enough. What’ s your excuse?


Anil did right. Journalism is about information. You call it gossip because you look at it in isolation, in its singularity. I look at it as information pertaining to trends in the country. These things that happen ever so often, all over the country, are symptomatic of a larger ill. It is something the BN govt has actually nurtured. This piece is to remind them and ourselves that their 1Malaysia slogan is merely that, just words.


Anil, the teacher who related this to you missed an excellent opportunity to challenge the religious bigot and end the matter then and there. You too had an opportunity to educate the teacher who related this to you. You could have refused to convey this story to your readers. Instead all you have achieved is gossip. The bigot has nothing to defend – she’s a bigot is enough. What’s your excuse? And what a waste of an excellent opportunity to put one more racial bigot to shame.


I wonder what would be the view of the Principal or Headmaster.

This religious bigot teacher,must have graduated from a local university with a degree such as pengajian Islam or something like that.

You don need to get good grades to enter such courses BTW

Azlan a. Aziz

I’m appalled at the insensitivity shown by this bigot of a teacher, and hope these morons are a small minority in our public schools. However, your comment “This religious bigot teacher,must have graduated from a local university with a degree such as pengajian Islam or something like that.” sounds bigotted and quite extreme really. Pengajian Islam if taken as a whole does not condone such acts, in fact all religions preaches that same principles, albeit along different lines of thought. As someone who grew in PJ in the 80’s, I wonder what ever happened to the great feeling of setiakawan… Read more »


When racist bigotry was and is still ‘encouraged’ by the leadership in style and substance, the blind … bigots will croak all the more louder indifferent to the majority of tolerance. It is ironic that since the last colonialist British of the divide and rule obscenity (more perversely obscene that Playboy magazine) left our beautiful shores 54 years ago, we Malaysians are still fighting like the proverbial frogs for more-than-thou rights to exist among races! I hate to hear the rantings of Tak Tahu (seemingly, innocently ignorant on the outside) Apanama, the original culprit of racist bigotry of BolehLand. The… Read more »

Super Senior

The silent majority share the same sentiments as Rajan.

Religious harmony should be a 2-way process of interaction.
Somehow that misguided teacher (wrong interpreatation of BTN?) is advocating the wrong values.

That’s why 1Malaysia will forever be a rhetoric call, hollow with no substance as the B leaders has never reprimand civil servants who are inconsistent to the slogan with their racist thinking.