‘Anti-racism’ rally: Over 100 arrested


Over a hundred demonstrators unhappy over the controversial Interlok book have been arrested and detained all over Kuala Lumpur ahead of and during a Hindraf/Human Rights Party rally to protest at what they perceive to be racism.

According to a tweet by a Hasbeemasputra, six were held in IPD Sentul, 120 at PULAPOL (they are now believed to have been released), and an unknown number in Dang Wangi and IPK KL.

Among those arrested or detained were Human Rights Party leader P Uthayakumar, who is being held at Jinjang police station, where a crowd of about 300 has gathered. Other Hindraf supporters are believed to have gathered at IPD Sentul.

“Allow legitimate protests, stop the repression. Release all detained,” said opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in a tweet.

An interesting detail has emerged: a Pakatan MP told me he heard that Hindraf/Human Rights Party sources had told certain Pakatan leaders and their supporters not to get involved in or to hijack or take advantage of today’s event, as this is something the latter has organised. Thus, Pakatan representation or involvement in today’s rally is minimal, if at all.

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Phua Kai Lit

Perkasar and Dr Machiavelli organise a fascistic rally in Pasir Salak and nothing happens
to them.

Hindraf organises a rally and more than 100 get arrested.

1hypocriticalMalaysia ?

In the future, perhaps those arrested should refuse to leave the police stations even if they are “released” — unless they are granted
“equal opportunity” and be allowed to demonstrate again without being arrested (just like Perkasar) ?


Hindraf protestors get arrested. UNMO and their cronies are protected. Even the Arab protesting against their own leaders are also not arrested….
Yes the only solutions is to kick out the PM from UMNO and BN together with their lackeys such as MIC, MCA and Gerakan etc.


The solution is very simple. Vote Barisan out.


Ideally 1 Malaysia cannot co-exist with Perkasa.

However the reality is Perkasa is controling 1 Malaysia.

So I am not impressed by Najib at all.

najib manaukau

Don’t do what I tell those Middle Eastern dictators should have just let the people to protest, says Najib. The police here is to protect Umno’s rule not the country’s rules…


Hey, i love this new look and format. Cool!

Gerakan HS

“When a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,”


Its very mischievous of the Education authorities to want Interlok book in schools…. This smack of racist Mahathir’s Biro Tata Negara course that is promotes disunity among the good people of M’sia. All Malaysians must speak up -we do not need issues or insulting references in books or any other form to pit one race against another as in …. Opportunist Mahathir’s time. The Indians have contributed a lot to the Country but sadly are most marginalised. Uthaya is the Martin Luther King of Malaysia and deserve support from all fair minded peace loving Malaysians. Say NO to the return… Read more »


The solution is simple. Just take away the book “Interlok”. Is this so difficult to do? It’s the Big Brother that is arrogant here against the Small Brother. The issues affecting the Indians are more than this book. It has to do with social-economic grievances faced by many poor Indians. As for the Chinese they will protest silently. This is their way. They know what’s going on. In the 2008 GE Chinese votes went to Pakatan Rakyat. MCA? This is a “cari makan” group. They are just looking for this and don’t bother about the Indians. Don’t trust them. Gerakan?… Read more »

Du Lala

Umno and Perkasa are not apologetic about Interlok as it is their ‘historical account’ of Ketuanan concept that labels the Indians as p… and Chinese as p… And mic and mca is quiet to brown nose their master.

If Najib cannot take away Interlok from the school curriculum, what hope do you have beyond the slogan of 1 malaysia?

Obviosly BN is getting arrogant since the back-to-back win in buy-elections.
Let’s generate another 308 political tsunami from this incident.


This book has equally (allegedly) insulted Chinese as well but surprisingly no Chinese friends or their leaders turn up.Brother,I know you are smart,act before it’s too late.


There is no need for the chinese to go to the streets to protest. They do it at the ballot box.


If every Indian can continue his/her protest against racism and corruption at the ballot box, they will surely find UMNO listening to them eventually.

According to the Merdeka survey, the Indians are even more pro-BN/UMNO than the Malays.


The indians of this country will always have the short end of the stick. The authorities have been exceptionally high ended in dealing with them. I wonder if any form of ‘non-violent’ protest will produce any positive results. However, they have to be vigilant as their prowess to be emotional can be easily exploited by all, even their own kind, sadly. The still high number of indians who are BN supporters till today shows their lack of insight on political maneuverings. I think Hindraf should be more inclined towards educating their own community to exercise their voting rights carefully. The… Read more »


I am very sad. Perkasa is allowed to protest on anything.
Double standard.
1Malaysia is definitely just a slogan.
Very sad.


Has anybody actually read the book? An ‘anti-racism’ rally seems like a good idea, but I can’t help feeling that nobody’s cause is being helped by protesting about a single book. If you succeed in banning one book on the grounds of ‘sensitivities’ (there being no meaningful, relevant law), on what ground would Christians complain about a ban on (for example) the Bible in Malay? On what grounds would reasonable people complain about a ban on a book containing satirical cartoons? I think all that’s going to be accomplished by mass mobilisation against a single book is to increase the… Read more »


… What advice can Najib give his cousin?


Chronicle says 300 have been nabbed and nipped.

What was Najib’s advice to Libya?


This is madness!


“What was Najib’s advice to Libya?”
Call APCO!

Shiok Guy

He said, “We believe that he should not use violence. What is important for us is to take into account the aspirations of people… The system should be legitimate, it has to be based on support of people.”

Who said the above line? What happen now? Lecturing but doing another.. Typical!