In new Malaysia, moving from ‘tolerance’ to a celebration of diversity


As we celebrate Merdeka and Malaysia Day, we have much to be thankful for, despite recent divisive controversies.

First, we can still be thankful we have been given a new lease of life in a new Malaysia – though many of the old problems remain. But it is an ongoing project. Politicians may come and go, but the people’s resolve to bring about change, inspired by higher ideals and greater spiritual awareness, is what gives us hope.

Malaysia Baru also brings with it a more wholesome appreciation of what it means to be Malaysian. We need to move from ethnic and religious prejudice to stage two, which is “tolerance”.

From tolerance, we then journey to the third stage, which is acceptance of our diversity and what it means to live in a plural nation.

And from this acceptance, we can then move forward to a celebration of our diversity, the fourth phase – a place where everyone feels included and part of the family, a place where no one is left out. Full article on Aliran website

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Lim Goh Poh

Pakatan Harapan have to improve the economy for better livings (barang naik still because of weak ringgit and sovereign debts) otherwise be prepared for racial and religious agenda in the coming GE.


We need not go overboard with “celebtation” etc. Stick to basics. Undo institutionalised (legal) apartheid. Stop hate and fear lies (propaganda) at public expense. Stop financing hate “education” (brainwaashing). Assist those in genuine need. Expose the hypocrites, ali-babas and psychopaths destroying us mercillessly.

Imagine, we are still celebrating “Merdeka” long after the formation of Malaysia.

Lim Goh Poh

Merdeka to many is a matter of flying Jalur Gemilang as pride of nation not aware of the struggles and sacrifices of many ethnic groups to nationhood.


Malaysia’s dangerous racial, religious trajectory The change in the characteristic of Malaysia’s opposition from a plural platform to an ethno-religious one has transformed the country’s political landscape. Identity politics has become pronounced and inflammatory. It has manifested itself in calls for the boycott of non-Malay products, even halal products produced by non-Malays. It has also seen the proliferation of fake news involving race that has stirred anger and anxiety among segments of the Malay community suffering economic hardship. Among these are false claims of mainland Chinese being indiscriminately granted citizenship in Malay-majority Malaysia, a story which went viral, causing… Read more »


Pakatan Harapan has yet to secure Malay votes in the country and has also failed to manage the perception war in the digital world post-GE14, a recent study by think-tank Ilham Centre showed.

The rural malays still prefer MO1’s BR1M, than the Shared Prosperity Vision 2021-2030?

Don Anamalai

No reason for PAS to complain how other faiths conduct their business if the sessions do not have Malay audience.

If God is almighty, the He does not need human protection.


Tolerance to celebration in the face of increase tribalism is burying one head in the sand. UMNO-PAS just announce their intention to divide this country by race and religion and anyone not with them, they intend to divide, conquer and eventually eliminate. And you want to just cheer and preach dreams while they furiously attack all of us.

Now is not the time to indulge in fantasy, its time to really get scared and real