Himpun meet at Kepala Batas draws 2000


Some 2000 people turned up for the anti-apostasy Himpun gathering at the Pusat Budi Penyayang hall in Kepala Batas today.

The crowd inside the hall - Photograph courtesy of: malaysiansmustknowthetruth.blogspot.com

According to a Pas activist who dropped by for a few minutes to size up the event, about 500-1000 people were inside the hall with the rest milling around outside.

The activist, familiar with the surrounding areas, estimated that some three quarters of the crowd were probably Umno supporters while about 5-10 per cent were Pas supporters.

Organisers had reportedly hoped to draw 20000 people to the event.

Pas itself had not used the Pusat Budi Penyayang hall, located near Dewan Millennium, for its party activities over the last few years, added the party activist.

The hall is listed on the website of Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia, which has close links to the Badawi family. Have a look at who is on the board of trustees of this foundation.

The Pas activist claimed that one of the main organisers of today’s event is a former Pas official who had quit the party.

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Ong Goo Kang

Ibrahim Ali gave out white ang pow (pek kim) to chinese senior citizens to prove to BN that that despite the chinese ederly citizens knowing that it is bad luck to accept white envelopes, its ok as long there is money. Who cares about tradition and belief’s, money can still buy their support. Just look at the large chinese corporations, same old support for the past 50 years despite been often humilated by Umnoputras. Such blind faith to BN is what MCA/gerakan are up to, and they are diluting chinese values so long as they can get those ill-gained illicit… Read more »


Perkasa wants people to respect their race and religion, yet they show disrespect to the chinese community by giving out inauspicious white packets to senior chinese citizens on CNY.

Ibrahim Ali’s hypocrisy backfired and fell on his head like a hot potato. This is what happens when one is a racist and faithless and misguided in his own religion – whatever one does will turn out to be a complete flop as it amounts to an ungodly act by a racist and humankind hater who sows the seeds of discord and disunity amongst his fellow Malaysians.

Mohd Hafiz Yusof (@_hafiz)

The ‘big’ number shows what they have to offer. Lets focus on bigger issues than this group of people hehe

najib manaukau

Sorry to say this is Penang and not Putrajaya !


i hope it is imaginery apostasy. i work with more than 100 malays b4. 65% of my staff r malays.we can eat,joke & work together for 31 yrs all in all.
why do u politicians create hatre among our harmonious malaysians.
few bad apples pls stay away.
himpun pls restrain.


Haha I thought its 1 millions. It seem not much people is buying them

Ong Goo Kang

how sweet would it be if they cared for the plight of our orang asli as much as they cared for some violent suicidal arabs in a desert halfway around the world… pathetic himpun!

Ahmad Sobri

Apostasy? Anti Apostasy? HIMPUN? How bad is apostasy in the country? Is it real or imaginary? Is this issue so bad that HIMPUN after HIMPUN must be organized throughout the country? Roadshows? Or is this just another political sandiwaras to politicize non religious issue or is this just another sandiwara to racialize non existent issue for political gains? Things had gone so bad of late, too many “issues” had arisen out of nothing and it is difficult to see which is “BENAR” and which is “DUSTA”! Lies are manufactured at will just to suit the political agenda of those interested… Read more »

Din Yunus

If your faith is strong, why do you worry about what others preached to you?

I think the modern malays should seek to understand other religions and practices. It will not affect your akidah.

However, the islamic authority has the motive of dominating the mind of the malays with their version of ideology, and see understanding of their religion as a threat. Very sad!