Large turnout at Diwali Open House near Klang


A large crowd has turned up at a Diwali Open House at a school in Kampung Jawa near Klang tonight. 

Najib and Rosmah are reportedly expected to turn up.

An eye-witness reports that over a hundred buses or more have brought in many from near and far for the celebration. (Eh? When was Diwali?) “It appears to have been a large mobilisation. The area is jam-packed with people and I can’t even enter the place to see what’s happening.”

He estimates the turnout at 30000.

Rais Yatim is addressing the crowd now (9.24pm). He is followed by MIC president G Palanivel and later Najib. Koh Tsu Koon is seated at the same table as the premier, according to the eye-witness. The official estimate of the turnout is 24000.

Najib speaks about the budget and economic transformation, but the response from the crowd seems “poor”, says the eye-witness. “I have never seen such a cool reaction to a political speech. The crowd just continued eating and when they had finished many trooped back to the buses. Some even packed food to take back home.”

An exhibition on aid to the poor was also held.

The Open House is being held amidst heightened speculation that a general election could be held within the next few months.

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Gopal Raj Kumar

It is much better and far more ethical to have an event as this staged which many of you complain about for the Indians than that staged by members of Malaysia’s Chinese communities in gold scams targeting the Indians. Perhaps a little thought ought to go into such issues before deciding for the Indians and on their behalf without their informed consent about the conduct of opposition unaccountability and their many paradoxes in ‘leaking’ information about the alleged conduct of government ministers and judges then playing the martyr when the heat gets turned on one of the oppositions kind. Take… Read more »

Gerakan K

Based on my observation, I have strong feeling that many Indian voters in Selangor will back BN. Their smiles and eagerness to see my 1Malaysia PM Najib face are very obvious. Just like the desire to see any pop idol !!!

This open house just an opportunity to gauge the Indian support. And the result = A+.

Andrew I

Based on your previous observations, I’d say it’s wishful thinking and self denial.

A+ from you? Well, we’ll take that at face value.. your face, which must still be bloated after all that free food.


Andrew, absolutely well said


Got free makan everybody will also smile.
But voting is a separate matter.


This fellows are absolutely sick….the chap who organised the whole thing has been repeatedly shown up as a (alleged) gangster in that area..

And is in hopelessly bad taste as right across town the funeral of the JPA scholar and medical student who was hacked to death in Indonesia which was widely reported in the media, Jay Pereira, was coming to a conclusion at Lourde’s Church right in the center of Klang..

This is a very very very sick government….


And Palanivel and Najib will say, see we have so many supporters. Yes supporters (for being paid?) to eat


Saw his speech. It was pretty crass vote getting – if the opposition did this, it would be breaking election law. But its also completely confusing because its clear election won’t be here for at least a few more months. Such a freaking waste of money and pointless.

But at least some people got a day out and free meal. And Diwali should be celebrated even if its crass exploitation.

semuanya OK kot

Unfortunately, the money wasted was OUR money, urgently needed for many matters.

Gopal Raj Kumar

That’s your opinion Big Joe. Most people hear speeches but you “saw one”?. Well lets hope that it is the result of your having enjoyed the occasion (even if by excessive indulgence on the day)

Phua Kai Lit

Najib and Rosmah went to Saudi Arabia (to win Malay and Muslim votes?)

Najib and Rosmah went to Klang (to win Indian votes)

I think they will be going to China soon! 🙂

Oops, I fogot to mention that they will be going to
Sabah and Sarawak very soon too.

GE will not begin until after the China and East Malaysia trips.

Gerakan K

Anil: “Najib speaks about the budget and economic transformation, but the response from the crowd seems “poor”, says the eye-witness. ”

Gerakan K: Haha your eye witness really tak boleh pakai. People like me too busy eating. But they did listen. Only BN can provide such 1Malaysia event !!!

Andrew I

How you know they listen? Maybe like you, too busy stuffing their faces.


Yea Gerakan busy eating and as usual waiting for that pittance.


You captured BN supporters mentality accurately. PR supporters will brace the weather just to listen. You on the other hand too busy with your handout.

Richie Hee

Eat all you can, free anyway as it is paid from the tax we have contributed anyway. The Indians may still be in Deepavali mood, but please do not forget you have been played out by BN in the Interlok issue.


I’m told. At least 5x 40-seater buses from Hulu Selangor, all (allegedly) paid by (a political party) from goodness knows what funds. Its a long way to and from Kelang to Hulu Selangor. Not surprising their lack of enthusiasm.
Rent-a-crowd indeed.

Ong Eu Soon

The organiser of the event is a self defeating leader. He is so oblivous to the problem plaguing the crowds. With buffer style self serving for 20000 strong crowds, it just take too long for the people to get their foods. The elites are sitting in comfort served by waiters or waitresses while the people need to queue for long hour. This is the kind of government we have today. If the outing turn out to be fun and memorable it might turn out to be a vote for bn. Fortunately for pr supporters with this self defeating event the… Read more »


Don’t you feel sorry for the unfortunate sods assigned the task of staging these self-promotions by the Rosjib-Umno-BN regime? Their fingers must be really tired walking through the Yello Pages looking for rent-a-crowd agencies and bus charter companies!

Andrew I

What the heck, it’s celebration time all year round. The last one usually finishes before the next one starts.

Christmas has begun. Yippee. Just need to get that red suit out.