Is it time for change in Malaysia? (Video)


The temperature seems to be hotting up as polling day draws closer. Check out this Aljazeera panel discussion on the coming general election.

As for me, give me ‘New Politics’ anytime. The new politics in which we see each other as sisters and brothers coming together for the common good on issues such as environmental protection, electoral reform, economic justice and political, civil and cultural rights.

Out with the tired ‘Old Politics’ – you know, the divide-and-rule on the basis of race and religion while the elites plunder the country and the gap between the filthy rich (the top 1 per cent) and the poor grows ever wider.

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Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
6 Apr 2013 5.40pm

@Darren: Lots of pakatan supporters now are very worry that their idol LKS will be defeated by BN superhero MB YAB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. 1Malaysia PM Najib’s winnable candidate policy really smart and all out to win strategically. This time BN under 1Malaysia PM Najib is ready for pakatan political assault. Even your supreme hero Anwar afraid to move outside of Permatang Pauh !!! p/s: It’s by choice when people in and out Singapore cari makan. If you ask any ‘in and out’ cari makan people, they prefer the status quo. CHANGE for what when their income is way… Read more »

6 Apr 2013 1.03pm

Dr Chua said that they want a candidate with a good track record and “Abdul Ghani has a proven track record as a Mentri Besar who is accepted by all races.” – The Star For majority of Johoreans and citizens from other states who live here long enough know what The Star reported is rubbish, you go to Singapore then you come to Johor, you’ll be confused what it meant by ‘proven track record’. Although it can be said Ghani is accepted by all races but this is only very specific. It must be stated clearly that only minority of… Read more »

6 Apr 2013 11.48am

GE13 Malaysia: Who to Vote for? (A Christian Contribution)

A video produced by Catholic Research Centre and Council of Churches of Malaysia:

6 Apr 2013 10.10am

Worse still … DECEIT

Yes its time for CHANGE,

CHANGE UMNO the corrupt and their dumb PM, the pornstar President, the boo hood Gerakan, lame duck MIC, the corruptible of Sarawak and Sabah

6 Apr 2013 9.26am

Here is the thing about criticism of Anwar and PR especially from Chandra Muzaffar – UMNO/BN IS GUILTY OF ALL OF IT and often much more. The point is that Anwar and PR has moved forward, all UMNO/BN has done is just found more ways to do what THEY HAVE ALWAYS DONE… The only valid criticism of PR is whether they will last for very liong period. In the short and medium term, there should be no issue. BUT the moment corruption is wiped out and productivity improvement falls, the coalition may not last and depend on external factor to… Read more »

6 Apr 2013 7.45am

Chandra is so uncouth in speaking out of turn interrupting Ong. He has lost any respect I had for him.

5 Apr 2013 3.57pm

Do not listen to the lies on TV3 and Astro Awani!

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
5 Apr 2013 1.44pm
Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
5 Apr 2013 1.38pm

We believe in Malay Supremacy but we are not racists (!)

Typical Mahathirist logic

najib manaukau
5 Apr 2013 1.25pm

lim chong peng,

One thing for sure Anwar is no angel, on the contrary he is a mentor to many of the corrupted Umno politicians that it has produced thus far. And neither was I, one of his supporters but half a loaf is better than none, at least it will give the opposition the chance to rectify all the wrongs, if not all the atrocities committed by Umno. It will also gives the in coming tenants of Putrajaya the chance and the time to have people like shenanigan Mahathir, his family members and all his cronies indicted !

5 Apr 2013 1.02pm

We can notice that foreign media reports the reality of Malaysia, unlike the RTM, TV3 and Astro Awani that are all BN agents reporting BN propaganda.

We are tired of all the 1Malaysia propaganda clips on TV.
We can see rakyat’s money are wasted on such things.

Time is up for BN. Ini Kali Lah!

Andrew I
Andrew I
5 Apr 2013 12.57pm

Speaks like David Attenborough. Is this about chameleons, like being a social activist becoming a crony activist?

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
5 Apr 2013 12.49pm

To be honest, no new politics in Malaysia so far. DAP = MCA (race based) PKR = UMNO (race based) PAS = Taliban alike (religion based) So, 2 x 5. But BN is better because of 1Malaysia vision, pro-business and Taliban-less policies. PR is just a newbie in politics and admin. Don’t talk about better devil/angel after Kg Buah Pala, highways, tunnel, sex videos, Xiao Hung, islamic ruling for non-muslim, illegal beer raid, 50% housing quota issues. Is it time for change ??? Some say yes. We need to stop the highways + tunnel projects in Penang. We have no… Read more »

Andrew I
Andrew I
5 Apr 2013 1.00pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Wrong use of equal sign.

5 Apr 2013 11.29am

Chandra aka Sankaran Pillai,
Aren’t you are trying just too hard to sell your master?

lim chong peng
lim chong peng
5 Apr 2013 11.27am

This Muzzafar guy had always being very anti estblishment since his Aliran days until after he quit Keadilan. Why in the first place you join Anwar’s Keadilan if you think he is corrupt while he is in Government. Why are you “bad mouthing’ him now after you left Keadilan.
Interms of moral standard left in you, hi yah !!!!

5 Apr 2013 11.26am

time for change, Yes!

now we can be hoping for pakatan to win, BUT we must all vote to make it happen, knowing that we need as many votes as possible to offset those dubious votes from BN!

this is the only opportunity, miss it and we will never have a chance to bring true changes to our beloved country.

please return to your hometown to vote.
jom ubah, ini kali lah!

5 Apr 2013 10.53am

We may have growth economically, but without human growth and unity growth everything is of meaningless

5 Apr 2013 10.32am

Wooooooooooooooooo Ong really got sankaran pillai high and mad.
Cool prof ? ?